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I took this hike on August 17, 2018. The beginning temperature was 59° and sunny. When I completed the hike the temperature was 67° and sunny. I completed the hike as a loop ( which included the Iron Mountain Look Out, Cone Hill Trail and Tombstone Pass Trail ). As an added bonus on this hike, I was the only person on the 7.4 mile loop. Elevation gain was 1870 feet ( I went clockwise instead of counter clockwise ). The views were awesome. There was a slight haze from the fires down south, but every once in a while I could see the glaciers in the distance. The wildflowers were coming close to the end of their season, but there were still many varieties in bloom. I recommend this hike to anyone wanting to experience the best that Oregon has to offer! I had a great time!

on Marion Lake Trail

3 days ago

A must do hike! I loved it!

3rd time I’ve been here. The 1hr 40min drive is very well worth it from where I live. The trail is in really good condition as is the parking lot & restrooms. 2.2 mile hike labeled as easy which is accurate. Today’s water was turquoise, and it was beautiful.

9 days ago

Great hike. Sand is too hot for dog paws this time of year though.

Nice hike. Little overgrown in spots and a bit of scramble to get to the falls. The water was beautiful and cool :)

13 days ago

Fun and fairly flat trail for kids with a beautiful waterfall at each end!

13 days ago

This hike is a challenge! We took the longer, less steep route, but it was still a major climb. The terrain remains the same throughout the hike and isn't as beautiful as many of our Oregon hikes. The view from the top is a treat after making the climb though!

I have hiked this trail several time and always enjoy the hike. Each hike I see something new and interesting. Beautiful old growth tree and green meadows with wild flower. Challenging hike but not too hard, just enjoyable.

What a spectacular hike! The trail begins with a pretty steady incline for the first 2 miles, but it's worth it and doable. Very few mosquitoes. Really only saw them on the first half mile or so and then never thought about them again. Still a few wild flowers left up in the higher country. Make sure to find the side trail to see Marion falls. It's spectacular! I would definitely recommend this hike! Absolutely stunning views and gorgeous waterfalls.

on Marion Lake Trail

19 days ago

Lovely hike. A bit of a climb, and the berry branches got pretty close in a spot or two, but the trail was not steep, too wet, rocky, or washed out. On the way up in the morning, there were few people but a lot of mosquitoes, especially below Lake Ann. At Marion Lake, saw a lot of burned out areas, which were turning green. On the way down in the early afternoon heat the mosquitoes were gone but there were a lot of people and dogs coming up the trail. Parking was still ok though. The trailhead has a pit toilet.

Great little hike. We started pretty early on a Sunday with no one at the trailhead. We met an older couple about halfway back down. Nice views all around at the top. Some steep parts with switchbacks.

24 days ago

Lovely hike, was a bit steeper than I expected. Heads up for dogs: the trail is sand so it gets very hot during the day.

26 days ago

A great overnight backpacking trip with incredible views of Three fingered jack from the west side of Duffy lake, as well as major payoff when summiting Red Butte - views of three fingered jack, Three sisters, and Mt. Jefferson. Plenty of site to set up camp at Duffy and Mowich, but Duffy is quite popular so get there early or go over to Mowich which will have less people set up. The entire lake basin is incredible! One ask to all folks spending time up there: respect fire bans and all LNT principles!

A lovely trail that follows the falls and river. A nice, cool breeze along the way. The falls are just beautiful! No parking fee here. After this hike drive down a few more miles to Blue Pool for a more vigorous hike.

on Rooster Rock Trail

27 days ago

Not a very difficult hike. Gentle ups & downs, just under 3 miles, & if you get there in the morning, it’s not crowded at all!!

Very great little hike! Not too hard at all, some up hill parts, but just enough to speed your breath up. The map seemed to be a bit off, but I’m no expert on that. Very beautiful and green. Plan to go back with a hammock and a book!

good family paths cool on a hot day

First, there's no parking/usage fees but there is limited parking near the gate (right after a large brown/green house on the left and a scenic byway sign on the right), otherwise you'll have to park off the highway. Id say near the gate it'll probably fit 6-7 cars.
Second, this is great for dogs but probably not smaller or older dogs as there are some downed logs and large rocks you have to get over.
Third, there's some streams but easily maneuvered around. I imagine in spring they are not passable without walking through them.
Fourth, there are quite a few spots with growth hanging over the path, no biggie for most, but some may want to wear long sleeves/pants. Some growth is salmon(?)berry bushes with small thorns.
All in all, the hike was awesome! Some spots where you need to hoof it but the end is worth it. The falls near the House Rock are beautiful. Got there at 8 and saw no one else until we were almost back at the beginning.

It is a very short walk to the waterfall. Highly recommend, as the waterfall is amazing!!!

1 month ago

Did this hike a few weeks ago with a group. It’s quite the climb by beautiful wildflowers. Really must do iron mountain - the views! Our group did yoga at the top in a beautiful Saturday and not one person came up during the hour we were there.

For middle aged knees it’s a little hard on the way down - but worth it!

So, did the loop with my friend. Super super pretty, you wont regret it, the views and colors are fantastic. I don't have kids, but if I did, I'd take them. I have a lifeproof case so I got some cool shots underwater and of some fish. I work in the mountains for a living and it was hardly a problem to hike it. My friend who doesn't get out as much didn't have much problem either. I'd recommend, but if you're going in the summer make sure to take lots of water and snacks and take your time!

1 month ago

Steady incline, but good trail. After the first 100-200 yards where it’s an old bulldozer Trail, you come to gravel/rocky spot and it looks like you continue straight. The trail actually continues up to the left as a hiking trail. The old bulldozer road continues straight and dies off. Wildflowers are in bloom! Only saw one other hiker on his way out (on a Tuesday). Beautiful views, not a lot of shade so bring hats for you and kids or baby. No steep drop offs until he top so would be ok with kids. Lots of room at the top.
Directions that worked for me: Turn right onto Straight Creek Road, follow for about 4 miles to a fork in the road, keep right onto FS 1168. After another approx 4 miles, there is a large fork in the road with two posts on each side of the road if you continue straight (continue straight for bachelor mountain TH), keep left here and trailhead is in view on the right.

Good climb. Clocked 2100 ft. Trail is clear but a little overgrown in parts. Every shade of green, light on wildflowers but you will see some. View at the top is pretty. There are more impressive views in the West Cascades, but having seen many, this was a great trail to explore.

Great hike today ! Was beautiful throughout the hike. Would recommend highly.

1 month ago

Trail was in great shape as compared to previous years. Wildflowers, butterflies and a viewpoint at 1.5 mi. Only went as far as split with Browder and Heart Lake. Total of 6.6 mi. Not too overgrown in meadows and a shorter route to Browder Summit or Heart Lake than if you take Browder Ridge Trail. Only tricky part is locating trailhead as roadside sign is missing. Follow directions and look for area on road allowing for parking and signpost without the sign. You’ll hear the creek where you enter the woods and come to the trailhead sign a few feet in.

Very clean trails, good outing for the kids, easy hike with benches to rest for those tired little legs and to eat a quick bite. Beautiful waterfalls.

1 month ago

Great easy hike!

Really nice hike—recommend starting on the downhill section and coming back along the McKenzie trail.

1 month ago

I hiked to Rooster Rock in early July, intent on making it a loop at the track on the trail page shows.
I parked at the Trout Creek / west trailhead (room for about 10 cars); the parking area at the Rooster Rock / east trailhead if much larger.
The 2.7 miles walk along OR 20 is too too enjoyable and, in some spots, there is not much of a shoulder to separate you from traffic. Not looking forward to a roadside walk, I scouted the other side of the river but ended at gates with "no trespassing signs".
The 2.3 miles climb up from the Rooster Rock trailhead is steep and relentless (I only spotted a 10 feet flat section the whole way up!). The trail is however well maintained (as of 7/2018) and goes through nice forested slopes. As others have noted, this is likely not a great hike if all you are looking for are the views from the top.
I was actually glad to have chosen to go up the steep side and go down the longest (more gentle) on; while it made for a bit of huffing/puffing on the way up, my knees were thankful for a less extreme pounding returning to the valley floor. The three parties I me on the trail were all doing out-and-backs from the Trout Creek trailhead.

The "summit" is relatively small (not a lot of room to "setup shop" to relax/lunch, especially if you have to share with others. The trail continues to a (higher) second summit just off to the northwest and appears to go further beyond that (possibly due north to the logging roads in that area).

1 month ago

This was a great little hike! The lake was beautiful and serene.

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