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2 days ago

Hiked July 11. Well marked trail (except near the rock falls) with 2 waterfalls, a lake and views all along the trail. Went up Defiance, down Starvation. Because of the closed Wash out trail at the end we had to take on another steep ridge and cross over a log on the creek- added about 2-3 miles onto the hike. Total hike time was 9 hours and 20 minutes with 2 hours of stopping time for pics and lunch. The summit is a huge ugly power station but u can sit on the rocks that has a view of Mt Hood (too cloudy for us to see it) with the power Station at your back.

5 days ago

Previous reviewer got confused. The Starvation ridge trail #414 is very much open, it's the short Starvation ridge cut-off trail that is closed. Starvation ridge trail #414 can be taken from the Mount Defiance trail #413 instead of from the cut-off trail until it reopens. Hope this helps.

Consider yourself a champion after completing this hike! I've seen several folks say they used the Starvation Ridge Trail to either ascend or descend, but that trail is still closed, clearly marked as such. You need to do the full hike on the Mt. Defiance Trail, only. Excellent views of Mt. Adams, Hood & St. Helens. Bring lots of water, as portions are exposed in the burn area.

7 days ago

Brutal hike! I did to the top 12miles back and out w 5k elevation gain

13 days ago

I’m pretty convinced this is closer to 14 miles, and absolutely convinced I don’t want to do it again. The route down was really tricky, and the total trip took me 10 hours with a stop for lunch. 3L of water, snacks, and a sandwich was plenty of fuel, but I wouldn’t have necessarily wanted to take less than that.

It’s a good training hike— really steep coming up (I came up Starvation), and glacially slow picking your way down the same grade (I came down Defiance, which was more poorly maintained, washed out in a few places, and offered a good look at recovering, post-burn forest). The views are best on Starvation, where you can see an osprey nest, pass Lake Warren, and get a really beautiful volcano view. The summit boasts a clear shot of Mt. Hood, and a good look at the hills beyond, but the experience is partially marred by the massive radio tower up there.

All in all: this is a hike for the journey, not the destination— and the journey is really physically demanding, particularly post-summit.

14 days ago

Definitely a really hard hike for beginners! Took me 9 hours to do the whole trail but that includes 40 minutes of rest and another 40 minutes because I went on a wrong trail in the beginning.

I took Mount Defiance going up and Starvation coming down. There’s a nice lake there too, perfect for camping and staying the night.

Great hike, very beautiful but kicked my ass. Bring lots of food and water. Maybe one half a mile of flat stretch. The rest is either very steep up hill or down.

27 days ago

Did this hike last week...and I’ll probably never sign myself up to do it again. Near the bottom, I thought to myself “I’m glad I did this, but I’m even more glad to be done.” We started with Starvation Ridge, and had plans go back down Mt. Defiance trail, but we made a wrong turn and ended up back on Starvation. The uphill is brutal, the downhill is brutal. I’d recommend anyone with bad knees to steer clear! We had amazing views of Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams (I think) on the way up and Mt. Hood at the summit. I was a little disappointed, anticipating an open peak with a 360 view of the the cascades, but that wasn’t the case. Either way, beautiful with tons of wild flowers! We had the trail mostly to ourselves and only saw two other people coming down as we were going up and one more going up as we were coming down. Brings lots of food and water! I would’ve surrendered myself to the trail had I not had my two sandwiches, an apple, an orange, a granola bar, nuts, and two liters of water. After all was said and done, difficult, but worth it!

The hike to tunnel falls was one of my favorites when I lived in Portland. Granted, it was always extremely crowded, but stunningly beautiful. It’s a shame that it was destroyed by careless people playing with fire.

28 days ago

Hike up via Mt Defiance Trail and down Starvation Ridge Trail. Unexpected rain reaching the top was wet walk through fog coming down. Caught a glimpse of Mt Hood through clouds. Lancaster Falls and Warren Lake, overall a good hike.

A very tough hike—relentlessly steep. I went up Defiance and down Starvation Ridge in a little over 5 hours. Do your knees a favor and bring hiking poles. Parts of the trail are pretty overgrown but overall it’s in good shape. Sections of Defiance got scorched along the ridge line but Starvation was mostly spared.

1 month ago

Need 2 trekking poles for descent. 2 liters of water, 3 for a hot day. Loop completed with lots of breaks, picnic at Warren lake and stop at the top in 8 hours. Tougher than Table Mt. (from Bonneville TH) and Larch (from Multnomah Falls TH). Should be able to Dog Mt. without difficulty before attempting this. Do not take Starvation Ridge Cutoff Trail. Part of it is washed out and penalty for failure would be severe.

1 month ago

My son and I started at Defiance and came down Starvation (where there is a part of the trail that has been washed out just before the end of the trail. BE CAREFUL). Hardest hike hands down in the Gorge! 2nd time I have done this, started at Defiance this time. Up hill for 4 miles. The down trees - burnt - eerie feeling. But Nature wins, and it is already growing.
- we also saw a bald eagle flying so close to the ridge , we could see his eyes - really amazing.

This was the hardest trail I've yet to attempt, including Kilimanjaro. Maybe it was just not my day, but this was grueling for me. I've been walking daily for almost 10 months, but just started hiking a few weeks ago. Hamilton Mountain Trail was challenging, but easy enough. Dog Mountain, too. I'm slow as molasses but i got up and down Dog in less than 4 hours. But Defiance was rough. I went up Defiance and down Defiance and met a young man, a runner, who goes up Starvation and comes down Defiance in 3 hours. Youth is wasted on the young... This trail has only recently opened back up so you'll see lots of fire debris and damage and have lots of places you have to navigate fallen limbs and trunks and such. There certainly are better views, but for the workout and the challenge this is doable even for a slow, getting older and no better fellow who just plods along.

Completed the Starvation Ridge / Mt. Defiance Loop in 5 hours and 55 minutes, carrying a 25 pound pack. I hiked up Starvation at a moderate pace and came down Defiance a bit faster with a few bursts of jogging.

1 month ago

Tackled this two memorial weekends ago and it was best first backpacking I have ever done. Scenery was absolutely breathtaking. It’s unfortunate about the fires because I looked forward to doing it again this year. At least I took some great photos.

I hiked up Starvation Ridge and came back down Mt. Defiance. The trip took me just shy of 7.5 hours (carrying a 25 pound pack) which included a 20 minute stop at the top and a few short breaks for water and pictures. There is some debris on the Mt. Defiance Trail from the the forest fire, including a few logs and branches you’ll need to climb over or under.

It's BACK!!

Hiked this trail on July 2017. Unfortunately we could not get to the tunnel falls trail due to the fires. Anyways it didnt matter since the trail is so beautiful and there is so much to see. We stopped and had lunch on a little cave by the punch bowel falls and it was magic. The path does get narrow, sometimes wet. Be mindful that you will walk alongside of a cliff but it is doable. A tree branch will definitely help.

I hiked this trail in August of 2016 and it takes the cake for all the other trails I’ve hiked. It’s 18 miles round trip and will 100 percent test your endurance. But if you can tough it out, it will be well worth the views. Sadly I believe part of if not the whole trail is closed due to a fire started by some kids in September. The trail was a breath taker. Literally and figuratively.

8 months ago

There is not enough words to describe how amazing this hike is!! The scenery, waterfalls, creeks and views are absolutely breathtaking! We hiked about 8 miles the first day and found an beautiful little place to camp, settled in and then hiked a few more miles up and back before settling in for the night. Camp spot was awesome!! Right next the running creek! Headed out the next morning..lots of weekend traffic unfortunately....Stopped at Punch Bowl to relax and take it all in!!
Hiked about 18 miles round trip!!!
Loved every bit of it!!

Gorgeous views of the falls with a moderate and manageable hike . Will be back for sure when reopens .

Technically not completed in full as described in route but went to Twister Falls and back (12.5m. RT) in July 2016. This trail is currently closed due to forest fires. Approximately reopening never thanks to a show off.

Great hike and breathtaking view of the Punchbow waterfall!!!!!

This trail is currently on fire. No access!

10 months ago

So so beautiful.

10 months ago

Went up defiance, came down starvation. Took about 7.5 hours with lots of stops. Starvation was much steeper than defiance-coming down was extremely difficult! Actually, painful. Pretty technical in some spots. Next time I'll go up defiance and come down defiance, starvation trail=no thanks.
Amazing views at the top, we could see St. Helens, rainier, Adams and hood from various points. This is a probably one of the hardest hikes in the gorge(for me) and I've done a lot of them! Much harder than dog mountain so don't even compare :)

Beautiful hike! Can't wait till they open it to Tunnel Falls again!

it was amazing, beautiful nature I was exhausted after the hike. be sure to wear good walking shoes

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