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Hiked this trail on July 2017. Unfortunately we could not get to the tunnel falls trail due to the fires. Anyways it didnt matter since the trail is so beautiful and there is so much to see. We stopped and had lunch on a little cave by the punch bowel falls and it was magic. The path does get narrow, sometimes wet. Be mindful that you will walk alongside of a cliff but it is doable. A tree branch will definitely help.

I hiked this trail in August of 2016 and it takes the cake for all the other trails I’ve hiked. It’s 18 miles round trip and will 100 percent test your endurance. But if you can tough it out, it will be well worth the views. Sadly I believe part of if not the whole trail is closed due to a fire started by some kids in September. The trail was a breath taker. Literally and figuratively.

6 months ago

There is not enough words to describe how amazing this hike is!! The scenery, waterfalls, creeks and views are absolutely breathtaking! We hiked about 8 miles the first day and found an beautiful little place to camp, settled in and then hiked a few more miles up and back before settling in for the night. Camp spot was awesome!! Right next the running creek! Headed out the next morning..lots of weekend traffic unfortunately....Stopped at Punch Bowl to relax and take it all in!!
Hiked about 18 miles round trip!!!
Loved every bit of it!!

Gorgeous views of the falls with a moderate and manageable hike . Will be back for sure when reopens .

Technically not completed in full as described in route but went to Twister Falls and back (12.5m. RT) in July 2016. This trail is currently closed due to forest fires. Approximately reopening never thanks to a show off.

Great hike and breathtaking view of the Punchbow waterfall!!!!!

This trail is currently on fire. No access!

9 months ago

So so beautiful.

Beautiful hike! Can't wait till they open it to Tunnel Falls again!

it was amazing, beautiful nature I was exhausted after the hike. be sure to wear good walking shoes

Most beautiful hike ~ amazing waterfalls

Pretty busy hike. Punchbowl falls area is a great place to escape the heat, shady spots and the water feels nice and cool. Not much water access on the trail but our pup did fine. Metlako is closed due to a washout and it's 100% inaccessible. Eagle creek trail is closed after 5 miles due to a fire. So we went to the Punchbowl and back, great hike.

Will always give it a five star review because this is where my boyfriend took me on our first date. Absolutely beautiful with lovely memories for me here.

very happy I went.It is very beautiful.

Took this as a two day trip, camped somewhere in the middle. was the longest hike I had ever done. the scenery seemed to change so much and I was in awe the entire time. I hope one day to go agian.

Nice hike to begin the year of my hiking adventures. Recommend getting to the trailhead early, it is a very popular trail. Lower Punch Bowl Falls spurs off the trail, but it's worth taking a look. Wasn't able to go any further than just past Wy' East campground due to the fires being contained near Indian Creek, so was unable to get to the tunnel falls portion of the trail.

Hiked on 7/16/17. Pretty flat hike with incredible scenery. Good for trail running (minus a few rocky sections.) May be tough if you're afraid of heights or get vertigo. Many dizzying bridges to cross and the whole trail is on the edge of the hill so you have a steep fall on one side! I've struggled on similar trails with cables before but found that my fear wasn't so bad with the trees partially obscuring the view to the bottom.

Go early and avoid the weekend. The first part of the trail to Punch Bowl gets crowded with slower families and groups.

Note: the trail was still closed on 7/16 before Tunnel Falls so that will significantly shorted your backpacking trip. Many, many beautiful views and an unbeatable trail with many campsites before Tunnel Falls. However, Tunnel Fall is spectacular and worth the wait!

Stunning hike! I rated 4 and not a 5 for two reasons: 1- Punchbowl was absolutely swarming with people. Great, but if you're looking for the peace of nature it's not quite there. And 2- I am terrified of heights and this trail has some CRAZY cliff side spots. Just be ready to test your limits if heights is one of them! I am truly surprised there are so few who comment on this aspect. Overall it has got to be one of the best Oregon has to offer!

10 months ago

went up to punchbowl falls, lovely scenery!

If you are heading to Tunnel Falls, make sure you continue it to Twister falls and the vertigo mile about 1/3 mile past Tunnel Falls! Spectacular.

Did a 21 mile overnight to Tanner Butte. Trail was snowed in on Memorial Day once we got about a mile from the the designated campground. We stopped off the trail just before a meadow, and found a good site, about 1.2 miles from the tanner lake campground. To hike to Tanner Butte's summit, it is a steep bushwhack , with some snow in may. Highly recommended going to the top though, because the view is AMAZING! We stopped at Dublin lake on the way back to refill hydration bladders. Lake was beautiful, but no real view of the gorge or Cascades. Lake was buggy, even at about 2:00. Great trail, But very steep. I would definitely do it again

Took the kids out for a day hike and heard this was one of the great hikes in Northern Oregon. We hiked most the trail, as it was closed off just before Tunnel Falls, due to a wildfire. It's a good intermediate hike

10 months ago

Hiked on 7/3/17: We arrived at the parking lot at 9:15am and started the hike at 9:30am and luckily there was a car leaving the parking lot right by the trailhead, so we got that parking spot, so we did not have to add onto the hike. There were a lot of cars already there are that parking lot, along the road to the parking lot, and at the parking lot by the salmon hatchery at that time. It was a great trail with awesome views. We didn't cross paths with too many people at the beginning, but when we got to Punchbowl falls, there were big groups there. Thankfully all those people do not continue further up the trail. Tunnel falls is definitely amazing to see. On the way back, we climbed down to get photos at the base of the falls. We turned around a Vertigo falls, but had lunch there before we did. It's a real short walk from Tunnel Falls, so just do it. On the way back, there were lots of people. We ended up running about 1/3 of it as we were eager to pass everyone and get back to the trailhead. We finished at 3:10pm

This was a fairly easy day hike with beautiful scenery. Lots of people at first but thinned out towards the afternoon. Unfortunately couldn't get as far as Tunnel Falls because they had it closed due to forest fires beyond that point. Trail is rocky most of the time.

10 months ago

Fun and easy day hike

10 months ago

Did this a couple years ago. Absolutely breathtakingly spectacular the entire way. Can't wait to do it again. The narrow parts aren't as scary and/or dangerous as it sounds. I even took my dog, I just made sure I kept him on his leash on those parts.

Hands down the most beautiful hike. Easy hike but dangers with cliffs. We backpacked it as our first backpacking trip. It made it more challenging but still easy for us.

After about 7 miles it becomes more tranquil with less hikers. About 8 miles in you reach the amazing tunnel falls! Don't stop before you make it. It's breath taking... and the edges/cliffs you walk after become more "breath taking".

We see lots of backpackers and even child backpackers. It's a great must see.

Not much challenge for an aside hiker looking for elevation gains but definitely with going for the views alone.

trail running
10 months ago

Amazing nature! Worth arriving at the top falls (6+ miles one way)

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