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Cannon Beach, Oregon Map

Forest is amazing, some great views of ocean on the route back. Check out trail profile a workout up hill

Awesome quick trail. Great views of the ocean from some of the spots. The beginning is steep, but after you conquer that part its pretty smooth sailing.

5 days ago

Somewhat steep and tricky descent to the beach, and challenging (for me) coming back up, but totally worth it! We had the beach completely to ourselves and enjoyed exploring. Started on the trail at about 8 and only saw 1 person until we were heading back to the parking lot around 9:30.

Amazing trail. Loved it. We loved the cove at the far end of the beach. Definitely coming back.

This trail can be challenging near the beach where it is steepest, but it’s worth it if you are going to enjoy the beach for a bit. The beach was almost empty when I hiked to it.

I want to emphasize that you should start from the Indian Beach parking lot and picnic area, not the lot the navigation leads to. The Ecola Point Trail is closed, and I wouldn’t recommend pushing through passed the “trail closed” sign like I did.

Hiked this in early August and the trail was still very muddy. The trail itself was not that hard (would rate moderate only due to length) but the mud and fallen trees on the trail force you to parkour around a bit, making it mildly more strenuous.

The trail itself showcased some beautiful rainforest areas and views of the ocean. Very peaceful. I would not recommend doing the 12mi there-and-back. The walk back was pretty soul-sucking and exhausting. Leave a car in Seaside if you can.

Very muddy! Would consider this a more than moderate hike and very slick. Need proper hiking gear as well

17 days ago

Good hike but definitely a challenge up the logging road - all up hill and very steep! There was a bad washout right before the lookout to the lighthouse that prevented one of our group from seeing the lighthouse until we continued on the loop. We also had to navigate the fallen tree across the trail and the many tree roots that were tripping hazards. The payoff was the lighthouse and coastal views on the way down. Good hike but definitely not for small kids unless you want to carry them most of the way.

18 days ago

Its pretty great walk, but keep in mind it is a bird reservation as well, and everything on the rock or around it is a live organism so watch your step!

This is a wonderful hike... make sure you have a car on the other side.

19 days ago

The trail was fun, a bit technical with lots of exposed roots and some steep spots, but nothing too gnarly. And the wide open beach at the bottom is definitely worth it. Would hike this one again next time I’m on the coast.

Saw the sign that said 1.25miles. Figured it would be a short pretty hike and a good fit for an inexperienced hiker. I wasn't wrong but I'm amazed I did it. A lot of up and down hill. A lot of switch backs. Fairly steep at places. A lot of roots to step over and between. Not good for anyone with mobility issues or knee trouble. That said, the challenge was worth it. I'm 300lbs and out of shape but I was able to run the trail at places. It was a blast. The views are amazing. The beach is gorgeous and has some cool stuff to check out, especially at low tide. You can also continue on to Cannon Beach if you are so inclined.

23 days ago

Good hike- serious incline for half of the hike. On the way down, there was a fallen tree trunk you need to climb over. I posted a pic of this. The ground on the other side was softer than expected and my brother fell. Luckily, he caught himself before falling into the ravine. Please be careful of this! Otherwise, good workout and good hike.

Very fun and a good exercise

Absolutely amazing beach. Probably my favorite! Last quarter mile is steep but I was able to do it even having a sprained knee. My 3 year old did it also, so it's not too bad. We hiked north on the beach and found some cool caves that the kids loved exploring. Just make sure to look at the tide schedule if you walk very far down the beach.

Easy walk - a little work out going back up. Gorgeous beach. Not too crowded. Nice walk through the woods and then a lovely stroll on the beach. Bring food and beverages - great picnic spot! Be sure to walk north on the beach - nice rock formations. And then you can walk south, too - you’ll see even more. Plan some time for walking on the beach ... lots to see! Go early - by midday there may be lines at the pay station.

Not necessarily a first timers trail, but fairly easy overall. Its is super steep in parts so good walking shoes are recommended. Compared to Cannon Beach/Haystack the beach itself is fairly secluded. Perfect if you want to hit the beach and not deal with a lot of people.

1 month ago

This is a fabulous Trail. In fact, Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery actually took this trail from their winter quarters to Ecola to trade with the Native Americans.

I have noticed that many people have said the Tillamook Head Trail is closed. That is not correct. The trail is open. I think people are confusing the Tillamook Head Trail with the Ecola to Indian Beach Trail. The Ecola to Indian Beach Trail is still closed about half way in, but to be crystal clear, the entire Tillamook Head Trail is open from Indian Beach to Seaside -- and there is a parking lot at Indian Beach (in addition to the Ecola parking lot).

One-way, this is about a 5.5 mile hike with about 1,300 feet of elevation gain. If you do not want to do the 11 Mile in-and-out hike, you can leave a car in Seaside and park one at the Indian Beach parking lot (which is in Ecola State Park).

I have seen people do this hike in everything from flip-flops to serious hiking boots. I would definitely recommend hiking boots, especially if it has rained recently. But many people choose to do this hike in tennis shoes and do fine. We hiked it again last week and it was mostly dry. I would also suggest bringing some insect repellent.

This is a wonderful hike with some great ocean views and lots of old growth trees. I am in decent hiking shape and would classify this trail as moderate.

Stunning hike, with breathtaking views. It started out sunny but then I got to watch a storm roll in, which was beautiful. I did it back in 2015, very sad to hear it is closed.

There is a parking fee of $5 just so y’all are aware!

Spectacular views. Great Family hike.

1 month ago

excellent veiws from the top! only people on the trail. It did rain before we got there, so there were a few mosquitoes!

Pretty tolerable until you get to the end.. that's when the "moderate" kicks in. Even then, we did it with kiddos & dogs! Every drop of sweat was very much worth it for the scenery and the beach access at the end!

Pretty tolerable until you get to the end.. that's when the "moderate" kicks in. Even then, we did it with kiddos & dogs! Every drop of sweat was very much worth it for the scenery and the beach access at the end!

Great short hike with a great views. The trailhead marker says 1.25 miles each way which is accurate according to the GPS.

1 month ago

This trail was great. Lots of variety in things to see. Coastal forest with large snails/slugs, mushrooms , huge ferns and gigantic trees on the way up. Be sure to trek past the hikers camp to the Tillamook Rock Light viewpoint and see a couple of WWII bunkers on the way. On the way down there are several great viewpoints of Indian Beach , Cannon Beach seastacks, and an alternate view of the old lighthouse. Hiked it today and it had some slick spots and my chacos were probably not the best choice. Very overgrown in spots on the way down but overall a great hike.

1 month ago

Like most people reviews take the path to the right (east and trek uphill and get that workout part over with. It is a steep uphill climb for the first 20 minutes and you level out to a hikers camp area. Before looping back enjoy the lighthouse views and the black sand beaches below that I will find a way to get to sooner or later. The decend is pretty good and we finished this hike in less than 2 hours because we did stop and explore a bit. Since we paid the $5 Ecola day pass we started with this hike then drove to the other parking lot and did Cresent beach trail as well.

1 month ago

I would rate this trail more of easy, but I guess its listed as moderate because it can be slippery in some areas. It has decent levelled trails the entire way. I loved seeing all the roots on the trails and the fact that we were pretty much walking parallel to the ocean is amazing itself. Enjoy the beach when you get to the bottom. The parking lot will fill up fast so get there early, plan a day or a bbq/lunch there since the parking lot park area does have ample picnic tables. Cool for all ages!

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