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great little walk for kids and adults alike.
pretty populated but I understand why. nice parking lot and the path is paved.
there are hundreds of cute chipmunks residing on the path that are incredibly friendly and clearly used to being fed.

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6 days ago

What an incredible place. My husband and I showed up at this trailhead looking for Jack Lake and ended up doing almost all of the Canyon Creek Meadow hike. We stopped when the trail forks to the left and right with a gorgeous view of Three Fingered Jack. We had to walk through tiny patches of snow to get that far, and gave up when we couldn’t see the end of it. It’s mostly uphill so it was an excellent workout. We ran into 11 people and 3 dogs. Can’t wait to return with the kids once the snow is gone. This was our favorite place yet!!

6 days ago

Perfect hike for when you are in the area. Family and dog friendly and amazing views every time I go.

8 days ago

Tried going here during the week and had many obstacles.

1) My GPS lead me through private land in an attempt to get here. One of the landowners met me on his ATV, saying this was private land, and that I was lost. Just a heads up, don't go through a 'Road Closed' sign, regardless of how insistent your GPS is.

Also, the landowner was really nice to me but said many folks come through there doing the same thing (lost) and are pretty combative when met with a request to stop trespassing. Let's be courteous folks...imagine people driving through your farm constantly, thinking they're in the right spot, then being argumentative about it. Doesn't give us outdoor enthusiasts a good name :) Fingers crossed that someday they'll post a sign saying something to the effect of 'Not the way to Alder Springs' to prevent the confusion.

2) Once I got back out on the highway and turned at a sign for the trailhead, I felt far more confident. With all but 0.7 miles to go, the extremely rough dirt road (I would think twice if you're not in an all-terrain kind of vehicle), I was met by a triple-padlocked gate and copious barbed wire. The only way to the trailhead was through that locked fence. Given my previous trespassing, it didn't seem wise to hop it and risk my chances. Information was posted that it's normally locked through the winter but didn't include June in that timing. Not sure why it was locked, but it was a huge disappointment to do all that driving with zero hiking (was late in the day, so getting somewhere else wasn't feasible).

3) No reception while you're out on the road, so download your map(s) in advance.

This was a perfect trail for me, my hubby & two kids (age 6 & 13) as a beginner to the season. 5 miles round trip from from the campground to Wizard Falls, filled up on water and had lunch and then hiked back.
The trail follows the river fairly close in the beginning and then goes up above for some spectacular views down onto the little gorge. the trail is clear and well maintained, lots of traffic but everyone was courteous. Only complaint is people not leashing their dogs when others are around. would be easy to knock over a kid into the water in some spots.
Regardless, can't wait to do another segment of this trail or backpack the entire loop. Lots of wildflowers & a beautiful waterfall that comes out of the side of the cliff. Bring your Nikon :) Ive hiked from Wizard Falls to Lower Bridge Campground on the west side before... The Metolius is my most absolute favorite river in Central Oregon and this trail is part of the reason why. Gorgeous water, breathtaking views & wildlife.

13 days ago

Worth the 2300’ climb for the panoramic views. Great place to eat a snack and enjoy a view of the mountain peaks and plan your next hike. Could use an ice cream shop at the top to motivate hikers

Went over memorial day and the trail is completely hidden by snow about 2 miles in. Beautiful hike and I look forward to coming back so we can summit.

16 days ago

Great hike, bad access road. Will do it again

Went on 5/30 with my 10 year old boy. Great trail and we made it all the way up to the base of Three Fingered Jack. The GPS was a bit spotty, but necessary due to snow. Runoff is picking up and there are fewer snow bridge crossings, but the snow all the way up was firm other than late afternoon slush on surface. We wore low-top Merrill shoes and had no issues. The Google Maps directions to the trailhead were a disaster, however, make sure you follow directions or a map and don' rely on Google Maps.

Easy for all ages & abilities. Gorgeous.. narrow at times though so please leash your dogs.

Great hike with amazing views of major Cascade Range mountains: Broken Top, 2 of the Three Sisters, Mt. Washington, Three Finger Jack, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood, and even Mt. Adams.

We attempted the hike over Memorial Day weekend and found a bit too much snow on the trail 2 Miles in - too difficult to keep to the trail through the snow fields so turned around. Still beautiful but didn’t make it to the awesome base of Three Fingered Jack this time. Will come back again in July/August.

A good amount of snow still. I struggled to find the trail but this app helped out there!

Beautiful hike! Still a lot of snow. Had to punch through and trail find, but it was great!

28 days ago

Pretty intense hike up. Not a whole lot of flat level hiking, mostly either up or down. The first part of the trail is forested and breaking views of Mt Washington and Three Fingered Jack. The second part of the trail is fairly rocky and dirt with great views of Brokentop and 2 of the 3 Sister mountains. The last bit of the trail was pretty rocky and rough, but the views from the top are absolutely stunning! Well worth it!

1 month ago

Fairly easy hike to Cabot Lake. There was snow here in early May. Side trail to lake may be hard to find. Look for a rock cairn that folks have placed on the left side of the trail- turn right at the cairn. The lake shore is a bit overgrown but who cares? It’s an easy reward for a short hike! It is exposed at the beginning as it winds thru a burn and I can believe it would be very hot in the summer.

1 month ago

The way up is a steep incline. Your quad day will be complete after this hike. Beautiful views at the top of surrounding mountains . Well worth it. Coming down is a piece of cake.

1 month ago

This was an awesome hike, was snow still at the very top what an amazing view off all the mountains.

Just a little snow at the top! Great hike.

2 months ago

Ignore my stars.. I just wanted to give an update on the road conditions. We tried getting to the trail head yesterday and found quite a bit of snow still on the road heading to the trailhead. We were traveling in a 4WD crossover, which did fine, but the snow progressively increased and the road narrows with 3 miles still to go. We decided to turn back in case it became too deep and we didn’t have the ability to turn around down the road. It would be passable with snow tires or maybe a little bit bigger car. In reality our car would have probably done fine but it made me a little nervous. We will definitely be back to do this hike in the future!

I hiked this trail on an early February day. The very low snowfalls up to that point made is such that all but the last quarter mile was clear and dry, allowing a climb without any special gear.
The parking lot, just off SW Sherman Camp road, appears to be enough to accommodate the low traffic this trail gets (compared to the upper trailhead). There are no facilities at the trailhead (there are restrooms, however, at the UPPER trailhead).
The first .8 miles are essentially flat, roughly paralleling the road and heading in a southwesterly direction. There are a few intersecting trails/roads but the signs poster on wooded posts made it easy to continue on trail #4026. At a couple spots, the destination of the hike can be seen through openings in the trees.
The second portion of the hike starts at the .8 miles mark where the trail veers into a southeasterly direction and starts to ascend around the slope of Black Butte. This section is an uninterrupted 2.5 miles climb at a sustained but manageable grade. The trail intersects 3 forest roads on its way to the Upper Trailhead: Lower Butte Loops Trail 4093, Upper Butte Loops Trail, NFDR 1110-500. At each intersection, wooden sign posts in sight of each other easily identifies the spot where trail #4026 continues. The upper trailhead is a good spot (at about 3.25 miles in the hike) to take a short break, snack at the picnic table or use the restrooms. From there, it is another sustained climb to the summit.
The last two miles start the way the first 3+ have gone: healthy climb on a well maintained trail that get a bit more rocky in some spots. After the first (and only) switchback, the trails heads in a more easterly direction a few hundred feet below the summit. On this cold February day, frost covered all vegetation .5 miles before the top and the trail itself turned to pack snow and ice .25 miles before, as it rounded the southeast side of the butte. It took me probably a good 30/40 minutes to negotiate that stretch of the trail.
Once at the top, and an a fairly clear day, the views open 360 degrees with Broken Top, the 3 Sisters, Belknap Crater, Three Fingers Jack and Mt Jefferson dramatically displayed. Further north, Mt Hood was easily spotted and, with a minimum of effort, Mt Adams at the horizon across the Columbia river. A VERY nice spot to discover many of the Cascades peaks. The summit, fairly roomy and elongated, with so many views to take in, is clearly a good place to spend time and have a quick meal. The cupola and the fire lookout tower also make for fairly interesting photo opportunities.
If hiking this trail during the warmer month, it is likely a good idea to bring plenty of water and use sunscreen for the last mile of the climb.
I gave 5 stars to this trail first because of the views from the top but then also because of the well cut and well maintained trail itself. The first three mile, before reaching the upper trailhead, are very quiet (I did not see anyone either going up or coming down). The last 2 miles, past the upper trailhead were rather crowded; this also appears to be a favorite for dog owners. The workout the trail offers (3400 ft elevation gain is about 4 miles) also makes it a good destination for weekend (or daily) warriors.
Highly recommended.

4 months ago

Hiked 2/4. Road up to the trailhead and trail in good shape. Last 1/4 mile a bit dicey with snow. It was doable in boots for sure, but would have felt a bit better in yak tracks.

4 months ago

Pretty spicy little moderate hike. Fantastic views. Little bit of snow on the top. Not enough to warrant snowshoes or spikes. Wind shifts up top and temps plummet. Layer accordingly.

4 months ago

5 star view, hike was %99 uphill to the top. Don’t go in January like me, save it for warmer months based on the tower being closed and other ALLTRAILS photos. Also did SMITH ROCK yesterday so this one doesn’t come close in comparison.

4 months ago

Went with a group of friends back in July 2017 and had a blast. We went at 430 in the morning to see the sunrise, definitely worth doing again!! I can’t wait to visit so I can go back

easy nice views

A bit icy toward the top but phenomenal views!

Nice burn, and great views all the way up. Hit it early to beat traffic.

absolutely gorgeous. saw no one on the lower 3 miles of the trail. was insanely peaceful. loved near the top when the clouds cleared and everything came into focus. what a great trail. also the parking is super easy to find. the map brings you right to it. well marked!


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