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ass-kicker. great hike

This may be long... I went backpacking with a friend and stayed in the upper meadow. We had read reviews regarding the heat and dogs and since I had mine we decided to get there early. We left the parking lot at 10:30 on the Jack Creek trail headand though it was only in the 70’s the direct sunlight was blazing hot. The first part of the trail has little to no shade which made it a little tough for the pup. He had some water and kept on truckin.’ At the junction you can take the old summit trail to the right or the canyon creek/glacier trail to the left. We chose left. It’s a gradual incline with only one little lake as a water source if you should need it. Once you reach the top it gradually turns in to lush forest and is a nice reprieve. After another 20 or so minutes of hiking we met another junction that leads to a one way trail (which meets up with summit to make a loop) or the meadows trail on the left. This is where you meet up with canyon creek and get a real idea of how beautiful the area is. The wildflowers are in full bloom and the view of 3 Fingered Jack is epic. It’s a great stopping point to refill water and eat a snack. TONS of butterflies and unfortunately mosquitos. Just bring some spray and you’ll be ok! We saw a spot near the junction that looked like others had camped at. Please be aware that this is wilderness and it is a fineable offense to camp/have a fire within 100 feet of a water source! We went to check out the glacier trail. There will be a sign that says trail not ma brained but it really seemed so to us. You will walk through some truly Georgia meadow with streams veining the landscape everywhere. We camped just before the real upper meadow. And hiked the glacier when the sun was going down. The meadow is beautiful and the glacier lake is so pretty. Be advised that it is a rocky steep ascent and those rocks are quite loose! The view is beautiful. Here you can see some of the surrounding mountains. We did not climb all the way up as we were quite hungry. I would like to reiterate that the mosquitos are BAD. We ate later than we should have and went to hang our food for the night. While there we heard a very close almost gagging growl noise that scared the crap out of us. We couldn’t see what it was so we backed away slowly and headed back to camp. There were some deer that tried to come up to the camp and made no moves when we made a ruckus (in case we potentially encountered a bear). We went to sleep and had no problems. The next day we hiked up to wasco lake. We went early and the sun was quite hot still! BRING DOG BOOTIES. I cannot stress this enough. Wasco lake is definitely worth the hike! There is no shade at the junction but the creeks follows the one way trail and it’s easy to refill. There’s no shade until you walk at least half way around the lake. It’s not as silty as you may guess and it’s the perfect temperature for a dip. We saw some fish jump out of the water and a curious deer. My takeaways are really bring some mesquite repellent, bring dog booties if it’s mildly hot and bring layers. It’s hot but the temp could drop considerably over night or become windy. One other thing to consider for hot weather: coming from the trailhead you can take the old summit trail which goes through quit a bit of burnt forest and is a bit longer BUT you will run into the creek sooner than if you take the glacier trail. Glacier trail is shorter but you’ll hit some shade faster than old summit. This was my first backpacking trip and I plan on doing it again!!

What a spectacular hike! Lots of wildflowers and millions of butterflies. The color of the lake at the base of Three Fingered Jack was unreal. Don't use Google maps for directions. Trust your trail book.

4 days ago

Beautiful views and great swimming lakes! We hiked it clockwise spending the first night at Wasco lake and the second night at Square lake. Overall a great hike but be prepared for HOT sandy trails that will burn dog's feet on hot days (it was 95 degF). Bring gators for sand. 90% of this hike is in the burn/full sun, only 10% of this hike is in the shade. Plenty of mosquitoes on the PCT between Santiam pass and Wasco lake. There's not much water between Santiam pass and Koko lake so bring a lot of water or fill up when you can. Wasco lake was crowded with hikers and mosquitoes. Square lake was awesome with no people and few mosquitoes! I'd recommend this hike, especially on days cooler than 90 degF and after mosquito season is over!

4 days ago

We backpacked in and spent the night in the upper meadow. It was gorgeous! We were there 7/14-7/15 and saw lots of goats on both days. There were a few babies too! The flowers were beautiful and so fragrant. This is going on the list to do every year.

We hiked this 2 weeks ago and again 7/15. So many more flowers - and it looks like they're not even close to bloomed out. Beautiful hike, beautiful views, but sadly, no goats this last time.

7 days ago

The Butte is a landmark and sits centrally to many of the Cascade peaks from South Sister and Broken Top to Mt. Adams in Washington. This morning I got to the trail at 4:00 AM so that I was the only one on the trail and the peak where I lingered through sunrise. The wild flowers were in abundance (Washington Lilly’s, lupin, red columbine, Queen Anne lace, etc...) and being the only one I was able to take my time and enjoy the views, sounds, smells, and flowers.

I rated this as four stars as during the normal day the trail is heavily used, dusty, and exposed. Morning / Evening is best. The views are great at the top and it is accessible for children and adults of all ages.

Beautiful hike! I hiked it counter clockwise all in one day. Definitely recommend taking more than one day to do this hike, especially in the summer. It was very hot as most of the hike is not shaded due to old burn areas. Absolutely love this hike though, one of my favorites!!

8 days ago

On this clear Friday the 13th, the air was clear making the vistas breathtaking.

Pretty tough hike, but you can fly down in the return. amazing views at the top. Fairly exposed for the top two miles so wear sunscreen. Bring at least two water bottles and some sort of food. No snow now. saw only two other hikers on the bottom section.

10 days ago

This hike is great. The side trail to the glacier is a must. Mountain Goats on the ridge. The rocks are loose around the glacier so be aware of that. We had deer come into camp. It was a nice hike.

We hiked the loop this weekend as a training hike for a bigger expedition later this year. This trail is easy unless you take the side trip to the saddle. The saddle makes the trip more challenging. The loop is easy. There were somehow no bugs this past weekend of July 7th. The wildflowers will be spectacular this next weekend for a few weeks. It’s refreshing to walk in the shade as most of this hike skirts a burn from a while back. However I would NOT bring a dog on this trail wo booties. It’s HOT when not shaded and it’s exposed for long periods of time in dog-clock minutes. And please pack out the poo.

It’s a one way trail due to the amount of usage. The views of Three Fingered Jack are amazing and we did see mountain goats. We also heard that someone got close to a male goat. This is a good way to die. Read about the hiker killed in the Olympics a while back for getting too close.

Make sure you have a NW Forest Pass on your car. Plenty of tickets were issued last weekend.
Great hike!

Beautiful hike! Some wildflowers but more to come in the next few weeks, I think.

Great trail, but I’d recommend being careful with your dog up there on hot days! I went up there this afternoon (about 80 degrees) with my dog and found that a lot of people (that were hiking with their pups) were having to turn around and/or carry their dogs out because the sun soaked portion of the trail was waaay too hot for their dogs paws and the dogs were unable to walk. I had my dogs Ruffwear mountain booties on him and he did great, but without them, I don’t think it would have worked out too well.

16 days ago

Gorgeous panoramic view of Central Oregon from the peak. During June-July there are lots of wildflowers along the trail. Go early in the morning so you can be treated by butterfly migrations as it warms up.

The chipmunks at the peak are very friendly. Get lots of pictures of them but please don't feed them!

Great hike if you want to see all of the area mountain tops. We even saw Mt. Hood. A bit rough getting there so small cars may have trouble.

Such a gorgeous hike! Not much snow in the lower meadow and very little at the upper meadow. Glad we had poles to get up to the body of water right under Three Finger Jack. Spotted several mountain goats and even some babies! While the wild flowers are early there were many and so many butterflies! Get there early, it got busy as the day went on. Definitely in my top 5 right now.

Loved this hike it had everything would highly recommend this hike.

20 days ago

Perfect time of year for wildflowers and there were butterflies all over. There are still patches of snow heading from Carl Lake to the PCT, but very passable. The nights were cool, but it was pleasantly warm during the day, the mosquitoes were just starting to swarm.

Relentless uphill on the way up, beautiful views well worth it at the top. If you bring a dog be sure to bring water along as there is none along the trail.

June 29, snow and runoff on trail lower meadow, abundant snow upper meadow. Shooting stars, some penstemon, few bear grass. Too early for most flowers. Quite a few people.

22 days ago

June 2018: My husband and I did this hike for our anniversary. We are *not* avid hikers at all, but this hike has us looking forward to finding our next one! Getting to the parking area was a bit slow for us in our non-4x4 vehicle, but we went super slow and it worked out. The Hike:Upper Trailhead → Be ready for a steady incline the whole way up, and a last steeper push to the top that's totally worth it! Take lots of water and sunscreen, and bring a lunch or snack to have when you get to the top! The chipmunks will come right up and see what you have to eat. :)

Such a beautiful scenery! My young boys (10 and 3) enjoyed this trial very much!

Still a ton of snow on Memorial Day making it hard to find the trail in places- had to follow the GPS. Went early in the day and had the place to our selves. Saw 4 mountain goats at the top of the bowl. DO NOT follow google maps from camp Sherman - it took us down a steep forest service road that was not wide enough resulting in a ton of brush scratches

26 days ago

What an amazing hike! Everything is so green and the wildflowers are blooming. The waterfall to the right of Carl Lake was the perfect spot for lunch. There were at least 4 lakes we passed. Don’t listen to google maps as it took us a random way. Head to Jack Creek and go out that way (vs. Camp Sherman Road). Mosquitos were out but not too bad. The first (and then last) part of the trail is in full on sun so be prepared.

Started counterclockwise. The sun was HOT through the burnt forest, but as we trucked on the breeze cooled us down. We stopped at small creeks along the way. We passed wasco lake as it there were many campers, and moved up to Koko lake. There was a perfect spot to setup camp about 200 yards off of the trail. Another 100 yard walk and we had a beautiful overlook of wasco lake. There was some snow to hike through on the north west side of the mountain, but following the footprints (and bear prints) lead us the right way back to the PCT 2000. If you’re doing this as an overnight bring more water than you’d expect. I loved this hike.

Hiked counter clockwise. First night we stayed at Jack Lake and it was miserable. The east side of Jack lake is incredibly windy. Use the camping grounds they have set up instead of camping off trail. Not enough new growth to block out the wind. We ended up with dirt in our tents and made it hard to sleep. Day two we hit the meadows and went up to the crater and saw the glacier run off. After that lunch at Wasco lake. We're now camped at 6300ft off the PCT. The sunset was incredible and this camping site is perfect. After you hit the snow pack run offs that form the veins on the east side of Jack. You will pass a spot that you could almost overlook. It's around 5.4 miles from the end of the trailI, about 300 feet off trail west with a spot for a tent and a firepit. Tonight made up for last night's wind storm!!! Beautiful views and a great camping spot.

1 month ago

Great views, wildflowers in full bloom as of June 19. Cascade Lilies flank the base of the Butte. Lookout is not open to public. Hit this hike early morning as upper portion is quite exposed.. If you are starting at the lower trailhead consider parking along Camp Sherman Road rather than in parking area off road 14, it lines right up with the trail and will save you a half mile or more of trail x2 as you walk around the base of the Butte.

1 month ago

If you're thinking of going to Carl Lake, do it! We went in mid-June midweek and only saw three people (on our hike out). The lake was gorgeous, very few mosquitoes (mid-June), and there was a little wind in the evening. There is also a small waterfall at Carl Lake if you continue to your right! The weather was fantastic and the hike's incline was moderate and gradual. The burn area was gorgeous in its own way, but (as other reviewers have pointed out) there is little shade for about 1.5 miles and the sand would be very hot on a dog's bare paws. Because there is such a distinct change of scenery and four lakes/ponds to stop at along the way, I think this could be a great introductory backpacking trip for active children or adults new to backpacking. It's very rewarding!

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