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Nice easy trail, the redwoods here aren’t as big as they get further south but it was still lovely to see. Little streams and waterfalls too. Parking was readily available right in front of the trailhead.

Cute little trail. Definitely easy but also has a slope to it. Beautiful tree’s!

Nice views and trails to explore. If you’re planning to do the loop option use your map, the trails aren’t marked. Pretty steep ascent/descent, but luckily it’s short.

I believe this stand of redwoods is the furthest north they go.

Indian Sands is amazing. Really makes you think about how all that sand got up so high. We could feel Indian presence.
One of our favorite places to go.

This trail is beautiful going right along the river. Very easy to maneuver and a great length.

I thought the trail and the hike were beautiful but I would not rate this as easy. As someone with a mild heart condition I look for easy rated trails. This trail has quite a climb and a lot of switchbacks. Switchbacks don't make it any easier to go uphill. I would personally consider this trail moderate due to the amount of climbing you are doing although it is a good length and a pretty walk.

This trail is currently inaccessible. Multiple washouts have chunks of road missing completely.

this trail is easy, we took our son (4) and daughter (5). they loved it.

1 month ago

Great trail with beautiful views. Connects to the Indian Sands Trail.

2 months ago

Really short, and decent climb. Probably took five minutes to get up, but gave great views of the coast to the north, and slightly visible views of the coast to the south. Definitely worth the quick trip.

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2 months ago

Beautiful old growth, very quiet and peaceful.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike through the trees with awesome views of the Ocean

Beautiful hike along the buff overlooking the ocean.

Fabulous trail! Very lush and many water crossings. Well-maintained. We log 2.8 miles in a hangman's noose configuration. The redwood nature trail loop had a gain of about 568 feet. Take it to the right for a gradual uphill or to the left for a steep uphill and gradual downhill. The interpretive markers start to the left. Both trails have interpretive markers with the one along the river being letters starting at the day use area the Redwood loop being numbers but the trailheads were out of brochures. Great place to come for a quick hike or just a stroll in the Redwoods and along the river!

This trail was one of the magical moments on our trip. The trail was really cool and brought many surprises! Don’t miss this one!

3 months ago

Good loop trail. Great area. Good short climbs with places to rest an enjoy. Took us about 1 hour to hike

This was a hike in the forrest but following the road to get from Arch point viewpoint to another trail to get to secret beach. There is no reason to do this because it is not a very scenic trail and you can view Arch rock from the parking lot and then drive down to the secret beach trail.

4 months ago

Passed this one many times on the way to Oregon Trail 1106 and 1107. Was on the way there again today and decided to stop and do this one instead. Nice hike with a little up and down but pretty simple. The dogs enjoyed it with no one else around. A lot of deer and elk sign. I thought I heard an elk bugle but I don't know if it'e the right time of the year for them to be doing that or not...

beautiful hike, dogs allowed on leashes.

4 months ago

great hike with an amazing waterfall going through the loop. make sure to take the trail to the left when it comes to a T near the bridge (don't worry, you can wait to cross the bridge

Nice little loop that includes a small forest, a river, the beach and coastal wetland and grasses. Hard to find so much beauty so close and easy. In season there are salmon and steelhead in the river and good surf perch fishing in the ocean.

Very nice, be sure to do the loop through the redwoods.

6 months ago

At the Indian Sands parking area/ viewpoint, a way trail takes off behind the park rules sign and goes to the Oregon Coast trail in a few hundred yards. All the trees were cut and removed from the way trail 1/2018.

7 months ago

The Oregon Coast trail going north from Indian Sands comes to highway 101 north of the Indian Sands viewpoint road.Walk along the 101 back to that parking area.Down at the viewpoint of the archway at Indian Sands,look for a trail to the LEFT GOING down,then crossing a good spring.Continue south ,briefly going through some trees,then go right through a cut and continue south to the south end of the Indian Sands area.Enjoy one the great scenes of North America! Absolutely riveting! Takes about five minutes from view point of the archway to the view south.

The oregon coast trail going north of Indian sands comes near highway -101 .from there walk along 101 back to the Indian sands parking area.Down at the view of the archway,look for a trail(on the LEFT),going down and crossing a good spring.After going through trees briefly,turn right through a cut and continue south.At the south end of the Indian sands area(you will know when you are there) is one of the great scenes of North America! Absolutely riveting!From the view of the archway,it takes about 5 minutes to reach the south end of the Indian Sands area.

nice trails. quaint.

I had a great time here. Most of the beaches are a hike from the car, so they are less crowded and beautiful. There are a lot of stops, so I would pick 3 or so for the day. Here is a video of my time at Sam Boardman.


9 months ago

Nice little trail in the woods that few know about until now. Hadn't been there in a couple of years so did a little grooming on the way. Some beautiful areas on the river that is very fishable. This trail is just below the recent Chetco Fire that burned 191,000+ acres just upriver.

10 months ago

Nice little area that gets some summer use but hardly anyone during the off season. My lab loves it because she gets to play in the river when the flow is slow enough. There was a couple of trees down but easily crossed under today. The river bar here is much longer than what we did that can be driven and gets fished a lot during the salmon season. The tree that you see in my pic that they dug a trough under would be good to leave especially for the kids that do the trail.

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