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We stay at Whaleshead Beach Resort and hike to this beach with the kids and dog. Great beach and low traffic.

Super short and quick trail with a great reward at end. There is a off road trail past overlook. No idea how long since I didn’t go very far. Suspect it goes to waters edge.

This is an amazing hike. The views are spectacular and the hidden natural bridge at the bottom of the trail is amazing.

2 months ago

One of our favorite trails. Be careful not to go out on the rocks at Indian Sands every year at least one person gets hit by a wave and washed into the sea.
You can find the loop at the Northern end of Indian Sands, the trail goes along the edge of the valley and back to the parking lot.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike through the trees with awesome views of the Ocean

Beautiful hike along the buff overlooking the ocean.

Loop around Indian Beach not accurate

4 months ago

Passed this one many times on the way to Oregon Trail 1106 and 1107. Was on the way there again today and decided to stop and do this one instead. Nice hike with a little up and down but pretty simple. The dogs enjoyed it with no one else around. A lot of deer and elk sign. I thought I heard an elk bugle but I don't know if it'e the right time of the year for them to be doing that or not...

I've grown up on this beach. It is usually not too crowded. there is a nice tide pool area to the right.

North of the Cape Ferelo viewpoint parking area on the Oregon Coast trail(where the trail enters heavy forrest)a decent side trail goes down to a beautiful and very photogenic beach.Further along going north another side trail takes off to the left and goes out to a viewpoint.Very obvious where it takes off.

At the north end of the Samuel Boardman s.s.c. is a remote(kinda) stretch of beach.Very rough and rocky.Great tide pools.Use a turnout north of the paved one at Arch rock viewpoint about a mile or so.The Oregon Coast trail is just below.Follow the coast trail north to access the beach at two different places near the south end of this beach.There is NO other access to this beach,so the return to the coast trail is coming back to these access places.

Between Whales head beach road and Indian Sands viewpoint road on Highway 101 there is small parking area outside a guardrail,on the west side of 101.The Oregon Coast trail comes right through here.A few hundred yards north on the Oregon Coast trail a side trail takes off and goes over to Indian Sands and also out onto a penninsula.The side trail goes downhill to junction.Go to left and end up at the end of a penninsula.Terrific!Go to the right and you will end up at Indian Sands.Any of the paths that go north will end up at Indian Sands.

There is a place to park just off of hwy.101 on whaleshead beach road.on the right there.Start up the Oregon Coast trail going north.In about 8 minutes(just past a green bench)a side trail takes off on the left and goes out to a very scenic view point,one of the finest of the entire Oregon coast.

There is a place to park just off of hwy.101 on whaleshead beach road.on the right there.Start up the Oregon Coast trail going north.In about 8 minutes(just past a green bench)a side trail takes off on the left and goes out to a very scenic view point,one of the finest of the entire Oregon coast.

Nice walk with the dog

9 months ago

Nice little trail in the woods that few know about until now. Hadn't been there in a couple of years so did a little grooming on the way. Some beautiful areas on the river that is very fishable. This trail is just below the recent Chetco Fire that burned 191,000+ acres just upriver.

Great views of the north jetty and the mouth of the Chetco river on the way in. An added bonus was an Osprey nest site on top of a large prominent rock in the water along the edge. The ospreys in this nest produced 2 chicks this year. Nice little beach/rocky area that few people know about. You have to go in through a gate that looks private but is not, so enjoy! There is pretty good fishing off the jetty and parts of the beach.

11 months ago

Nice little popular beach in town. Perhaps the most people I've seen on it was this morning. Rocky in places but beautiful views... Chetco Point is to the south and the north ends in rock formations that you can't get by. Surprised to see a 1/2 dozen kids swimming this morning at about 10:30. There is something on this beach that makes my dogs scratch at themselves for weeks at a time. There is a water treatment plant nearby... This is the only local beach I won't take them to again. Doubtful I'll hike it again but wanted show others where it is.

we didn't do the trail but went to the beach. it was great. we'll do the trail next time!

Eerie is the word for this hike today. We are in the middle of the Chetco Bar Fire and it's pretty dark and gloomy. The trail is good and you can see by the pics the awesome views from above. You can see the lines in my pics are the sky full of smoke rolling out from the river and meeting blue sky Not much blue anywhere near us..... Hopefully I'll never see our beautiful home area affected like this again.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Beautiful beach just north of Brookings! I did it on a high tide today so was much shorter than if you catch it when it's low. So many beautiful rock formations... A little overcast today so it cut down on the views. One of many places close to home that I hike with my lab.

Beautiful views

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Great views!!

Beautiful views

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hiked 6/20/2017. Nice beach trail. Don't wear sandals, it's very rocky and soft. Dog had a great time!

Beautiful mossy forrest with peekaboo coast look out points. Has a hard time finding the path for the second loop bc my battery died and trails were well marked. Quick on the way back too.

mountain biking
Wednesday, May 10, 2017

nice ride!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Great views of the rugged coast line. I usually take the dogs and go south on a low tide like today for about a mile before I turn around. If you go north on the point there's actually a hole through the rocks you can walk through. A good photo op. A mixture of rock and sand and can be pretty good perch fishing. #270

Saturday, October 29, 2016

I've done it many times but almost always in combination with more trail either north or south.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Great views and somewhat technical terrain depending on your speed.

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