What a magical place breathtaking reminds me of the movie the beach worth the hike . It’s a little dicey on the way up ... ( my husband has bad knees) he did it with his walking sticks

The beach you get to itself is really amazing. It always reminds my of images I have seen from Japan or asian coast lines. And the hike is also quite nice with a few shortcomings described below. We showed the hike to be about 3 miles rather than 2 on our phone GPS. The trail is quite nice and it says it is not maintained on the sign but we found it to be in good shape and not overgrown. One of the things we did not like is that the trail comes right up to highway 101 in 2 or 3 locations. In addition, if you do the hike, you will discover that there are much shorter ways to get to secret beach including a small pullout with limited parking just above secret beach. I believe this hike is 1/4 mile or less. And finally, Secret Beach is not so secret. I would pick a different hike on a busy weekend if you are expecting to get to Secret Beach and be alone. Maybe on a weekday or off hours you will be alone but we hiked during Memorial Weekend and were not alone. I have a video of the trail and our adventures here: https://youtu.be/4eP-9eiiUuI

Great trail in great condition. Great views. Also short, like my girlfriend.

Amazing, amazing, AMAZING! One of my favorite hikes! The last fork you get to, be sure to go left, not right. Going right gets increasingly difficult and dangerous and is a dead end. I definitely recommend this hike, it was absolutely beautiful and Secret Beach is a lot of fun!

Such an amazing place

1 month ago

this place is amazing! be sure to visit at low tide. Plenty of sight seeing, starfish, and anemone Kids love it too!

2 months ago

Wow! One of the most amazing places I’ve ever visited. Everyone must hike here once.

Great hike! Take your trekking poles or a walking stick. Steep in places, relatively short hike. Go slow. The view was incredible. We were the only ones on the trail.

Loved this hike. The highway noise didn't bother us at all. well worth the time. On the way back we took the main Secret Beach trail back to the highway and walked along the guard rail to the parking lot.

3 months ago

great fun trail that's not to long. great ocean view

Trail meanders in and out and around. We followed tracks and trails and had a great time exploring but didn’t do the full loop because of time constraints. The sand dunes on Indian Trail are an amazing picnic place. :) will consider hiking this again.

Breathtaking views. Easy trail to follow. Beautiful sand dunes. Safe for kids.

We followed the path on the right side (North) of the parking lot by the sign. The trail was wide and easily followed at first, but eventually deteriorated into a steep climb down looking for a tree limb to hold on. Eventually, our “trail” intersected the real trail and all went well from there. The path on the left (South) side of the parking lot is much easier to follow. Nice views enjoyable.

Beautiful hike with amazing views and a couple small water falls. Easy enough for families and we saw a few people carrying young ones in backpacks.

I did the right side trail and the left side. Trail winded me on the way back up but so worth it. The views are amazing.

Closure where the stairs are due to damage from storm. Signage to warn is partially in place.

Spent the day, must go at low tide. I was spellbound. Natural arches, caves, star fish and lots of other things to see in the tidal pools, waterfalls. breathtaking. you have to scramble across rocks to get all the way down the beach but so worth it. Hidden beaches under natural arches at the end of the beach, caves you can walk through but only accessible at low tide.

Nice hike through the forest by the river. Could cross the road and do the Redwood Trail, which is also very nice.

Thank You Almighty God for this perfect, beautiful place You created for our enjoyment!! Today is our 24th Anniversary, and we saw no one on this trail or at the beach! It was sunny and almost hot in December!! A perfect day indeed. I would highly recommended this hike. Wish we would have packed lunch in, because I would have stayed all day!

The path as labelled on AllTrails is an easy walk. There's also further along that you can go which is extremely steep and takes you to the viewpoint between the rocks. Overall, beautiful and well worth the additional hike.

Really pretty, lots of sand and was slightly hard to find the path at times. Quick and easy trail.

Beautiful place, very scenic and all the viewpoints were mostly easy to get to.

Just wish I could come when it was low-tide. Would have loved to see the tide pools. Beautiful day!

over grown
6 months ago

Overall a great trail, although quite steep at times. It was very foggy when. we visited, so views weren't great, but it was still nice. Part of the trail is quite narrow and a bit overgrown, but manageable.

This beach is the prettiest I’ve ever been to in my life. I was tempted to write an awful review, just so people wouldn’t go there. The views into the cove before you go down into it are breathtaking. We went as high tide was coming in, which made it exciting on the beach, be careful to watch the tide very closely!

We separately hiked whaleshead beach and Indian sands, as we didn’t want to walk along the 101 to connect them. The Indian sands trail is astounding. This beach in and of itself is so gorgeous. We had the entire beach to ourselves on a beautiful October day. The dogs love running around, chasing seabirds. The cliffs and forests above the beach are amazingly beautiful.

This trail is amazing. Through a rainforest with huge ferns everywhere, over huge rocky dunes, and down to giant cliffs overhanging the ocean. Lots of cool areas for rock scrambling. The arch at the end of the trail is beautiful.

a beautiful trail along the cliffs above the ocean. great for birding. part of the trail is along the highway so it's more of an out and back deal. look out for little side trails with beautiful views of the ocean.

7 months ago

This was a really enjoyable little hike. I would recommend trying to time your visit with low tides so that you can feel comfortable getting down on the beach. The rocks were a little too slippery and the water a little too close for me to feel brave enough to venture down there solo.

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