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OMG! beautiful hike ! One of my favorites so far. Drive up was super easy. It turned into a gravel road and I have a little car, but it was very well maintained, not one pot hole. hike was easy in the beginning. Got more uphill at the end, but wasn't awful. At the top the trail goes left or right. left will take you to the top then follow the trail to the right down the burn and around to the rocky side of the mountain on the left the cave is hidden back in there. it's huge you can miss it. make sure on your way back you go to the other trail that split off to the right. It's a super short hike to the peak with beautiful views ! breath taking hike, I can't wait to go back !

Completed this hike yesterday. From the unmarked trailhead at the gate, it’s realitively flat & easy for the first 1.5 miles. At the intersection of Spotted Owl & Devils Ridge, we opted to take the Cliff route to the right. This is where the climbing begins in earnest. Your quads will scream at you at the steepness of this ridge, but hey that’s why they call it a ridge! The views of the canyon are well worth it. After a brief rest there we continued to the top. Switchback after switchback, the trail continued to test our fortitude. About 1.5 miles from the summit, the trail fades out in places only a mountain goat could navigate but follow the green flagging & you’ll find your way. Round the last bend & you’ll be greeted by the glacier side of Mt. Jefferson. Sweet panoramic views of the canyon. The return down stressed our knees & quads for the first 2 miles but mellowed out by taking the Spotted Owl trail back down to the right of the intersection. Only saw one other hiker up there.

Beautiful Hike, Amazing Views of Mt Jefferson.....I Love It. #TheSignaturePicture.

Once you find the trailhead, it's a stellar hike! Don't plug 'Triangulation Peak' into the GPS- Instead, from the Detroit Ranger Station, travel east on Hwy 22 for 6.2 miles and turn left on to McCoy creek road (Forest Road 2233). Drive for 7.3 miles to a three-way junction and make a sharp right. Then it's another 1.3 miles to the trailhead, which is on the right. (Trail #3373). Pretty moderate hike and gradual elevation gain. the view is breathtaking on a clear day with Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, North, Middle, and South Sister. The cave is not too hard to find, either. Before summitting Triangulation Peak, there's a path that veers to the left through some sparse brush. head down that path for 0.2 miles. It's very dusty, since you're hiking through trees affected by the wildfire. But the cave is just around the large rocky mountain towards the left. Amazing spot!!

The drive to the trailhead; accessible by bmw? My truck is down!

I highly recommend this hike but make sure you do it on a clear day to enjoy the views. One of my favorite day hikes for sure. Here's a little help getting there:
The trail is located on Forest Road NF-2234 off of Highway 22. If traveling from the North it will be the next road on the right after Marion Forks. If traveling from the South it will be the next left after Straight Cr Rd. Follow 2234 until you see a “Pavement Ends” sign. Take a sharp right after the sign. Follow the gravel road until you reach road 260. This road will be on the left after the four-way intersection. The trailhead is slightly up 260 on the right.

Did this hike 6/28/18 beautiful hike, fairly easy in the beginning. After the trail splits (you go to the right toward the peak) it gets a little more uphill, but still gradual. Not very wide in most areas, so beware if you have children, the dogs were fine. Gorgeous views at the top despite last years fires, well worth the walk. Trail to cave is accessible, just be cautious as I saw several slips and a fall while visiting.

trail to the cave not clearly marked. recent fire damage. only reason I hiked this was for the cave. never found it.

Excellent hike. Trail in good shape with only a few minor downed trees in the first two miles. An abundant variety of wildflowers on display. Good view of Cascade peaks along the trail. From on top we could see from Hood to the Sisters. Be sure to look across to nearby Coffin Mountain and note the manned fire lookout.

29 days ago

All clear, some snow/slush puddles on the trail that are easily traversed. The trail down to the cave is pretty loose and involved a lot of ash and charred soil, but doable.

1 month ago

This was an amazing family trip. Number 2 family backpacking trip and we had tons of fun, and adventure. It snowed after we got there, and the kids loved playing in it! Fire pit available, and the cabin made everyone much more comfortable, especially with the snow. Our youngest at 6 was able to conquer the elevation at a slow but steady pace and minimal stops. We didn't get to experience the view due to clouds, and snow, but that didn't make/break the trip, or experience. I would love to go back here just for a clear night to see the stars!

road clear to the top beginning of the trail head the first .25 mile down trees but it open up snow on the switch Back on the Eastside slop but it walk able and people have marked it walking on top the snow the lower trail is still closed

1 month ago

Tried to go up last weekend but there was too many downed trees still. Road is open and has been cleared but the trees must have fallen after. No snow. Great hike when you can make it.

This trail is currently closed due to last year's fires.

Great incline!! Nice hike, there was a sign saying hazardous trail go at your own risk due to the previous fire. We went to the summit and it's steep and a couple fallen trees. snow at the top. We scrambled to the top. blazed our own trail due to the packed snow and the steep incline we had to get off the trail the last .4 miles. beautiful top months rocks. the hike is rewarding in its self, challenging, steep, scenery, and a few cliffs make great break stops. so worth it. highly recommend this hike!!!!

8 months ago

Nice hike. Love that you are able to go inside the cabin and even stay. There is a notebook in there to leave your name. Would love to come back and camp, maybe when snow is falling. Good view of Jefferson.

I bet it's beautiful! Tried to hike this a week ago and it's closed off due to a fire a few months back. If you try to attempt it, you'll only get about a quarter mile in before you're completely blocked. Not worth attempting it until they reopen it. It's a trek to get there too so just wait. Hopefully this will open in the sprig because I bet the views are amazing!

Amazing hike during the fall for fall colors! We saw no one on the trail and it was super easy to follow and not get lost. The cabin was also fantastic to check out. Definitely a must hike!

Getting there.... GPS takes you past the trailhead. 4 way gravel intersection turn left, when you come to a T-intersection, trailhead is on your right, park anywhere along there. Trailhead sign says Rho Ridge TR #564. 3/4 of the way there, there is a sign for hawk mountain turn right and follow it up.

The Bugaboo Trail gives you a little more distance on the approach to Bachelor Mt. It's a lesser-traveled trail, and has lots of ferns and greens falling onto the single-track trail. Still, very well marked and the views along the way are spectacular. The Bugaboo Trail intersects the main trail for the last 1/2-mile or so to get to the top. Excellent hike. The last 1/3-mile had 8-inches of snow!! Looks like it will melt off since it's so early, but a good reminder that our higher elevations can get different weather.

According to the USFS website, portions of Triangulation Trail is closed due to an active fire burning in the area.

11 months ago

Great hike, pretty easy until the last 0.8 miles when you start some switchbacks. Bushes are overgrown onto the trail wish I would have worn pants. The views we phenomenal!

Great hike. Started at 3 pm on Monday and finished about 7pm. Pretty easy hike until just before the peak then it is an uphill climb but its nothing too crazy. Had my dog with me and she was off leash she did perfectly ok and because there was no one on the trail I let her roam. Getting to the cave was little less than easy because it's not an up kept trail but it is managable. Overall great trail, beautiful scenery, and easy hike.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Got to the trailhead about 8am yesterday. (Saturday) Hiked to the peak first and met a couple of campers who told us how to get to the cave. The trail is pretty moderate and flat until you get to the sign for the peak and loop trail. Stay to the right to get to the peak. Before you get to the peak there's a trafficked trail that goes off to the right. That's how you get to the cave. A little ways up the cave trail there's a small 3 ft part of a broken tree with a pink ribbon. Turn right there and keep going down a steep down hill slope about 1/4 of a mile and it'll loop around to the cave. It's a little hard to find if you don't know where to go but so worth it!

Nice hike. Beautiful view! Went up yesterday, started at 10 am and saw a total of 15 other people on the trail. At the peak we climbed the tallest rock and ate lunch on the top. Amazing view of Jefferson, South Sister, Three Fingered Jack and Hood! The trail to Boca Cave was pointed out to us by another hiker. I'm not sure I would have found it on my own. The cool cave was perfect after the hike up to the peak! Saw a lot of huckleberries setting. I'll definitely return when they ripen.

We had a great hike to the summit and to the cave. Such a perfect day for the hike and there were no other people up there.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I did this trail the past Sunday 6/18/17. We made it all the way to Scout Lake in Jefferson Park right at the base of Jefferson. Weather was incredible. LOTS of snow still. Most of the trail is snow still. We got lost several times not being able to identify the trail properly. We had microspikes and poles which I'd highly recommend. Sunglasses and sunscreen as well. Views were just incredible the entire way. GPS also recommend. Tough hike in the soft snow, but worth it, and conditions only will get better (but crowds will pour in when they do).

Couldn't do this hike again because of the snow blocking the road. Maybe in a few more weeks it will be cleared!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

the trail starts at the spotted owl trail head. the begining is flat and easy, after that its up and up ! to an old lookk out sight. great views at the top!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Great hike with amazing views! The Boca cave was a little tricky to get to but well worth it.

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