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One of the most beautiful trails I have ever run. First few miles are fairly flat (maybe more but I turned around).

This is a beautiful hike! The trail was very well maintained and marked for the waterfalls. The trees are changing colors and the weather is perfect for a Fall hike!

We were amazed by the clear blue waters of the river not to mention the beauty of Sahalie Falls. We absolutely loved it!! We definitely would hike it again next time we are in the area. :)

kicked my butt on a hardtail but awesome!

I felt very lucky to have 99% of this trail to myself for most of the hike. If you arrive early you can avoid the loud mountain bike hubs on most of the trail. I'm happy to share the trail with everyone but the bikes ruin the tranquility of such a truly special place.

This hike was a treat for senses. The thunderous vibrations from the falls, oh my! One of my favourite things on earth is to hear the unique sound that each tree makes when the wind blows. I had plenty of trees and a nice amount of wind during the hike so you can only imagine my delight. I sat and enjoyed a private concert performed by a number of Gnatcatchers that one point seem to come from everywhere, the ground, the bushes, and the trees.

I found a happy place!

We camped at ice cap campground, from there it was a short hike to koosha falls about ten mins, easy to moderate hike to Sahalie Falls about twenty- thirty minutes. The trail is well maintained and the views are picturesque, but only from a distance. It’s not designed to get you right up to the water, but if you’re semi skilled you can scramble down some slick side trails for a closer look. Just use your head. This water is cold. Not swimmable.
From there we decided to go to Blue Pool. We turned around and headed down and South along the river. It pops out at a reservoir. Beautiful blue, exposed and you can see the fish it’s so clear. The correct way is to bear right, go across the bridge along the gravel road you’ll pass a trailhead sign on the right, but keep going towards the bathrooms that’s where the trail picks backup and you head back into the woods. If you go left, you end up going around the whole lake and the only way to cross is a water crossing, freezing above knee fast moving water. Then bushwhacking for about ten minutes bearing slightly left, slightly up hill. You’ll hit the trail, but keep a close eye out for it. From there it is shady forest with a few quick views of the river. The trail is downhill mostly for about 2 1/2-3 hours with breaks and no rushing. You pass people but in general it’s quite and beautiful. Five wooden log bridges, single rail. Give space between people crossing you can feel the logs bounce with too many people. When you arrive at blue pool be prepared for people. Lots of people in swimsuits, not swimming. I felt bad for them because it looks so good, you want to, but you’re going to freeze your butt off. Every once in awhile you’ll hear or see a person get in and immediately start to suffer. This water is 37 degrees, it’s hypothermia heart stopping cold. Don’t be a fool. There are better places to swim. This is for looking. And there is no easy way down to the water.
Be advised the return trip is uphill somewhat and about 3 hours back. There are other ways to hike to blue pool that are much shorter, that’s why so many people.
So our total trip was about 8 miles with the side trips to the falls. I would have given it 5 stars, but the trail signage was extremely lacking. There were a lot of people who gave bad advice on which way to go. So trust the map you bring. Happy trails!

I would not rate this hike as moderate - it is definitely difficult!!! The climb up Olallie Ridge from the Castle Rock trailhead on the west end of the ridge is a particularly tough 3,000 ft slog. But once you're on top, its fairly level with some nice views of Sawtooth Ridge just to the South. If you scramble up MacDuff Mountain, there is a nice view of the McKenzie River Valley as well as a plaque that was hauled up and installed by an early hiking club. When I did this in 2015, USFS crews were improving this into a Mtn Bike trail so it should be in fairly good shape. My understanding is that bikers ride it East to West to avoid the bad climb.

Happy to park a car at both ends without a permit. Not too many hikers between the falls and Blue Pool. Not many bikers either. Love the log bridges along the way. Hiked it again this year. A real treat!

This trail is easy and quite enjoyable.
Hiked the Clear Lake trail with My Sunflower and had a wonderful time. Mountain bikers were very courteous to us hikers. Clear Lake was gorgeous.

Lots of people at blue pool but it's gorgeous!

Great trail! We did it on a Monday so there weren't any crowds, though after sitting at the Blue Pool for about 20min the crowds started coming from the opposite direction. Like one of the other reviews said, not a hard hike, but it is 12mi round trip so be ready for that.
We put our feet in the water at Clear Lake when we got back, had a beer and then hit the road. A great day!

Was an amazing hike. Waterfalls, clear lake, and blue pool all in a day! What more can you ask for. All in all not very hard, but pretty long. Would recommend.

8 months ago

To get to the trail, instead of following the google directions, coming off the highway take a left at the fork. Just keep going straight and turn left up the hill at the closed gate. Follow the road straight and you will get to the trail head. This hike is completely worth it. I hope to go back when it is a bit clearer to get a better view of the mountains.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Great trail so long as you take it to the top. The total mileage with going to the peak is around 11.2 miles which means start early, especially this time of year. Beautiful views from the top. Not much snow except for the last mile or so but even then it's flattened out by hikers. If you don't want to do the entire hike, you can drive up the majority of the way, hike the last mile, and still see the view.

just me and my wife hiked the trail till dark and pulled off the trail and camped for the night awesome time

Monday, October 09, 2017

Just a heads up, the last mile or so of road is closed. I am not familiar with the area so maybe you can still get to the trail but I had to turn back. Road is closed through November.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

The trail is degrading from mountain bikers. A lot of fine dirt on the trail. One down tree on the trail near the trailhead and another one by NF-482.

The short gravel road to the parking spot has about four big pot holes.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Nice rock formations near the top. Deers were by that area as well.

I was not able to see any of the views because of the smoke from the wildfires. Check the USDA Forest Service website for conditions.

I give this trail only four stars because of how crowded blue pool was. Even though it was beautiful there it made it seem as if you hadn't hiked all that way. Along the way though I saw no one not a soul !! It was beautiful and green and quite lush. The falls weren't as crowded as I had thought especially since it was a Saturday but I was there pretty early. I decided to make a camping trip out of it and it all worked out well. Oh and if you do go guard your stuff especially at blue pool I had my temper pad and my rain tarp stolen. Quite upset about that.

Monday, July 24, 2017

According to the two GPS units I had "on board", this trail is between 11 and 12 miles when going from the trailhead just off E King Road to the summit. The main track on Alltrails stops 1.25 miles short of the summit.
A few key observations:
This is a mixed use trail favored by mountain bikers; while every biker i met on the trail was was courteous and following trail etiquette, walking up or down when folks are zipping down the single track requires a bit of extra caution. Also, bike use makes for different erosion patterns that sometime calls for adjustments to walking patterns (i was reminded of that the hard way, sliding on a finely grounded dirt layer on top of hard-packed earth... elbow open to the joint and a few stitches :-) in the ER that evening).
The parking at the trailhead is convenient but not. overly spacious (about 8 or 10 cars)
There are several ways to get to the summit (if views are mostly what you are after). Starting on E King Road is not the easiest one. Instead you can get to about one mile of the summit by car on O'Leary (dirt) road. Or you can use the Castle Rock Trail #3506 off Cougar Creek Road (that seems to shave 3+ miles off the total out-and-back).
The E King Road version of the trip will appeal to you if you enjoy (changing) forest walks on a well cut trail and/or if you are looking for a good workout at 6 miles and 3K cumulated elevation gain.
The views from the summit are sweeping, overlooking the McKenzie Valley East to West with the added bonus of the 3 sisters in the background (best view of the sisters appears to be from the saddle just below the summit).
The map on Alltrails shows only 3 switchbacks just below the summit but it is closer to 10 to reach the very top.
The summit is relatively small and free of vegetation on the West side while a small copse of tree provided welcome shade on the 80+ degrees day i made the climb.
I only gave 3 stars because there are so many stunningly beautiful hikes around... but this is no trial to thumb one's nose at. Good place to go when snow is still obstructing hikes in higher altitudes.

Great trail! Best if you can hike it end to end. Unfortunately, the regional utility is doing needed improvements and has FLOODED a section of the trail below Carmen Diversion reservoir. The water is about 3 feet deep-for the next couple years

great day hike, might be busy with people hitting the blue pool and water falls along the way, I got out there early before every started showing up. would definitely do it again.

Monday, May 01, 2017

Coupled with Castle Rock trail, started at E. King Road trailhead and hiked under canopy to Castle Rock, great view, moderate-hard due to climb and switchbacks, watch out for single-track mtn bikers speeding down trail

Monday, May 01, 2017

Completed trail along with King Castle Trail, started at E. King Road trailhead and hiked under canopy and along switchbacks to a great view of valley, moderate-hard due to elevation climb, watch out for single-track mtn bikers speeding down trail

Monday, April 17, 2017

The trail winds through a beautiful dense forest and the summit offers stunning views of the Sisters to the east!

Monday, April 03, 2017

Not the worst hike to a view ever. But it's surrounded by clear-cuts and the view from up top is only so-so. Nearby Tidbits is a little more challenging, less crowded and has vastly better views.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Did the whole thing (Clear Lake to South Trailhead) which should be 26 miles unless you get lost a lot like me, in which case it turns into 28. Nice campground about halfway (Trail Bridge Reservoir), amazing views on the way. I did it in two days with late starts, but I would suggest taking three days to do it if you haven't seen the scenery. You'll want to stop and take pictures. There is a bus service that will take you to the trailhead and you can leave your car at the end. $30 from what I can remember.

Edit: I've done this trail each year now, and the best itinerary thus far was getting the early morning bus and going from Clear Lake to Blue Pool (8.8 miles), Blue Pool to Buck's Bridge (10.2 miles), and Bucks Bridge to Trailhead (6.9 miles). It's a three day, two night hike and allows you to really stop and see the sights. You also hike only about half the day each day with mid-early starts, which is great for beginner backpackers. I take non-experienced backpacking friends and they love it.

Did part of this trail after hiking all day would like to go back and finish the whole thing.

This is my favorite day hike in Oregon.

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