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The lower falls is an excellent hike if you are looking for a fairly short and easy hike with high reward. Be sure to make your way to the base of the falls!

2 days ago

Have wasted my time for this trail today, hiked 6 of 11 mi. Overgrown, viewless, rare access to the creek and no swimmable pools where it is. The best portion is before the first bridge, it looks like most people turn back at this point.

Boyfriend, me and our dog did this trail June of 2017. Great trail, and our xl dog loved it. The lava rock was amazing! Taking the “off trail” trails to the bottom of the falls is worth it.

5 days ago

Loved every step! Oregon at it's best.

on Linton Lake Trail

9 days ago

Beautiful trail, remote lake

Other than a little rocky patch in the beginning the rest was very easy!
Beautiful!! I have MS and my balance can be off often but just using a walking stick made this trail SUPER easy!

I am just starting to get into hiking by myself and it was the perfect length and such beautiful falls!

This trail is easy and quite enjoyable.
Hiked the Clear Lake trail with Sunflower and had a wonderful time. Mountain bikers were very courteous to us hikers. Clear Lake was gorgeous.

Super fun and easy trail with a great rewarding view! My personal favorite part of this hike was walking through the lava rock and walking up to the Lower Falls. I wouldn't recommend this hike for smaller children only because in the beginning of the trail there are a lot of rocks and a major tripping hazard for the little ones. Beautiful hike all around and one I will definitely be visiting again!

A nice short hike. Was perfect for a couple kids who prefer to be indoor cats and on a device. We went on a holiday and as expected it was very busy. We will return and do this again hopefully on less busy weekday.

1 month ago

Backpacked this a few days ago. Nice trail beautiful lake. Unfortunately, too many people. Not just too many....too many people who have zero understanding of how to behave in the wilderness. We found a spot well away from others until a group of 6 showed up and setup NEXT to us......ON the trail....where they also decided to build a fire pit. This is in addition to the kayakers who decided setting a downed tree on fire and leaving it on the beach was a good idea.

As for recent trail reports.....the ACTUAL trail leading to the lake is clear and well maintained. The downed trees do not start until after the lakeshore.

Overall, a great location. But people mess things up. Fortunately, a group of rangers showed up and handled things.

FYI - it’s exactly 1.4 miles from the parking lot to the lakeside campsite.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike--the lower falls requires a fair amount of scrambling to get close to the falls. We managed it with an adventurous 3 year old, but it was a bit tricky. The variation in landscape throughout the hike is really cool!

1 month ago

Warning: Stay on the trail. I was with a group determined to make it to a beachy spot and we left the trail to get there. Extremely steep parts, dead trees from a forest fire.. Lots of climbing over logs that collapse on you. Gorgeous views but not worth it to leave the trail.

1 month ago

Love this hike. sucks to see it got hit with fire. We tuffed it out and went over the burnt logs. and made it to the waterfall and climbed up. didn't make it to the top due to a ridge and a bunch of downed logs with the dogs in tow it was better safe then sorry.
we jumped in the lake before heading back. fun times.

Road still closed at over 4 miles before the trailhead as of 06/23/18. Signs posted say not even foot traffic permitted beyond the road closure due to rock slides and danger. $300 fine for attempting and surveillance on the area.

Love this trail! So easy, so relaxing.

1 month ago

A nice, short little hike! I went counter-clockwise and found that the trail to the left of the parking area is much less rocky. Heads up - the little bridge before the upper falls is missing a plank. Unfortunately, I didn't get the postcard perfect shot of the falls - I couldn't figure out where the scramble was! I'll have to try another time.

Absolutely amazing views at the top. Well worth the hike in.

Great Hike,, Beautiful trail only 2 Miles Round Trip...
126 hwy, and 242 is Going To take You To The Trail..

2 months ago

Warning: this trail is open but is washed out by burnt trees once you get to Linton Lake. We climbed over the trees but it was pretty scrabbly. Unfortunately we got there too late to climb all the way up the falls because the trail is ever more washed out on the huge incline at the end. It seems like a great hike once it get maintained but for right now I would set out early in the AM to get there with enough time.

the most amazing of amazings, in my opinion. it is nature at it's finest, and the people who keep it maintained do a fine job of keeping it natural. please don't bring glass up there. it really sucks to step on broken glass. and don't be afraid to speak out to the disrespectful patrons that come up there to party, and leave their trash everywhere. this is something that should be preserved for our little ones, and their little ones as well. karma works at an accelerated pace up at cougar. you don't want to test mother nature up there, because she doesn't have problems flattening your tires, (all of them) or handing you your own ass in any form that instantly gratifies her. its an old primative forrest. and it knows no boundries, especially where idiot humans are concerned. no joke. respect it

Three pools, medium to small in size, hot as can be and ultimately refreshing! I love coming here to meditate.

11/19/17. There's road construction on the South Fork McKenzie River bridge that has closed the road. Unless you want to drive all the way around the lake you will have to wait till the end of November, at least, before the road reopens.

8 months ago

Great hike! Like others said, it's pretty easy until you get close to the falls. I wanted the money shot, so it required some trekking across the river and some climbing onto some rocks, but nothing too scary. Once you get close to the falls, you can feel the mist from the water. Feels really good if you go up on a hot, summer day!

9 months ago

We just tried to do this hike today and both the French Pete Campground and trail are closed because of the fires this summer!!

10 months ago

Easy hike. Only suggestion I have is to pay attention to the signs.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Loved it!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Beautiful trail and waterfall. Get to walk through volcano rocks. Plenty of shade.

You have to go early or late because after noon, there is a lot of people. It was beautiful and the the water was nice.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Beautiful waterfall, easy and fun hike!

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