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16 hours ago

I loved it. Great for a long get day hike. I will be going back for sure, but want to bring overnight gear to explore even further.

A nice short hike. Was perfect for a couple kids who prefer to be indoor cats and on a device. We went on a holiday and as expected it was very busy. We will return and do this again hopefully on less busy weekday.

4 days ago

Went on this trail yesterday. Very little snow at this point put still lots of water for refills. I didn't feel that the bugs were terrible but bring bug spray anyways. Beautiful hike. Don't forget your permit, they were checking.

5 days ago

Don't forget the bug spray! Beautiful hike!

Did this last Saturday. Fantastic hike! I started at the Hand Lake trail at the Scott Lake campground and went counterclockwise. The summit had amazing views of the three sisters, Mount Washington, Mount Jefferson, and even Mount Hood was peeking over!

I did lose the trail in the snow a couple times on Scott Mountain just before the spur that brings you to the summit.

The only issue was the mosquitoes. Definitely pack some bug spray. I didn’t and they were *brutal*—so bad I decided to skip the spur to Benson Lake near the end of the hike. Guess I’ll have to come back!

What a wonderful hike. Elevation gain was easy so not sure this hard except for the length of hike. Mosquitoes were fierce! Be prepared!!!

Highway 242 is always closed in winter, so certainly this trail is only appropriate for June-October. Plenty of snow to cross in July. Many mosquitos. The views are magnificent without too much of a grunt or elevation gain. Would hike again. :)

10 days ago

Backpacked this a few days ago. Nice trail beautiful lake. Unfortunately, too many people. Not just too many....too many people who have zero understanding of how to behave in the wilderness. We found a spot well away from others until a group of 6 showed up and setup NEXT to us......ON the trail....where they also decided to build a fire pit. This is in addition to the kayakers who decided setting a downed tree on fire and leaving it on the beach was a good idea.

As for recent trail reports.....the ACTUAL trail leading to the lake is clear and well maintained. The downed trees do not start until after the lakeshore.

Overall, a great location. But people mess things up. Fortunately, a group of rangers showed up and handled things.

FYI - it’s exactly 1.4 miles from the parking lot to the lakeside campsite.

11 days ago

Beautiful hike--the lower falls requires a fair amount of scrambling to get close to the falls. We managed it with an adventurous 3 year old, but it was a bit tricky. The variation in landscape throughout the hike is really cool!

12 days ago

Warning: Stay on the trail. I was with a group determined to make it to a beachy spot and we left the trail to get there. Extremely steep parts, dead trees from a forest fire.. Lots of climbing over logs that collapse on you. Gorgeous views but not worth it to leave the trail.

This was a great hike! Not super challenging even though it’s rated as hard. Snow was manageable and easy to find the trail again because of footprints in it. First few miles are really boring though and there are already so many mosquitos so be ready for that. I’d definitely go again.

The rock slide in FR19 is still there and it doesn't sound like there is a plan for clearing it anytime soon, so find an alternative route.

also, the trail is closed from the south entrance near Frissell Crossing Campground, so try to enter from the north.

pretty hike, though

Just did this hike. I started at the Hand Lake Trailhead via Scott Lake. I went counter clockwise passing by Hand Lake first to give myself more shade and water for the second half. I ran into quite a bit of snow before reaching the junction to head up Scott Mountain, it was still manageable though. I had to bushwack my way up Scott Mountain due to a lot of snow on the north side. From Tenas Lakes back down the Benson Lake trail to Scott Lake, the trail is clear of snow. All in all it was a beautiful hike. The view from the top of Scott Mountain is spectacular. Mosquitoes were THICK! Bring spray.

This was a great hike! It is a steady climb, but nothing too difficult. We loved how remote and untouched the lake was. We got up there around 11am, had a picnic, swam, and relaxed. Definitely need bug spray though!!

19 days ago

Love this hike. sucks to see it got hit with fire. We tuffed it out and went over the burnt logs. and made it to the waterfall and climbed up. didn't make it to the top due to a ridge and a bunch of downed logs with the dogs in tow it was better safe then sorry.
we jumped in the lake before heading back. fun times.

21 days ago

Easily one of my favorite backpacking trips ever. Considerable snow on the ground, but nothing knee deep. At the very end of the first half of the trail, where it meets the PCT, there was a dangerous icy patch. If you plan on going that far to pitch your tent, would bring ice spikes to cross into that part. It freezes from slush to ice. Brought a friend who never backpacked before and she loved every second. Wouldn’t rate this as difficult. Rather...medium. The views are insane. You’ll have limited reception in some areas! Make sure you have a map. Some areas can get tricky, and you might find yourself on the PCT accidentally.

Road still closed at over 4 miles before the trailhead as of 06/23/18. Signs posted say not even foot traffic permitted beyond the road closure due to rock slides and danger. $300 fine for attempting and surveillance on the area.

22 days ago

Hiked the loop clockwise starting from the Green Lakes TH last week. The entire east side is snow-free from South Matthieu Lake until a good way up the climb to Green Lakes pass. The PCT is open again after the fires, but still under a lot of snow. We were only the second set of tracks, so if you hike it this early, bring a good GPS.

Beautiful, though!

Love this trail! So easy, so relaxing.

Lots of people at blue pool but it's gorgeous!

28 days ago

A nice, short little hike! I went counter-clockwise and found that the trail to the left of the parking area is much less rocky. Heads up - the little bridge before the upper falls is missing a plank. Unfortunately, I didn't get the postcard perfect shot of the falls - I couldn't figure out where the scramble was! I'll have to try another time.

This isn't a hike for those in search of amazing views along the trail. You will be in the forest for the duration of the hike until reaching the lakes. The lakes are awesome and well worth the hike. This hike does allow for the option of adding 2.6 miles to summit Scott Mountain. This will give you amazing views of the Cascades. I did this hike in mid June and didn't run into any other hikers. There is still a bit of snow, but its melting pretty quick.

Great trail! We did it on a Monday so there weren't any crowds, though after sitting at the Blue Pool for about 20min the crowds started coming from the opposite direction. Like one of the other reviews said, not a hard hike, but it is 12mi round trip so be ready for that.
We put our feet in the water at Clear Lake when we got back, had a beer and then hit the road. A great day!

Absolutely amazing views at the top. Well worth the hike in.

1 month ago

Did a quick overnight to Olallie Mountain. The road in is fine. I came in from 126 and took 19 down to the damn and crossed over, following 1993 all the way to the trailhead without any problem. The trail itself wasn't in too bad of shape for the early season. Some blow downs to traverse due to the fire here last year. The burn is patchy hear and there alternating with green. Views from the top were pretty spectacular as you can see the whole forest basin between Olallie and the three sisters. I'm sure this is why the lookout tower is here. There aren't many good flat spots on top to pitch a tent and the ground is really rocky making a free standing tent a better option. Quick hike with great views.

Great Hike,, Beautiful trail only 2 Miles Round Trip...
126 hwy, and 242 is Going To take You To The Trail..

1 month ago

Warning: this trail is open but is washed out by burnt trees once you get to Linton Lake. We climbed over the trees but it was pretty scrabbly. Unfortunately we got there too late to climb all the way up the falls because the trail is ever more washed out on the huge incline at the end. It seems like a great hike once it get maintained but for right now I would set out early in the AM to get there with enough time.

the most amazing of amazings, in my opinion. it is nature at it's finest, and the people who keep it maintained do a fine job of keeping it natural. please don't bring glass up there. it really sucks to step on broken glass. and don't be afraid to speak out to the disrespectful patrons that come up there to party, and leave their trash everywhere. this is something that should be preserved for our little ones, and their little ones as well. karma works at an accelerated pace up at cougar. you don't want to test mother nature up there, because she doesn't have problems flattening your tires, (all of them) or handing you your own ass in any form that instantly gratifies her. its an old primative forrest. and it knows no boundries, especially where idiot humans are concerned. no joke. respect it

Was an amazing hike. Waterfalls, clear lake, and blue pool all in a day! What more can you ask for. All in all not very hard, but pretty long. Would recommend.

3 months ago

Couldn't access the trailhead - Hwy 242 is closed about 6 miles up (from its beginning point off Hwy 126. Likely due to snow. This was 4-7-18.

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