Great simple hike , you have to climb some rocks if you want to go all the way down to the water

Today the gate was open so bikes weren’t needed for the last 2 miles to the trail head. Great hike, never saw another person.

The lake is cold if you wanna jump but so worth it!

Very pretty hike. Once you get to the pool, the trail is not great, though. Longer than we expected, but otherwise enjoyable. The pool is definitely worth it!

7 days ago

One of my favorite places to hike! Been twice and it never gets old. It follows the McKenzie River. The prize is definitely at the end!

8 days ago

This hike was super pretty and took us along the river. The greenery this time of year was so vibrant. Getting to the blue pools was an easy trek after crossing some mud. The water is breath taking. Definitely a lot of traffic over the weekend and by the time we left there were cars parked all the way to the highway.

Heavy traffic. A lot of bikers who were carrying their bikes due to terrain and a lot of people. We hiked it and the trail was in good condition, muddy, but good! Recommend!

Trail wasn't that great - very muddy and rocky in the 2nd half, also very crowded, but the pool itself was blue and clear!

5/16/20- Nice easy trail that was muddy with standing water in spots. Blue pool is gorgeous and some people took a quick dip while we were sitting up on the ledge resting. Trail was moderately busy. We got there at about 11am.

10 days ago

Is this waterfall trail open due to coronavirus? I want to go

Pretty easy hike that can be done with kids and older folks. The trail was a bit money but you can walk around it and almost every spot. Rough trail at certain parts but the elevation game is sold though. This trail can be very busy but the pay off is absolutely worth it bring some food and beverages to relax on the cliff above the water. Make sure to hike down around into the pool area

10 days ago

Beautiful trail! We didn’t make it to the falls. After you cross the creek the trail is difficult to find and follow. The water also looked a bit high, which could have been the problem.

Ok hike. Cool blue pool. Yay.

5/23/20: It was a beautiful day and a nice hike, but it was so crowded! We got there around 10am and there was a line of cars, but when we left a few hours later, it was down to the road. It was pretty for sure, but I didn’t see what everyone else sees I guess. Haha :) I’d definitely like to go back when it may not be as crowded though, it would probably be more enjoyable!

Incredibly crowded! I am glad we got there relatively early ~10:00 am. The trail itself was quite muddy and a bit rocky and rough on the feet in the 2nd mile. The pool was nice and blue, but it was far from the best hike I've ever done.

My dog and I hiked from Koosah Falls parking lot to just beyond Tamolitch Falls/Pool, so we did not do the few miles from the trailhead. When we stopped by it last week, it was pretty full with cars. The Garmin GPS had about 8 miles for this portion. but my book had it closer to 7.5. This was an easy trail. It doesn't have the downed trees on the path like Clear Lake loop and the waterfall loop. We saw a number of people at Tamolitch and a few on the trail itself. There are some muddy spots and puddles but they are avoidable. This does not have much elevation change and is a pretty easy trail. The rocks by the pool were somewhat slippery. There were a couple of people who hiked down to the pools and someone had gotten in it. Going this way, it is mostly shaded and you are among the trees. This morning (Friday) the only other person parked in the lot was a National Forest worker but by the afternoon most spots were taken. The weather was pretty cloudy and gray with some rain. When I was here last weekend, it was much busier with nicer weather.

Quite nice. I've traveled from Coos Bay twice for this lovely out and back trail.

washed out
16 days ago

22 days ago

This is an absolutely beautiful trail and pool! The trailhead is the first on the right and is marked as just Mackenzie river trail. You can see views of the blue pool from up top, or you can climb over the rocks and head down to the bottom. There were some people cliff diving here but the water was freezing cold. Overall a great, easy trail for the family!

24 days ago

The road leading to the trailhead was surprisingly overflowing with cars. The street had more cars on both sides for another mile down the road. Everyone and their mother crowded the trails. People going both directions of the loop. Off leash dogs rubbing up on everyone. They say this is a popular trail, but never thought it was as popular as I saw today. It's a beautiful fall, but I'll visit again when less people are at the falls.

Beautiful hike...high traffic

Most of this is an easy hike on an old forest road. Very easy walking, 0.5 miles from the end gets steeper. The last 0.2 is very steep at about 25% grade but still easy to hike. The last 0.1 is completely overgrown. I was planning on bushwhacking to the end but saw what looked like bear scat so decided I was close enough. Overall a nice hike but need a machete for the end!

25 days ago

Backpacked in to the creek crossing on 5/9/20, but were unable to cross due to high water flow. Even though we weren't able to to see the whole trail, the old growth in the first portion is well worth paying a visit!

The hike is worth the reward! It is so beautiful. It was a pretty easy hike with a lot of places to stop and look at the river. It is still open as of 5/8/2020.

The trail is in good condition. There were a couple of muddy spots but overall it was dried out after the rain earlier this week. There were quite a few cars but we didn't come across many people during the 1 hour hike in. Definitely came across more on the way out as it got later in the day.

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