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Blue River, Oregon Map
20 hours ago

wonderful trail, wish we budgeted more time to explore more at the top, it really is one of those hikes that starts off pretty mellow and then provides more and more amazing sights as you near the end

21 hours ago

The lake is now 1/3-1/4 of its maximum area. An interesting gradient: warm sun and fat dragonflies on the east beach vs. hoarfrost and ice in the Linton Creek mouth.

Went in middle October. The leaves were changing and just gorgeous.

2 days ago

The burn was impressive. The views were great. Hiked up to substitute point the trail was hard to find but a little bit of know how and tracking other people’s foot prints we were able to keep on the trail. It was a amazing view!

This is a beautiful hike! The trail was very well maintained and marked for the waterfalls. The trees are changing colors and the weather is perfect for a Fall hike!

9 days ago

Had the place to myself today! Got there early and it was raining but I loved it. Got slightly confused with parts of the trail but figured it out. One of my new favorite hikes! Good for all skill levels. There's two ways to go in. I went on the trail on the right. The foliage was beautiful.

Beautiful hike!!

Do NOT go past the second viewpoint. Do NOT go past the fallen trees on the trail. Yellow jacket nest on the trail before the slope down the canyon. My dog and I got swarmed and I'm lucky he's still alive. Had to carry him climbing up the hillside to get back to the road. DO NOT GO PAST THE FALLEN TREES.

Take the loop left (glacier trail first) for awesome views of he mountains. Otherwise you hike down with them at your back. Awesome trail not to steep but a steady hill up/down.

22 days ago

Absolutely beautiful. Did an overnight hike - went south on the PCT and camped at Eileen Lake. First day on the Obsidian Trail featured bright blue skies and gorgeous sun. The next day was classic NW fog, mist, and moody skies. It was like an entirely different trail. Both days were stunning. Pretty easy hike - no major climbs! Spooky burn areas - very surreal!

23 days ago

The falls were beautiful and enormous! Short, easy hike and I would 100% recommend the hike to anyone.

Beautiful short easy hike - the lower falls are gorgeous and since it’s end of September- can only imagine how full they are in the spring . The fall colors of the vine maple against the black lava/obsidian is breathtaking...Definitely coming back!

23 days ago

Pretty, easy hike but could not see the lake from the trail due to growth/trees blocking view.

Hiked early August just before the Terwilliger fire started. Loved this hike. Wanted to come back in the Fall, but with the fire, that's not going to happen. Will be interested in hearing if this trail burned. We had smoke from other fires when we hiked, so didn't have the best views, hence wanting to return in the fall.

Hike for any level hiker! Beautiful waterfall that you can hike right to the base of the fall for spectacular photos.

We were amazed by the clear blue waters of the river not to mention the beauty of Sahalie Falls. We absolutely loved it!! We definitely would hike it again next time we are in the area. :)

I’ve hiked to the falls 3 times now, never been disappointed. Go in early September for less snow, more wildlife/LESS MOSQUITOS!

easy and fun

Great short hike. Really easy. You start walking through the forest for a bit, then through some volcanic rock fields, then end up at lower proxy falls. Lower proxy is the larger of the two falls and the path off the main loop to its base can require some scrambling around fallen trees and rocks, but is nothing too challenging. Upper proxy is great as well, there was a giant pool of water at the bottom when we arrived, so in order to really see it clearly we had to climb up a path to the right when facing the falls. You could do this loop in 30-45 minutes straight, but you’ll probably want to stop and enjoy the waterfalls. We stayed on the loop for 1.5 hrs.

kicked my butt on a hardtail but awesome!

Trail done 9/2 with my two dogs; did the loop counter clockwise (benson trailhead at Scott lake to hand lake, Scott summit, back down to benson etc). I believe it’s more like 9.3-9.4 miles. Trail is nicely shaded, brushy in some places. Didn’t see anyone for the first two hours, surprising for a holiday weekend. Great views at the top, 3 sisters, Mt. Washington, Jefferson and Hood. Quite a bit of smoke in the Mckenzie valley from Terwillager Fire. About 3.5 hrs hiking time, not including a lunch break at the top and a swim break at Benson lake.

Great trail, very easy. Beautiful scenery.

1 month ago

One star for a craptastic map of a five star hike.

This map is garbage. Do not rely on the author's way points (there are none, btw). The Sisters Loop is approximately 55 miles if you include a summit of South Sister. If you inspect this map closely you will see that it completely abandons the trail on the east side of the loop and appears to walk along the ridge line from peak to peak.

1 month ago

Had a great trip 8/24/18! Backpacked 2.5 miles to Tenas Lake. Gorgeous sites. Then completed the loop and camped at Scott Lake. Amazing views. Hand lake was our intended night 2, but it was essentially dried up. Wide variety of features and great huckleberries.

Easy trail with stunning views once you reach the falls. We loved every inch of it.

I felt very lucky to have 99% of this trail to myself for most of the hike. If you arrive early you can avoid the loud mountain bike hubs on most of the trail. I'm happy to share the trail with everyone but the bikes ruin the tranquility of such a truly special place.

This hike was a treat for senses. The thunderous vibrations from the falls, oh my! One of my favourite things on earth is to hear the unique sound that each tree makes when the wind blows. I had plenty of trees and a nice amount of wind during the hike so you can only imagine my delight. I sat and enjoyed a private concert performed by a number of Gnatcatchers that one point seem to come from everywhere, the ground, the bushes, and the trees.

I found a happy place!

Did the loop on 8/18/18. This is a good loop trail. It really is not that hard, it's more just long than anything else. The view from the top is excellent. If you can go on a clear day you will be rewarded -- you can see the Sisters, Mt Washington, Broken Top, Three Fingered Jack, Mt Jefferson, Mt Hood....maybe more. It was a little hazy when we went but the views were still great. I'd do it again. Bring some water and some food. I think total it was about 9.6 mi and about 25k steps. Took about 4.5 hours.

We camped at ice cap campground, from there it was a short hike to koosha falls about ten mins, easy to moderate hike to Sahalie Falls about twenty- thirty minutes. The trail is well maintained and the views are picturesque, but only from a distance. It’s not designed to get you right up to the water, but if you’re semi skilled you can scramble down some slick side trails for a closer look. Just use your head. This water is cold. Not swimmable.
From there we decided to go to Blue Pool. We turned around and headed down and South along the river. It pops out at a reservoir. Beautiful blue, exposed and you can see the fish it’s so clear. The correct way is to bear right, go across the bridge along the gravel road you’ll pass a trailhead sign on the right, but keep going towards the bathrooms that’s where the trail picks backup and you head back into the woods. If you go left, you end up going around the whole lake and the only way to cross is a water crossing, freezing above knee fast moving water. Then bushwhacking for about ten minutes bearing slightly left, slightly up hill. You’ll hit the trail, but keep a close eye out for it. From there it is shady forest with a few quick views of the river. The trail is downhill mostly for about 2 1/2-3 hours with breaks and no rushing. You pass people but in general it’s quite and beautiful. Five wooden log bridges, single rail. Give space between people crossing you can feel the logs bounce with too many people. When you arrive at blue pool be prepared for people. Lots of people in swimsuits, not swimming. I felt bad for them because it looks so good, you want to, but you’re going to freeze your butt off. Every once in awhile you’ll hear or see a person get in and immediately start to suffer. This water is 37 degrees, it’s hypothermia heart stopping cold. Don’t be a fool. There are better places to swim. This is for looking. And there is no easy way down to the water.
Be advised the return trip is uphill somewhat and about 3 hours back. There are other ways to hike to blue pool that are much shorter, that’s why so many people.
So our total trip was about 8 miles with the side trips to the falls. I would have given it 5 stars, but the trail signage was extremely lacking. There were a lot of people who gave bad advice on which way to go. So trust the map you bring. Happy trails!

At the top, Obsidian Falls is worth the grueling hike. Good entry to 3 Sisters Wilderness for backpacking

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