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Blue River, Oregon Map

Nice hike! We only went to Benson lake but it was great. Beautiful lake and the North side wasn’t crowded at all. You can walk all the way on top of the bluffs on the North. It gives you a jaw dropping view of the peaks to the south. Also a Great Lake for swimming! Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists!

The lower falls is an excellent hike if you are looking for a fairly short and easy hike with high reward. Be sure to make your way to the base of the falls!

3 days ago

Have wasted my time for this trail today, hiked 6 of 11 mi. Overgrown, viewless, rare access to the creek and no swimmable pools where it is. The best portion is before the first bridge, it looks like most people turn back at this point.

Boyfriend, me and our dog did this trail June of 2017. Great trail, and our xl dog loved it. The lava rock was amazing! Taking the “off trail” trails to the bottom of the falls is worth it.

6 days ago

Loved every step! Oregon at it's best.

Mosquitoes still biting on 8/8 esp on Scott Mtn Trail. Smoky so views were not clear but would be terrific on a smoke free day. Maybe save for fall as second part of loop is partially exposed near lava flow and burn area.

on Linton Lake Trail

9 days ago

Beautiful trail, remote lake

on Obsidian Trail

10 days ago

The most beautiful hike I have been on in the States. Requires a reservation, which is a pain to get but worth the trouble. I’ve done this twice, both times in August. There is nothing on earth like the obsidian fields, they glow in the sunlight, absolutely worth the trip. Plus Middle Sister looms directly overhead after you punch up out of the forest. This is full of cliffs, peaks, dells, forests, lava rocks and obsidian glass. Stunning, do not pass up the opportunity.

There is a pretty nice little stream right before the loop at the end. Easy refill if you have a means for purification.

Bugs were not an issue, and I hit no snow.

It’s pretty remote as the permit only allows 30 people a day (70 campers I believe). Rangers do check for permits. In 4 hours I saw 2 hikers, and one ranger, otherwise I had the trail to myself.

This is labeled moderate but if you are not pushing the pace I’d say it’s easy for an adult. I jogged it when I was 18, I did it in 4 hours last week at 40.

Other than a little rocky patch in the beginning the rest was very easy!
Beautiful!! I have MS and my balance can be off often but just using a walking stick made this trail SUPER easy!

16 days ago

Now this is what a get away should be all about. We hiked in and did an overnighter in our hammocks. Plenty of camp spots up around from Obsidian Falls. Spring water out of the shale rock was awesome. Crystal clear. We had our own little private lake for a dip at Arrow head lakes. Too much to see for a day hike. I recommend an overnighter to soak it all in. Sunrise and Sunset were picture perfect.

I would not rate this hike as moderate - it is definitely difficult!!! The climb up Olallie Ridge from the Castle Rock trailhead on the west end of the ridge is a particularly tough 3,000 ft slog. But once you're on top, its fairly level with some nice views of Sawtooth Ridge just to the South. If you scramble up MacDuff Mountain, there is a nice view of the McKenzie River Valley as well as a plaque that was hauled up and installed by an early hiking club. When I did this in 2015, USFS crews were improving this into a Mtn Bike trail so it should be in fairly good shape. My understanding is that bikers ride it East to West to avoid the bad climb.

Not a lot of views, but this trails offers a second option for getting into Tenas Lake and Scott Mountain. The day I did this hike (2017), there was a horse club coming down in a an attempt to add a little definition to the trail and it seemed to be working. Overall though, the trails on the backside (north) of Scott Mountain get very little use and are not in the best of shape - especially the Hand Lake Trail #3513 (Fire Damage) - and are almost impossible follow.

18 days ago

Came into Tenas from the west on Trail 3502 (upper left hand corner of the map). Its a very little used trail and is part of the Robinson Lake loop on the backside (North) of the Scott Mountain. It's not as well maintained as the trail from Scott Lake, but its another option for those looking for more obscure trails in the area. To reach the trailhead (Tenas) you drive about 6 miles on USFS roads from HWY 126 so make sure you have map.

18 days ago

Have done the first 13 miles or so to Olallie Mtn. Overall, it's more of a trail to get somewhere else (Horsepasture Mtn, Olallie Mtn, Mink Lakes Area). After the initial 3 mile climb, it is pretty forested and you don't get a lot views. Also tried to find "The Potholes" (around Mile 10) that is listed the trail maps, but the side trail is not maintained and could only find a meadow.

18 days ago

Good trail to get out to the PCT from the McKenzie Bridge area. As a day hike, I highly recommend taking this trail to Substitute Point - about 5 miles each way with spectacular 360 Degree views of the entire area at the top. There was fire damage in 2017, but Forest Service was working to clear the trail June of 2018. Would check on progress just to be safe.

Happy to park a car at both ends without a permit. Not too many hikers between the falls and Blue Pool. Not many bikers either. Love the log bridges along the way. Hiked it again this year. A real treat!

I am just starting to get into hiking by myself and it was the perfect length and such beautiful falls!

This trail is easy and quite enjoyable.
Hiked the Clear Lake trail with Sunflower and had a wonderful time. Mountain bikers were very courteous to us hikers. Clear Lake was gorgeous.

24 days ago

Great hike. Steady incline. The lakes are nice to swim in. Get there early to find a good camp. We got there around 11am on a Saturday and was able to find a great spot on the right. Steady backpackers all day and sites started filling up. The lake is busy during the weekend.


Good morning hike 20 minutes In and 20 minutes out. More traffic than usual, but not crowded at all. Great test hike.

Super fun and easy trail with a great rewarding view! My personal favorite part of this hike was walking through the lava rock and walking up to the Lower Falls. I wouldn't recommend this hike for smaller children only because in the beginning of the trail there are a lot of rocks and a major tripping hazard for the little ones. Beautiful hike all around and one I will definitely be visiting again!

29 days ago

7/14/18 Started before 8a with a mosquito storm the whole way to the peak and the worst at the end. A great hike normally.

1 month ago

I loved it. Great for a long get day hike. I will be going back for sure, but want to bring overnight gear to explore even further.

A nice short hike. Was perfect for a couple kids who prefer to be indoor cats and on a device. We went on a holiday and as expected it was very busy. We will return and do this again hopefully on less busy weekday.

1 month ago

Went on this trail yesterday. Very little snow at this point put still lots of water for refills. I didn't feel that the bugs were terrible but bring bug spray anyways. Beautiful hike. Don't forget your permit, they were checking.

1 month ago

Don't forget the bug spray! Beautiful hike!

Did this last Saturday. Fantastic hike! I started at the Hand Lake trail at the Scott Lake campground and went counterclockwise. The summit had amazing views of the three sisters, Mount Washington, Mount Jefferson, and even Mount Hood was peeking over!

I did lose the trail in the snow a couple times on Scott Mountain just before the spur that brings you to the summit.

The only issue was the mosquitoes. Definitely pack some bug spray. I didn’t and they were *brutal*—so bad I decided to skip the spur to Benson Lake near the end of the hike. Guess I’ll have to come back!

What a wonderful hike. Elevation gain was easy so not sure this hard except for the length of hike. Mosquitoes were fierce! Be prepared!!!

Highway 242 is always closed in winter, so certainly this trail is only appropriate for June-October. Plenty of snow to cross in July. Many mosquitos. The views are magnificent without too much of a grunt or elevation gain. Would hike again. :)

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