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This is the place to be for star gazing. Far away from town so no city light interference. A great place to setup for a night of astrophotography. There is a short trail with informational signs.

Here is a video showing some night time views from Dee Wright:

I choose this hike based on the Backpacking Merit Badge requirements for BSA. The scouts had to do 15 miles over 3 days and 2 nights. Some are not experienced hikers, so this felt like a good hike that could be accomplished with 8 miles one day and 8 the next.
The hike was pretty easy and the trail is pretty well maintained. That said, a large portion of the hike is burnt out. What's more, there the map on AllTrails isn't really accurate. There is no trail leading up to George Lake. You'll make it to the vicinity but the end of the hike was somewhat anticlimactic for the boys. We just had to turn around and head back.
However, there were some nice views and lots or wildlife in the area. The boys all got their signoffs and it was overall very successful.
If it weren't for these backpacking requirements, there are a lot of other nicer hikes to do in the area with less burn out. Just depends on what your goals are.

Crazy 360 views of distant mountains, lava rocks, and forest. Observatory made of lava rock and the trails are short and easy walk.

This is an outstanding hike! I could easily have made it 5 stars...

We did it yesterday (Sunday, July 1st) from the Scott TH, going clockwise. Other slight variation was going to the top of the small cone a few miles in (there's a sign stating the side trail isn't maintained). I would strongly encourage others to do the same. It's a very short diversion to get great 360° views of the Sisters to Jefferson.

The PCT section is stunning, with some excellent camping areas sprinkled in.

We had quite a few patches of snow to cross, but nothing epic.

Flowers were good, but I'm guessing will be getting better consistently over the next few weeks.

Mosquitoes were nasty near the TH, but otherwise pretty tame.

All in all, a beautiful hike, one I'll do again.

I enjoyed the observatory and learned a lot.
I would remove this detail "features beautiful wild flowers" from the description. There are no flowers, lava only.

Tried to get to this trail last weekend and the road is blocked.

Had a great time with my family here juat beforw the fire closed 242

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Stunning views. Interesting to read the history along the short trail.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Great, unique views. Really short stroll.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Awesome views. The views got even better when we headed over to belknap.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

I chose a 14+ miles route starting with Scott Trail, then turning South on the PCT and then returning on the Glacial Way + Obsidian trails. The starting point was the Frog Camp Parking area just off OR 242.

The Scott Trail section gains about 1500 ft in 4.5 miles which makes for a nice warm-up. The first 3 miles are through fairly dense forest with the occasional meadows and leads to the crossing of the first lava flow. The lava flow is rather wide but the trail, although it cuts through the lava in a few points, mostly follows the lava wall using ‘untouched islands’ of vegetation. At about 4.5 miles, the trail exits the flow just South of Four-in-One cone. This is also where the view open all around and the trail levels off a bit. For another mile, the trail slowing ascends North-East until it t-bones into the PCT at the edge of a large meadow. A good spot for a quick rest or snack, looking at North Sister.

The first 1.5 miles on the PCT lead to the highest point on the route, just at the base of Collier Cone (also the halfway point of the route a 7+ miles). Initially, the trail is what you would expect from the PCT: nicely cut and maintained trail, reasonable grades. Eventually, though, it has to cut through the lava flow again and that makes for the typical ankle-busting proposal as it goes on for a little while, including a pretty impressive series of short switchbacks cut into a steep lava wall.

The following section on the PCT (about 2.5 miles) starts by following the west side of the lava flow before veering South-West, offering a few good resting/snacking sites and a more shaded path. This section ends at the crossing of Glacier Creek which provides a good source for replenishing your water supply if you have the right equipment. The junction with the Glacier Way trail is just a few hundred feet past the creek crossing.

The Glacier Way trail descends steadily for about 1 mile, hugging the West side of the creek for a while before rejoining the Obsidian trail at the foot of the last lava flow of the day. After crossing that lava flow (.5 mile), the Obsidian trail slowly descends back to Frog Camp for the last 3 miles, offering the welcome shade of a constant canopy.

Don’t forget to get a permit for entering the restricted access Obsidian Area.

Excellent stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail. We hiked from Timberline Lodge to Paradise Park Loop (9miles round trip). We hung out double hammock and took a nap. Capped the day with an amazing Pizza in the Blue Ox bar inside Timberline Lodge. A fair amount of snow on the trail July 3rd 2016. Easy to navigate.

We hiked into George Lake from the Big Lake Trailhead. I have camped at Washington Ponds a number of times and always wanted to visit George Lake. The hike on the PCT is interesting since you walk through a variety of burned areas. The segment from the PCT to George Lake was very challenging. We used a GPS with coordinates we got from LatLong.net which helped. We headed in a bit too far west and came up high on the ridge. We hiked back out from farther east lower on the ridge that separates the lake from the PCT. Never found any trails in the area. Considerable burn and blow down damage in the area. We did find the lake very nice with several good campsites on the west side of the lake.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

This was a burning hike, due to the reflection of the summer sun on the lava rock. It was a virtual sana with very little shade as the rocks retained the heat. Bring plenty of water and plenty of space on your camera because while you swelter, you will fall in love with the amazing views of the 3 Sisiters in the distance. I really enjoyed areas of life, or small islands of trees on the lava field. I am always so impressed with lava flows... This area was beautiful seeing how the flows took over parts of a forest yet spared others...

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