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Bend, Oregon Map

This was an amazing hike! So many different waterfalls to look at. The only reason I docked it a star is because DOGS cannot complete this loop. You can go three miles to the turn off but dogs are not welcome in the Bend Watershed Area. Your options are to turn back and do it as an out or back, or take a right at the turn off, and continue to the valley. If you choose that route you can complete the loop but it adds 5.6 miles to your hike. It’s also on a ridge line so make sure you have water for you AND YOUR PUP!! enjoy! Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists!

Tough footing, definitely recommend poles. Took me 3.5 hrs to summit and am pretty avid hiker. Breathtaking views of the other Sisters at summit along with about a dozen glacial lakes. Highly recommend this one!

1 day ago

With much anticipation we rose from our tent in Devils Campground to beautiful blue skies. This hike had been on our itinerary since spring so we had done a lot of research. Loaded with water, snacks, and extra layers we headed of on the 6 1/4 mile trail up. The first 2 miles gets your blood flowing as you moderately ascend through the woods. Couple miles in it flattens out into more of of high desert meadow scene which begins the parade of stunning views. At this point you don't know what the reviews of this being so hard are about. Around mile 4 you begin to realize whats in store as you can see the trail to the false summit steepens considerably. This particular day is also where the winds picked up and by the time we were up to the false summit it felt like we were in gale force winds. Taking shelter at the lake at the false summit we regained some warmth and adjusted to the elevation. The final leg of the journey up gets into some very loose footing and is quite cumbersome. Once at the top enjoy the views and sense of accomplishment. Though the trek down is almost as hard. Like most here recommend take hiking poles to help your footing. We were so thankful we did. Being that it was so cold we only drank half the water we took but could see on a hot day how you would need a lot. Overall we are glad we did this hike and will do it again. Albeit somewhat more prepared for the wind, cold and elevation. Take it slow and steady and you will get there too!

I had been thinking about this hike for around a year and was FINALLY able to do it (July 29th)! Camped at Devil’s Lake (USFS pass required to park- sold on site), left next morning around 8am. Really cold in the morning, wore two jackets and pants, but soon got too hot that I actually had to ditch one of my jackets in a bush and grab it later lol. Finished at false summit and refilled water bottles. Amazing views, ABSOLUTELY stunning. It can take a pretty big toll on you physically and mentally if you’re not well prepared. Next time I will definitely plan clothes-wise better (SHORTS, TALL SOCKS) and bring trekking poles, as well as a larger water bottle instead of bunches of plastic bottles. Oh, and sunscreen and bug repellent... I got severely burnt and legs DESTROYED in bug bites and forgot my sunscreen in the car!! Absolutely recommend if you’re prepared for it! I can’t wait to do it again, but better prepared next time!

A lot of bang for your buck. Short, easy, with fantastic waterfalls. You can see three different falls by going roughly 1.5 miles past the main Tumalo viewpoint. Be sure to follow the mini trail to the bottom of Tumalo Falls as well.

Nice easy trail. Beautiful views.

3 days ago

Amazing views, but definitely physically and mentally testing! I hiked this last week and brought 3 L of water, but was wishing that I had brought more by the end. Hiking poles were very helpful especially on the fairly steep descent. I would highly recommend bringing those as well as some decent hiking shoes. I consider myself to be in decent shape and hike quite frequently, so this trail was a good workout and I would definitely do it again. If you’re going just make sure to be well prepared with equipment, food, and water and make sure to pace yourself. Highly recommend this hike!!

Nice ride, on way back from Phils trail via KGB an Mervins Garden gives youe great views

Great hike on family vacation. Amazing views
Great workout

Worth the walk!

The trail is short and fairly easy, but the views at sunset were unbelievable! 5 stars for the sunset views! It’s also important to note that gps will take you to the road and not the trailhead. We ended up at the top in our car and had some time before sunset so we just hiked down and back up.

I mean for a city trail, it’s amazing, clean, hills, good scenery.

Unique! Bring a very bright light, a tissue or two and wear a warm coat. Cave ventures back about a mile and a sign notifies you when to stop. Be aware not to wear any other clothes that you've worn in other caves. Definitely worth seeing!

Great place to walk and talk.

Beautiful waterfalls!!

8 days ago

We backpacked this 3 years ago in August & it was amazing. About 1.5 miles from the base is Lake Morraine (sp?) - campsites are up the hill to the right from the lake. We used a bear bag and I’m glad we did, we definitely heard critters at night and our dog barked a few times due to hearing something.

The hike to the top itself is challenging but doable (we did it in sneakers, although wouldn’t recommend this). About a mile from the top there’s a false peak where you can jump into a glacier to cool off before doing the hardest part of the hike. Pretty much every step you take on the last mile your feet slide back due to the lava rocks & pebbles so I recommend wearing appropriate footwear that helps with stability & covers the ankles so you don’t end up with tons of rocks in your shoes (speaking from experience). If you’re taking your pup, make sure he/she has shoes too, the rocks would shred their paws without them.

The views from the top are breathtaking on a clear day. You can literally see all the way to Mt. Hood. Highly recommend.

Also, on the way down, be careful on the rocks past the false peak - very easy to slip & fall without proper stability.

Great hike but hit it early to avoid congestion.

on South Sister Trail

9 days ago

If you're looking for an inexperienced hiker review, this is definitely the one! I'm 15 years old and consider to be in pretty good shape. I have never really hiked something so big like this before! Bring a good pair of hiking shoes, plenty of water, and energy bars! We did not bring poles and that was a huge mistake! We started at 6:00 am and the bugs were terrible (bring bug spray!!!). The hike to the false summit was not that bad, but the mile to the summit was crazy and super rocky and took an hour and a half. We reached the summit around 10:00 am (4 hrs). The views were definitely worth it! Spent around 15 min up there and made the way down. It was super slippery and rocky and definitely change your socks before going down! We made it back to the parking lot around 1:30 pm (around 2 hrs) and the entire trip took us roughly 6 hrs. It's not technical, but it's very demanding!

12 days ago

South Sister does not disappoint! A good pair of hiking boots, 3 liters of water, and some fuel and you’re ready. I suggest a 5 or 6 am start to avoid the crowds, bugs, and overheating.

Stella, the golden retriever enjoyed teardrop pool at the false summit. Taking a swim in the glacial water. Also a great spot to get more water if needed.

The view from the summit is absolutely incredible! I came prepared with a beanie and windbreaker as you get a slight chill once you stop moving to taken in the view.

Gods Speed ~ Never Stop Exploring

12 days ago

The views at the top and tear drop lake made this hike totally worth how steep it is.
I suggest sunblock, mosquito repellent and trekk poles. Watch your footing on the way down, as I fell a few times. I started the trip around 10:50am and arrived back to the trail head at 5:54pm. I saw so many people hiking up and down. The trail is safe and I did happen upon a rattlesnake, but it you give them space they will give you space too. Make sure to bring plenty of water, you will need it. I recommend extremely supportive hiking boots, due to the climb. Definitely for experienced hikers. This is a must do hike in Oregon.

13 days ago

South Sister was a beautiful journey in every section of the hike. For many, this will be a very tough hike, and possibly the toughest hike to date. I highly recommend a good amount of training on steeper trails ahead of time to get the most enjoyment out of hiking this great mountain.

The trail begins in a wooded area just off the road. We filled out our group card and started out with the initial gains to get through the wooded section. The trail levels off for a short time and South Sister comes into view. However, once you get closer to the mountain, and enter the steeper rocky section, you'll lose sight of the true summit. This change in perspective, and the need to watch one's steps, leads some to believe that the false summit is the end. I heard a few hikers mention that they thought they were almost to the top.

Once at the false summit, the true summit of South Sister becomes visible again. This mountain only became more beautiful as I got closer. You will also see the beginning of the red section of scree that many hikers struggle with. I took the scree section slowly and didn't have too much trouble. However, it is quite tiring because my steps slipped a bit. It was much like stepping on the occasional baseball or golf balls. It was pretty loose going down, so sliding was preferable. The trekking poles were a great help both ways.

The summit is worth the journey. I crossed the snow at the top to view north and middle sister. This was the spot I was waiting to see. It was surreal to see the primal land from that high vantage point. It was nice and cool but quite windy. Fortunately I took a light warm layer.

The trip down is much faster. I took three liters of water and ran out going down. Next time I will keep some water in the car and take extra on the way up. I recommend some insect repellent for the mosquitoes in the forest. They were much worse later in the day.

Difficult, but hardest hike you’ll ever do? No. If you are in good shape, you’ll be fine. Just take it slow. I also highly recommend taking it early in the morning (4-6am start) as you will avoid the heat, the crowds, and drink less water, which you should carry at least 2-3 liters of.

And wow. The views! What makes the relentless elevation gain worth it is that once you are on the mountain, turning around is an absolute pleasure.

Not sure where this falso summit people are talking about is. You can see the summit on the approach, so you kind of know how big it is right off the bat.

mountain biking
14 days ago

This loop is pretty fun & very dusty. Be ready to hose your bike off when you're done for sure. There is 2 parts to this loop, the 1st is Kent's Trail, a 2 way trail up that gets you Phil's Trail, which is a 1 way back down to the parking lot. Not to tough, but still challenging & fast with a lot of options for different riding paths. Very fun.

My family and I hiked this trail Friday July 27th. The hike up was stunning with all the waterfalls. When we got to the junction to head back the map didn’t show how to cross the creek. My wife and oldest daughter forged the creek while my youngest and I went up stream and crossed on some downed trees staying dry. I would agree with another reviewer that an in and out hike is better than the loop. The second half is less scenic, more narrow and sunny. Over all I highly recommend the hike!

16 days ago

This hike mostly sucks. Don’t ignore the other reviewers stating this is the hardest hike they’ve ever done. The definition of “asskicker”

To put this into perspective, the Bright Angel Trail climbs 4380 feet out of the Grand Canyon in 8 miles. South Sister takes you 4940 feet up in 6. This hike is approximately 300 ft shy of a vertical mile.

Ladies might want to consider wearing something longer than gym shorts... By the time you get back down to the desert flats it will be hot af and chaffing happens. Drinking lots of water helps prevent this. And bring more water than you think you need. SO and I both brought 3 liters and were almost out before we reached the flats.

I would also highly recommend a dip in Devil’s Lake when you get back.

Have fun ya’ll!

The falls is great. I actually enjoyed the 2nd falls better if you take the hike past Tumalo Falls.

18 days ago

Really nice hike with tons of waterfalls to be seen. The map here is extremely accurate and really helped to have it downloaded. Several waterfalls are accessible but the water is super chilly. The 1st half to the Bridge Creek crossing ( ford the creek) is well shaded. The 2nd half is mostly in open pine, sun exposed and lacks a bit of scenery. Great trail but I might suggest doing and out and back from the fall to Bridge Creek crossing.

18 days ago

Always so quiet and love having the dogs off leash with me! You can see so far also- awesome views

19 days ago

This was by far the most difficult and beautiful hike I’ve ever done. I am fairly inexperienced with hiking but I am fit so I struggled somewhat, esp with steep top. But it was totally worth it to slowly trek to the top! Def being trekking poles and lots of water / filter. I ran out at the top )halfway through!)

Trail is not marked. The trail splits and takes you through a burn. Super sandy. Did not find lake.

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