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No good trail markings, typical Oregon. ended up on the skyliner trail which was an awesome 6.5 mile run. Head back tomorrow with a map and run the falls loop

We did the 8 mile loop that showcased about 8 different waterfalls and a generally amazing trail. This hike is as hard as you want to make depending on how fast you go and if you do the loop. The walk back on the loop is not nearly as nice so if you walked to the 1/2 way point and turned around I wouldn’t blame you.

I snowshoed this trail in march and it was so fun! Flat, and accessible. Some were mountain biking it.

16 days ago

Nothing spectacular, way too many tourists and cars. Super easy hike. Probably won't ever bother going back. Do it to cross it off your bucket list, but really it's nothing great.

Great hike, really not hard tho. Took us 2hrs 30mins up, the first 5.5 miles are very easy and almost flat, from there on you hike up the ridge towards the lake, still very doable. The lake is gorgeous, just don't drink/swim, there is 5 elk carcasses in the water and 8 more on the ice.

29 days ago

Beautiful, lightly trafficked trail that was perfect for a fall day. Mostly sand trail that travels through a canyon that narrows the further you go in. Due to time restraints, I was not able to go all the way in and back, but enjoyed every minute of the part I hiked. Lots of old juniper, large rocks and brush.
If ever I am in the area again, I will definitely hike this trail again.

It's the closest trail to my house, so it's my go-to whenever I need my "nature fix".

absolutely beautiful and full of different types of scenery. there was limited visibility at the top when we went, which added to the feeling of being in another world.

Wonderful trail! 7miles out and back. Pretty easy hike, mostly flat the entire time. Dogs loved it as well! You follow the river for majority of the hike with beautiful views of the river and mountains. People also mountain bike on this trail. You can also just drive to the falls by following the road to the every end. (Lost of cars parked there) The falls were amazing!! Breath taking!! You can get very close to them and potentially even underneath them, but we did not try. We did the hike the first week of October:) highly recommend!

Beautiful waterfalls and an easy hike to see all of them. This one I ranked lower only because it gets pretty congested with many other hikers and dodging the bikes get challenging. Road to trailhead is gravel but no problems navigating around the occasional pothole. Parking is a problem if you don’t get there early.

1 month ago

great easy walking path, really fun if you want to enjoy the fall colors. however, reiterating what others have said - this trail does NOT take you to the Tumalo Falls.

This trail is basically a walk through Shevlin Park. Still very nice!

trail running
1 month ago

Great trail for walking, running, biking, picnicking. Mostly nestled along the water, and surrounded by trees. Tons of butterflies and little critters, and not as many people as I was expecting to see.

My only disappointment is that hike does NOT, I repeat, does NOT lead to a waterfall. After asking a few people I came across, it sounds like the waterfall is a few miles past the end of the trail. Still a great experience though!

Favorite hike so far! Did the longer route since I don’t have a high clearance car. Totally worth it! Would do it again in a heartbeat, I suggest camping so you can watch the sunrise !

Great hike. Well worth the time.

we did the 15 Mile out and back hike and considered it very easy but well worth the trip.

Great scenery, hike isn't as hard as in description. One of my favorites. Road to upper trailhead is very narrow and Rocky.

Nice! Great little fall hike.

Loved it. Easy, safe to do on my own. Love the water but hold on to your pets and kids as there are sheer 200 fr drops at the view areas for upper Falls.

Definitely need a high clearance vehicle for the upper trailhead. If you can make it past the first half mile you’ll be fine. All the elk are still at the top but they look like rocks from a distance until you get close. Awesome hike.

Absolutely breathtaking hike with a HUGE payoff.
Unfortunately I lost a wedding band somewhere on the hike between the lake and the parking lot on September 11th. It would have been in a red silk zipper bag. Please please please let there be a good person in the world!

Great family hike. Be sure to wear clothes for a dank/dark 42-degree trek. Also bring lanterns or headlamps for everyone. The start of the path is paved but then gets a bit rocky so you need to see where you are going! Went with 4-year-old and 2-month-old (in a carrier on my chest).

on Deschutes Loop

2 months ago

easy with our 4 doxies hiking with us!

on Deschutes Loop

2 months ago

have taken different trails here. we've taken Cougar Trail and it's a fav

I take issue with the AllTrails description saying that it is near the Klamath River, it is not. The closest river would be the Deschutes.

If you leave from the Broken Top TH (not Todd Lake) you’ll want a high clearance vehicle that you don’t mind beating up.

That said, Broken Top, the Bend Glacier and the amazing lake is by far the most rewarding hike in Central Oregon.

we loves this hike and constantly said wow for all the views.

a little steep but completely doable and only 1/4 of a mile.

I agree with the other reviewers. Wear sturdy shoes and bring your own flashlights. The cave trail is a mile in and a mile out. The terrain is rocky and uneven and, obviously, dark.

Peaceful early in the mornings.

Great hike as always! Definitely don’t recommend letting dogs drink from the stream that comes down from the no name lake, as there’s one of the dead elk right at the top; which you can smell hiking up the stream.

Amazing trail with eye pleasing views.

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