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My wife and I left from Devils Lake at 7:30am. The temperature was cold, which made hiking easier. The last 1/2 mike had snow which had turned to ice overnight. We had Yac Tracks, but it was still sketchy. It was really windy through that section and some people were turning around. We kept going and the views did not disappoint. A difficult yet amazing hike.

this hike is amazing... I did a sunrise hike. started at 3 am and the sky was clear and the stars were brilliant. still needed a headlamp since there was no moonlight. There was a lot of ice right at the start of the screet, is what I think people were calling it. This was my first time hiking it and I did it solo so. I went up the climbers side on accident and summited on the east side if Teardrop pool so I missed the part to turn off to the west side. Still had spectacular views. I was scared AF because I didn't have ice gear. but was able to fit my feet into prior hikers grooves. I did have winter boots with extra grip but it was still very sketchy. maybe in the afternoon is would have melted a bit but just a heads up! Enjoy!

Beautiful sunset views!

absolutely beautiful and full of different types of scenery. there was limited visibility at the top when we went, which added to the feeling of being in another world.

10 days ago

Camped at Devils Lake, freaking awesome! Did a sunrise hike end of September. 1230AM Got to the summit before 6 and it was spectacular. It was a beautiful night with plenty of stars. Didn’t really even need a headlamp, moon lit most of the way. A lil cool but everything was just perfect. Saw a deer at night. I would definitely do it again, maybe for a sunset next time. Love the Sisters!!

This is a demanding trail at the top, pace yourself. the glacier water at the top is worth the hike buy itself, Lol. Absolutely stunning view from the top summit! We started around 10:00, maybe a bit too late.We did the last hour back in the dark, thankfully we had lights. Great hike!!

13 days ago

Great hike. Camp at Moraine Lake the night before. This will get you up a good chunk of the hike and you get a great sunrise view over Broken Top. Path is easy to follow. Wear PANTS keeps out small rocks and dust from your shoes. Stop at the glacier pond a refill your water. And enjoy the top.

15 days ago

great easy walking path, really fun if you want to enjoy the fall colors. however, reiterating what others have said - this trail does NOT take you to the Tumalo Falls.

This trail is basically a walk through Shevlin Park. Still very nice!

15 days ago

Hiked the South Sister climber trail for the first time today, took a little over 9 hours with about 30-45mins on top. Honestly it was pretty tough for me haha! I have not hiked or rucked for about 2 years so I can’t be super surprised about that! The higher you go the worse it gets( shocker right) I was sucking wind near the top! Views unfortunately were very obscured by haze/clouds. But I had a great time, the trail was easy to spot and follow. There was also a lot of friendly people, who were supportive along the way! I was going solo so that’s good!!! Would do it again!

15 days ago

I summited this for my birthday and it was definitely the hardest but incredible thing I’ve ever done. We started at 12am to make it up for sunrise and it was incredible. Took us 10 hours total, but we were on the summit for an hour ish. Very cold so make sure you have layers for the top. The elevation didn’t really affect me until 10,000+. I also took chlorophyll pills a few days before and twice while hiking.

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15 days ago

Great trail for walking, running, biking, picnicking. Mostly nestled along the water, and surrounded by trees. Tons of butterflies and little critters, and not as many people as I was expecting to see.

My only disappointment is that hike does NOT, I repeat, does NOT lead to a waterfall. After asking a few people I came across, it sounds like the waterfall is a few miles past the end of the trail. Still a great experience though!

Favorite hike so far! Did the longer route since I don’t have a high clearance car. Totally worth it! Would do it again in a heartbeat, I suggest camping so you can watch the sunrise !

16 days ago

This trail is hard. Bring water and food with you. We saw people without either. It is beautiful and worth the effort.

16 days ago

Started at 6am finished at 2:30pm with an hour on the top. It was a great but physically and mentally demanding hike! Although I am in pretty good hiking shape, I’m a little overweight and it took me 4.5 hrs to summit.
The hike through the forest and the plateau in the middle seemed pretty mellow to me, but starting the steep shale uphill is where you just need to keep your spirits high and go steady. I went at a slow pace throughout this part by taking small steps and taking a couple seconds of rest every ~20 steps. It was more of a mental challenge. I highly recommend going early in the day, as it was hotter when I came down!
View was smokey to the south, but northwards was good and could see all the way to Mt. Adams in WA! Definitely worth it. Bring sun protection, layers (colder/windy at top), food, and at least 3L of water.
Trailhead from Devils Lake Canpground indicates hike will be 12.5 miles long - my phone said 15 miles at the end of the day. Maybe it’s somewhere in between...

Great hike. Well worth the time.

It is a great place to walk with the water along the trails,and also to enjoy that cover bridge . Please go before bridge is taken down.

19 days ago

This hike was A LOT harder than I had initially planned and it is a lot longer than the trail signs lead on. I wore my FitBit while hiking and it tracked upwards of 19 miles by the time we got back to our car.
This hike was absolutely gorgeous, however. I wore plenty of layers. My recommendation is to pack layers, food, but pack light. You’re gonna hate your backpack by the end of it, haha.

we did the 15 Mile out and back hike and considered it very easy but well worth the trip.

Great scenery, hike isn't as hard as in description. One of my favorites. Road to upper trailhead is very narrow and Rocky.

21 days ago

Started at the trailhead at 6 am on a cold clear morning.
First 30 minutes in the dark. Broke out of the tree line around 7am to see the sun about to peek over near Broken Top to the East.
Beautiful views, and a tiring last section before the false summit- I’d recommend fueling up by the lake below Lewis Glacier.
Lucky enough to have the summit to myself for about 20 minutes before I headed back down.
Views clear to Mt. Adams.
Absolutely brilliant day!

Loved it. Easy, safe to do on my own. Love the water but hold on to your pets and kids as there are sheer 200 fr drops at the view areas for upper Falls.

Definitely need a high clearance vehicle for the upper trailhead. If you can make it past the first half mile you’ll be fine. All the elk are still at the top but they look like rocks from a distance until you get close. Awesome hike.

love love love. Summit 2 times in a three week period. love this place

Absolutely breathtaking hike with a HUGE payoff.
Unfortunately I lost a wedding band somewhere on the hike between the lake and the parking lot on September 11th. It would have been in a red silk zipper bag. Please please please let there be a good person in the world!

28 days ago

This hike is TOUGH but well worth the effort. We went on Saturday with no views at the summit except for the beautiful smiling faces that were thankful they made it. Started around 8:30am and made it back to the car by 4:00pm with a long stop for lunch. If there’s clouds at the top when you start, don’t count on them to burn off. The views up to the clouds were great though, broken top, a few glacier fed lakes, and the endless trees surrounding. Bring warm clothes and plenty of food and water and it’s a great way to spend the day!

28 days ago

Two week back to back hiking at South sister trail. First week with great weather but we didn't manage time well and had to stop at the glacier, one mile shy of the top. I went there again yesterday. Weather was good initially but changed quickly. It was freezing cold with thick fog and gusty wind while climbing up. Even the rocks started to frost. Stayed at the summit all by myself for 15 miserable minutes with absolute no view and a shivering body. Finished in 7 tough hours. Will go again!

28 days ago

First time hiking South Sister and wow, what an experience! I expected it to be cold at the summit as warned, but not 6°F with 30-40mph winds! Clouds blanketed the summit, but the reward was just making it up. Although I had my Nano Puff jacket to keep warm, next time I'm bringing some heavy insulated gloves.

Saw many hikers, about 200 I'd say. Some made a u-turn before the last 1-2 miles to the summit. I think that was the right choice as the weather at the top would have just made it unbearable. Trekking poles are a life saver on knees and slippage, so don't leave home without em!

29 days ago

This was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done! I’m so stoked to say I made it to the top. This is absolutely not for beginner hikers. Be prepared... plenty of water, a day’s worth of food (you won’t believe how many calories you will burn) and layers of clothing. We hit all the elements on this one. It started out sunny but the last half we hit 35 mph winds and low visibility. At the top there were snowflakes and icicles on our clothes. I highly recommend packing gators so dirt and rocks don’t get in your socks/shoes. I can’t stress enough about packing your trekking poles. Sooo glad I did it!!

I take issue with the AllTrails description saying that it is near the Klamath River, it is not. The closest river would be the Deschutes.

If you leave from the Broken Top TH (not Todd Lake) you’ll want a high clearance vehicle that you don’t mind beating up.

That said, Broken Top, the Bend Glacier and the amazing lake is by far the most rewarding hike in Central Oregon.

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1 month ago

Pretty short but very beautiful ...the river is amazing!

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