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15 hours ago

No other word to describe but as intense. I’d recommend trekking poles because to get up to the false summit and to the main summit it is pretty unsteady with loose rock and powder. Very easy to lose footing. I’d also suggest bringing more than a liter of water and definitely a protein bar or two. Other than that it was a beautiful hike.

My 12 year old and i hiked to the summit 5 days ago, it was a tough trail and yes the mosquitos were bad in the forest just before you come up to the Moraine Lake trail jct.. We will fo this one again for sure. Make sure to take sunscreen, sunglasses and at least 2-3L of water, unless you plan on stopping at the alpine lake below the summit to refill.

This was my 4th Time on South Sister. Great weather and the trail is virtually snow free (except one little patch for like 20 feet that may have melted by days end). Lots of sun screen. Carried 5 liters of fluid - only drank 2 but finished the rest when i got down. Mosquitoes were not that bad - just a few at the start.
I am 52 and I hiked from Devils Lake Campground to the summit proper in 3 hours 20 minutes. Had some food (Carne Asada all meat burrito) and took some pics then headed down. Took me 2 hours 12 minutes to get back to the campground. Total hiking time was 5:32 minutes. One AP said 13.7 miles and another said 13.5. I also wore North Face Ultra 110 trail running shoes - my favorite - low tops and no rocks got in. It was a good hike and workout.

Excellent introduction to big mountain hiking and climbing. Requires some fitness and persistence, but this trail does not require any technical climbing skill. Moderately fit people can get to the summit in 4 hours from Devil’s Lake Trail Head. This same person will need a little over 3 hours to hike down. Fit (specifically: active runners and hikers) people can summit in 3-3.5 hours and descend in under 3. Add an hour at the summit to enjoy the views. I highly recommend trekking poles as it is easy to slip on the way down. Trail can be hiked in sturdy tennis shoes, but hiking boots are best to reduce the amount of dirt and rocks that can get into your shoes. Trail shoes are great.

Beautiful views & a great sense of achievement await those who summit.

Hiked trail on July 5 from Devil's lake to summit and back. Departed 0915, Moraine Lake 1015, Bottom of Lewis Glacier 1215, Summit 1315. Entire route was warm and sunny, until the top where it was cold and windy. Hardest hike I've done for sure. Total out and back time around 7.5 hours. Last 2 miles took 2 hours extremely steep and loose footage makes for a slow final summit.

7 days ago

First attempt failed this time due to poor conditions at the summit. I hiked into Moraine Lake and camped the night before. The mosquitoes were a problem when the wind wasn't blowing. I headed out at 4am for the summit and got up to cirque lake before having to turn back due to freezing cloud cover blowing 30-40 mph. I waited for an hour, but before heading back down. It didn't clear up until about noon, but I was already back in Bend by then. Note: after the first couple miles of the approach, there is almost 100% sun and wind exposure on the way up, depending on time of day. When there isn't sun and wind, there are plenty of mosquitoes to accompany you. Plan accordingly!

I'm sure this hike or nature hike would have been nice. But I went with a big group and some of us didn't meet the requirements. which the requirements were...

-have a sweater or jacket
-have flashlight not cellphone light
-our groups would have been split up.

which the last part would have been fine. but when coming to his place, I did my research and it said flashlight but it did not say no cellphone light allow. next time for sure I'll be going with a smaller group and being more prepared.

Loved this climb/hike. The only unfortunate thing is we chose a day when the wind almost ripped us off the mountain. When we were on the summit for over half an hour we were alone, which is unusual on a popular route like this but the weather forced most people back. Very similar to the St. Helens climb in height and length and effort. If you are one of the people frustrated by the poorly run permit system on St. Helens go to South Sister no permit required and more backpacking available. Not technical at all but strongly suggest trekking poles.

Snowshoed this loop in the winter and it was beautiful. A couple of downsides: the trail is very narrow so you have to be paying attention to skiers or mountain bikers coming downhill, it wasn't super well marked in the winter and we ended up going a mile in the wrong direction. I'd love to try this again in the fall when the leaves change!

Fantastic hike just really crowded.

on South Sister Trail

9 days ago

Lucked out with the best day to hike this. Clear blue skies and hardly any wind. My first summit and it was definitely one for the books! Met so many great people and had a blast!!

Great trail if you love waterfalls - in the end I forgot to count how many I saw.

I thought this trail was incredible there was a lot of different scenery. First part is mostly all uphill. Just past the halfway point the trail is hard to find. You can cross over a fallen tree and get onto the trail there. Do early to avoid crowds.

Beautiful trail . 3 waterfalls in the first mile. Shady Forrest most of the way. Very few hikers. Great views of the river and waterfalls.

The map represented on this page is not the First Street Rapids trail. The first street rapids trail starts at the end of NW 1st street. Please rename this trail as the extended version of the Reed Market South River Trail.

10 days ago

My absolute favorite place to hike! She is spiritual. This was my second trip up the mountain and unfortunately the weather made the summit too dangerous. 40-50 mile an hour winds but we gave it a go!

10 days ago

Trekking poles, gaiters OR tall boots, Deet, sunglasses, layers, water, food, $5 for parking, an early start, and GOOD SLEEP! Brought spikes but didn't need them.

4.5 hours up
3.25 hours down

5000' gain(and loss) is nothing to laugh at. I am in very good physical condition, moderate-intense exercise everyday, but I was VERY sleep deprived the day of the hike, the levels of suck were astronomical. I was delirious and in pretty rough shape at the end, glad I had a companion. Make sure you are in good all around shape (mental, physical, sleep, food, attitude, etc.) before attempting this. It's a straightforward hike but the distance and elevation will challenge anyone. Which makes it worth saying that I still loved this hike/climb.

Some of the cons: A little busy, mosquitos for the first and last 3-4 miles, scree/sand/pebbles for the top half of the hike. Wear gaiters or boots that go higher than ankle.

Amazing scenery. The best view is right from the small Tumalo Falls parking lot (no hiking required (not always what we want to hear)). There are plenty of trails around, however.
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Beautiful sight to see! Took a off trail and got under the fall! Amazing. Also a lot of other trails to
Hike besides the tourist 1/4 mile jaunt

12 days ago

First time up but did a little research and stayed on the summit overnight. It was windy but there are spots that provide shelter from the wind. Wind was ~30 mph and temp in the 20s overnight but I packed according and was comfortable. It wasn't easy getting all that gear up there but that sunrise was great.

12 days ago

Packed into Morraine Lake, had lunch and set up camp and the continued onto summit. Beautiful hike! Quite a bit of snow but perfect for a glissading descent. Scree field at the top wasn’t the most fun but the summit is worth the riff. Love this hike will do again!

13 days ago

Great hike. Perfect conditions yesterday (July 2). I’m an experienced hiker and found this challenging but totally doable. Yes there is loose scree in the final stretch to the summit, but I didn’t have gaiters and I was totally fine. A good pair of tall hiking boots worked fine and I only had to pull out a rock once in a while. Tons of parking around Devils Lake, but don’t forget to bring $5 cash!!

This was a great hike. It starts out with an incline, just know it levels out. You're not climbing the whole entire time. There were a lot of mosquitoes so bring some spray. The waterfalls and the creek that the hike follows was really pretty. We hiked just passed the log bridge which was 3 miles and then back out. Parking can be difficult as there are a lot of people. Be sure to listen for mountain bikers they share the trail. This is not a difficult trail.

In the winter we hiked the road which was closed. In the summer went from Skyliner to Happy Valley and back. Beautiful in any season!

15 days ago

I’d choose California hikes over this lame hike any day

18 days ago

This trail was a lot of fun! The views of the waterfalls got better the farther we went.

18 days ago

Astounding views of every single cascade peak from Mt Rainier to Mt. Shasta except for Mt Washington and Mt St Helens. The snow capped Olympic Range in Washington and the Wallowa Mts in e.Oregon were visible as well. Summited at noon and had the entire summit and snowfield all to myself for about 30 minutes. Light wind and not a cloud in the sky. Gaiters for the descent were essential .Trail has patchy snow between 7000’-8000’ but snow free below and above that until you reach the summit. Pool at top is not thawed. Camping at Moraine Lake was amazing and makes for a shorter summit hike, overnight temps in the mid 30s

19 days ago

First off, I'm an inexperienced climber/hiker but maintain a high level of fitness (gym 6 days a week, mainly just cardio) and wow, this was a smoker! Once I hit the snow I lost the trail (going up, found it on the way down) and had to do a modified duck walk/step in old footprints as the snow was packed pretty tight and quite slippery. The false summit definitely got me, but kept pressing. Started at 10:30, reached the summit at 14:00, departed at 14:20 and made it back to the car right at 17:00. I now know what poles are as everyone had them but me, and will definitely get some, and recommend them, especially for the last portion of the hike. Also, sunscreen, didn't even think about it, and I am roasted!

This trail was so fun! The views of the waterfall kept getting better the farther we went.

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