Trail is finally open! Dogs are allowed. A little muddy is some places but overall a great hike! Plenty of shade and some cool bridges you get to cross over.

This is a great trail for hiking. There are so many choices for your route.

Newly modified version substitutes gray print, quite dim, for white. This makes it hard to read, especially in daylight. This is a strange change to make; perhaps someone thinks it's fashionable. Reminds me of the early days of the text-only internet, when some clever souls thougt white print on a yellow ground was slick. What gives?

Really great trail to just get away for a bit. Many different landscapes you would never know you are in the middle of suburbia

Great way to practice social distancing and enjoy the outdoors. Not crowded and family friendly.

Beautiful! Lots of flowers and meadows. gated parking lot was open, no closure signs witnessed, not too many people. Easy accessible trails, some are steep but all of it is pretty!

Good for everyday run or for interpretive classes for kids. Well maintained

Nice, quite little loop in the middle class of a neighborhood . :) took my 18 Yr old shi-tzu and 17 yr old mini poodle. They love the outdoors. Not raining. A few ppl.

Well maintained trails! Not overcrowded and I felt we were all practicing social distancing. The Trillium is just starting to bloom and the songbirds are returning to build their nests. Hope they keep it open!

Easy walking trail. Super fun nature play area just off of the trail for kids! Lots of shade.

Located in the heart of Beaverton, you will see numerous wildlife and species of plants. The trails are properly marked and very easy to navigate.

We love the trails in here! We often walk here on Saturdays before getting our groceries.

Highly diverse little gem.

Very nice wide trails, not too muddy. Well maintained park, a great dog walk.

Beautiful park, lots of moss on the trees and a surprising amount of wildlife. On one visit my bf and I saw a woolybear caterpillar, a chipmunk, songbirds, deer, a rabbit, and a mink chasing the rabbit. It was incredible! The main trail is paved and side trails are dirt or gravel (they used to be wood chips but replaced them with gravel). A very nice place to run. Very crowded on weekends, you may have trouble finding a spot to park.

So many good trails here. Some muddy, some paved.

Easy trail right off the MAX line.

Great trail for walkers and runners. Bridges are a little slippery in the rain

Lovely walk, well maintained trails, connects to playground area on south side of estate. There are a few choices of loops you can add to make it an overall longer walk, zig zagging around the estate. I encountered polite people and their dogs on the trail. If you’re looking for an easily accessible walk in lightly wooded area, this is ideal. Please don’t mark up and further scar the madrones :((

Super nice!

Very difficult to follow the exact route given, but there are so many trails it’s just fun to explore.

Loved it! Great for kids!

First time here, it was nice.

Nice grounds and well maintained. Pet friendly on leash. Kids were able to do the loop as well as find some scavenger hunts items that were left by the camps that were there during the summer.

Excelente opción para carriola si silla de rueda. Relajarte y convives al máximo con la naturaleza.

Beautiful, well-kept trails in the middle of town. Plenty of trails to choose from and a variety of plant life to see along the way. The paved roads allow bicycles, so they see the most traffic, although most people are quiet and friendly. Once you get off the paved trails you'll see other walkers less frequently. Overall these are all easy trails to navigate, minimal inclines, although some of the wood bridges in the rain will test the grip on your shoes. Would recommend for new hikers, people looking for a casual walk, kids, etc. Tons of Pokémon stuff too if that's your thing.

I do this one frequently just to get some movement in to my day. Negligible elevation and very well-maintained paths with clear signage. I typically add the Ponderosa loop as well to make it closer to four miles. There have been signs up recently warning that owls have come swooping down on visitors to the park along certain stretches of trail, so maybe avoid taking your walk around dusk.

VERY easy trail, very pretty.

Nice short hike. Nothing too exciting to see, but it wasn’t crowded and there was a lot of shade. There was some road and construction noise, not a big deal, but maybe not ideal if you’re looking to get away from it all. Trail was very poorly marked and there were lots of loops. If I wasn’t using the app to track, I’m pretty sure I would have gotten lost or at least gone in circles. Also, the app says 3.3 miles, but I tracked 2.5 and that was taking some wrong turns.

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