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on Trail of Ten Falls

15 hours ago

Beautiful place to see some incredible waterfalls! The trail takes you behind at least 3 of the waterfalls. The trail is well maintained, slight mud were expected given there’s lots of moisture around. Great place for 1/2 day hikes and will be visiting again!

I absolutely loved hiking this trail, ended up hiking almost 13 miles to see the entire thing! So many beautiful waterfalls and you get to walk behind 4 of them which was incredible!! I highly recommend!!!

This was the first time that I did this hike in the winter. It was amazing! We just hiked in our boots. Crampons could have been nice here and there, but it was totally doable without. We passed lots of people with snowshoes, which wasn’t necessary at all. We were definitely a lot faster and more agile. The hike overall is moderate. It took us a little under 3 hours to complete the hike (out and back). The view on the summit is stunning. Very windy though. We were able to see all five mountains. Such a treat. This hike is definitely one of my favorite ones. Great in any season!

Hiked part of this loop June 1-4, 2018 - trailhead to Marion Lake via TR 3436 & 3437. Overnighted next to Marion, then backtracked to TR 3495 to get to TR 3422. Reached the pass with minimal issues other than scrambling over downed trees. Crossed the pass and reached Blue Lake where the snow really started to be an issue. Pushed on to Jorn Lake, losing the trail a lot along the way and contending with deep snow packs. Overnighted by Jorn and then backtracked as the loop trail was inaccessible due to deep snow and downed trees. Gorgeous scenery, lots of vistas viewable due to the burnt forests. Bugs were very annoying at some points on the trail in the lower elevations. Definitely recommend scrambling down to check out the falls near the start of the trail - spectacular!

Such a beautiful hike on a crisp winter morning I recommend this hike to anyone! So many beautiful waterfalls

Definitely need spikes up until about Mirror Lake and from there on out. Many people on snowshoes and in spikes. People with nothing were slipping a lot. Icy and well packed. Going up TDH mountain was relatively easy, this is my first time doing this hike in winter but second overall. Windy as all hell at the top! Sky was clear and Hood was shining!

Did this hike in November. Very beautiful views and not too much work to get there.

Got there later in the afternoon so thankfully we missed all the tourist hikers.
Great for my 2 year old but again just too popular of a site to go more than once every few years.

Beautiful views will do this again! Went in October good temperature and clear view

Pretty hike. Walked up to Lower Twin on a very packed trail so there was really no need for snowshoes until we walked around the lake which no one had been on since it had snowed. Then walked up to Upper Twin and toward Barlow pass and I was glad I had snowshoes for that part.

Very lightly used trail in North Fork John Day Wilderness. Some areas overgrown, check yourself for ticks. Seems like this area would get very hot in mid-summer. Best to start on the eastern end and hike downriver. Will need two cars as it is a point-to-point hike.

15 days ago

Beautiful beautiful hike!

Beautiful, challenging trip with lots of up and down, but not overwhelming. Lookout tower towards the end of the trip provided great views of Hood and Jefferson. Lots of lakes to camp at.

Completed this in September 2016. Beautiful hike, but the lakes can get crowded for campsites.

Absolutely stunning in the spring.

Very pretty. Little slippery at parts. Good trail for this time of year.

Beautiful hike up and back (overnight). Will be doing this one again.

****THERE IS NO LOOP AT THE END POINT OF THE SHORT OPTION AS THIS TRAIL RECORDING SHOWS, don't waste your time trying to find it. Just turn around****

With that being said this trail was beautiful! Rocky and icy at points. There was snow when we reached certain areas of higher elevation, about an inch. Follows the river for quite some time, passing over many small streams that get bigger as you go on. Very green. Lots of dogs (which I love). We only went about 5 miles (10 total) in and didn't see any signs of any animals. Well saw some coyote prints at the end of our almost 5 mile inward trek, knew they were coyote because no other human footprints anywhere close. I recommend!

20 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike. I did it completely un-prepared in casual shoes. Wouldn't recommend that at all, but this hike changed my life. Awesome views. I did this hike back in 2007, and now that I have a family, we are all planning a trip there this summer to hike even more.

20 days ago

We backpacked in this weekend from the Salmon River TH on Welches Road. We had a late start, about 11:30am by the time we were on the trail. By 3:30 we were to the Linney Creek junction about 9 miles in. The bridge there washed out years ago and there was no way across to we set up camp in the only flat-ish spot we could find in that area just before the trail headed back up to higher elevations.

It was raining lightly on the way in, with a dozen or so water crossings that were above shoe depth. At 5pm it turned to heavy rain which lasted through the night and changed to snow about 4am. Hiking out in the morning was through 2-3 inches of snow above 2500 feet, and back to rain in the last 5 miles to the trailhead.

We spotted a family with 4 small kids about 3 miles from the TH and a father and son camping for New Years near the permit box. Seemed like there was some wildlife around the trail. We saw a lot of small to very large paw prints in the snow both on the way in and the way out along with poops of various size and composition. We never saw or heard anything from the trail though.

Overall, a beautiful way to finish out 2018, camping right on the edge of the roaring Salmon River. On the way out, there were almost 30 water crossings, some had risen to mid-calf and we hiked with wet socks and shoes for the last several miles. We did the last 6 miles of trail into Welches for a sandwichm, completing 25 miles roundtrip.

We had planned to continue past Linney Creek the next morning, but due to the sub-freezing temps, snow overnight, and the added 1400 feet of elevation, we likely could not have made the loop without snowshoes and more time than what we had left for the adventure.

We'll be back in late Spring to do the 25 mile loop and also check out Kinzel Lake trail and maybe over to PCT connection.

Great winter hike !!

I'd been to this trail several times during the summer, but never during the winter, and wow... go during the winter months! The trails aren't as packed, and the waterfalls are flowing with so much more water! Bring a waterproof jacket though because when you go under the falls the mists are so strong that you may get soaked. Excellent hike that I will keep going back to.

trail running
23 days ago

Absolutely amazing in every way, even when muddy and wet it was still fun to trail run. Just get ready to stop a lot, it’s breathtaking all throughout. I enjoyed starting at the North parking lot (not where this map leads you to) and running clockwise.

12/27/18 - I drive an XV crosstrek and was not able to make it to the trailhead. So we parked along the road and snowshoed the last portion in. We did not actually hike the trail because there was at least four feet of snow, but got to see great views of three fingered jack, beautiful snowy scenery, and enjoy some time by the snow covered lake right off the trailhead.

It’s one of the best hikes that I have done here in us.... this time of year around with the overcast, the forest for green and live and serene and beautiful... waterfalls were amazing and walk behind certain waterfalls makes you forget where you are

1 month ago

Did this back in the beginning of September and wasn't too shabby. Easy enough for my friend to do it in crocs. Took a few breaks here and there to check out the two lakes. Pretty cloudy once we got to the top- not enough to where we couldn't see the other sisters and Jefferson but just enough to make me want to go back for more.
Started around 6:30am, up took us about 3.5 hours and down took us about 2.5 at a constant leisure pace

1 month ago

Have hiked this one multiple times, not crowded on weekdays or in the mornings. Would recommend taking two cars and parking one at the north parking lot and then starting at the South Falls lot and doing the loop that way. Parking is $5 or a state parks pass.
If hiking in the winter, the trail near and around the South Fall can be complete ice

Easy, and gorgeous

Wonderful day hike.

Just finished hiking this trail with my bf and his dog! lovely atmosphere even in the cold winter months. Awesome river spots to stop and take pictures and very calm and quiet paths into the deeper forested area. Love that its dog friendly and didn't have that many people if you go before 10am!

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