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Ashland, Oregon Map

Great trail with awesome views but was a little challenging to navigate with so many trails attaching to the main trail. Parts are very uphill!! Quiet trail, well maintained.

very stunning in the snow covered trees. hike is longer as you need hike to the trail head, 1.7m one way.

This hike is listed as "year round" I went there today, 4/2, and there's about 2 feet of snow...

21 days ago

Gorgeous view at the summit! Didn’t expect the foot of snow most of the way, but still worth the trek!

22 days ago

We weren’t expecting 2 feet of snow but the glad we have 4wheel drive some other unlucky soul got stuck in the snow before he could reach the crossroads. Was a great hike, very peaceful.

lots of bums and drug addicts. plus it's paved next to a highway. fuck that i prefer the mountains away from all that

Love this hike! Gorgeous views! Great at Fall time! Don't miss nearby Bybee falls located further up the road!

Very hot in August! Great for biking!

Beautiful! Watch for the "Hippo" rock!

Nice letter box surprise at the top!

Absolutely love this hike! I've hiked it 4 times! great for kids, couples or solo! Nice letter box surprise at the top of Hobart bluff! Great views of Emigrant lake!

1 month ago

had a wonderful time with my daughters and my husband would definitely do it again we hiked the first week of March and got to hike up to the snow it was lots of fun

So beautiful! The weather today was perfect for this hike and the views were breathtaking. Pretty easy hike with a few inclines but nothing to difficult. Narrow trails which makes passing people with a dog a little difficult but it wasn’t too busy early in the morning so it was fine. Beautiful hike, I’d definitely recommend it.

Definitely the busiest of the Ashland Watershed trails that I've hiked, and by busy I mean the most people I've ever run into is probably 10. I have to agree with Deborah Dols in that heading out on Lamb Mine is awesome and beautiful and pretty untrafficked. Check it out!

2 months ago

Winter access requires a good car to get up to the parking area, as the road is not maintained, even during a light winter.

Hike is great, not overly strenuous but beautiful. During the hike, taking a left at the junction with the sign takes you quickly to the peak and can be an easy out and back. If you take a right it's a considerably longer walk, though not that difficult. Trail is well-maintained and overall this is an awesome hike. Great for dogs.

2 months ago

One of the best hikes around the Rogue Valley with easy access from Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, and Medford. The drive up is cool, with a great parking area and a distinct sign at the trailhead.
The hike is hard though not the hardest, starting with a long uphill slog that is somewhat intense even if you are in shape. Solitude abounds, the trail is well-marked, and Sheep Creek Slide is awesome. I can't say enough about this hike. Not the hardest hike you can do, but requires a solid amount of effort so be prepared to do a little work.

2 months ago

great view on top

The road leading up to the trail head is super snowy right now- my car (which isn't AWD) couldn't make it.

2 months ago

Amazing views on this trail. I was in awe. More difficult than any of my previous hikes but the view is so worth it!

Hiked Grizzly Peak Saturday 2.10.18. Nice gradual incline of a hike that passes through big stands of trees and the site of a past forest fire that’s just gorgeous with a sweeping view of the valley. Agree with other reviews to go right at the fork first. Was slightly muddy, and very chilly (or windy!!) at the top despite the balmy February day Ashland was having.

2 months ago

This is a great hike with an amazing view at the top!

The trail is fairly narrow but easy to navigate. Once you detour left to go to the actual bluff, the trail isn’t marked as well, but once you are at the top you can explore a good bit. We spent an hour at the top just hanging out.

It connects to the famous Pacific Crest Trail, so that’s an added bonus.

I love the burn up there. Just something so amazing about it! And with all the wildlife that's come up since then. So many different angles to view the South Valley from. Was up there last summer.

2 months ago

I have done this Trail several times, usually from Highway 66 via PCT but this is very peaceful hike. Awesome views from the top of the bluff!

2 months ago

I’m overweight so this trail was pretty tough for me, but a great challenge to get me ready for the summer hiking season. We’ve had a warm, dry winter so the trail surface was pretty muddy in a few places with patches of dirty snow pack with plenty of grip. I tried to go last week, but turned back because the trail was too icy. I think if you go this time of year you’d need to make sure it was after a few clear days to give the trail some time to clear.

Just as I was considering taking a break or maybe heading back down the view knocked me off my feet. Stunning and so worth the effort. I can’t wait to go back.

2 months ago

great trail with great views! easy walk took about 25 minutes to get from the trailhead to the top. I recommend it!

Thanks Kevin Aaron, I was wondering how it was. Hiked this trail in the early summer time and loved it! A bit of a hike, but worth it for the views!

2 months ago

hiked yesterday midday after the fog cleared. Clear roads up to Shale City Road then you get some snow/ice/slush. This is passable through the intersection but I started sliding in 4wd shortly pass that. Probably couldve powered through but it got a bit steeper and didnt want to risk it. Walked about a mile to the actual trailhead.

Trail was very icey you dont need foot traction as I did it with normal boots, but they would be very helpful and would take a little zing outta the ole legs.

Once trail splits, if you go right to summit it takes a little while longer to reach but has more rewarding views. if you just want to get there go left to loop trail.

some sections of the trail were hard to find as there were no visible footprints but if you scan the snow you should see a tunnelesque shape meandering, thats it. As always a gps never hurt anybody.

Happy footing

3 months ago

This was a beautifully scenic short hike! Extremely blustery conditions which added to the overall. Only one incline in the last quarter mile. Amazing views at the top!

I wanted to scout this before I took my twin 7 year olds up here - glad I did. They are experienced hikers and the first 2+ miles would have been a bit much for them. Hiked this with my dog on a balmy 60+ degree in mid January. Good hike if you're looking for a nice workout and Don't want to see any other humans. Go mid week.

This is a great hike...lots of diverse terrain and amazing views above the clouds. Extremely muddy this time of year.

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