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Oklahoma Map

Really Enjoyed the views and the hike, however this map cannot be completed. The trail is cut off and a sign says no public access pass a certain point. So we just turned around and continued to explore. The trails are not well marked. Once you get it figured it out it was nice. You go from by the lake to the woods to up on the top in the open. It was really enjoyable.

Great hike, short, but fun. Cool seeing the old tower at the top.

rural drive through hill country. A few points of interest.

5 days ago

Good trail. Pretty easy and some of the best scenery in the state!

It's an overall easy trail but there is not always a clearly defined path so try not to get lost. We never made the full circle and had to just turn around a little ways after crossing the creek because the path just disappeared.

7 days ago

Great half-day hike! The terrain will work your ankles so make sure your boots are laced up. I would not recommend in Nike’s or other tennis shoes.

The top was beautiful and gave plenty of opportunity to explore and wander.

A lot of the reviews said it was tough finding the trail on the way back down. I did not have this issue at all and thought the trail was easily identifiable.

Great time investment and exercise.

Resting heart rate to start was 43 bpm, maxed at 131 bpm. Good days work.

trail running
8 days ago

Nice enough blacktop path. Better for biking. Goes right along interstate. I could not find trail head so I started at memorial. Pretty loop throug park at the end.

9 days ago

well, bring your hunting/fishing lisence with you or don't bother. Gonna go back when we have them with us. Looks awesome though for a mountain road through a preservation area. Not really a hiking trail so to speak...

trail running
9 days ago

Pretty place. I did bout a 3 miler across each trail twice. Huge long hills. Creeks were frozen and kids played on ice. Nice to see. Informative nature center. Trails could be confusing. Big 50 ft trees and a cool suspension bridge.

Great little trail with a few mild challenges! Great for a beginner like me

12 days ago

Running at the lake can be one of the best or worse places depending on the wind. If it’s remotely windy you will feel it all at the lake. I’ve ran around this lake 3-4 times a week for the last decade and it’s a nice place to exercise, sail, or go to a restaurant. I wish it had better restroom facilities, but if you really need better than a porta potty you can go to Louie’s or Lake Hefner Golf club. Lake Hefner connects to Overholser over by MacArthur and Britton and Nichols Hills on Grand on the east side of the lake.

Pretty fun rode all the trails except the hardest. Sad to see so much trash in the creek bed. Saw some deer, took about an hour to ride through all of it.

Great day hike with a surprising variety of terrain for Oklahoma. The trail is well-maintained but the trail signs can be confusing if you didn't bring a map. We downloaded the AllTrails app, which was helpful when we reached forks in the trail that lacked a trail sign. With a couple of breaks for water and pictures, we finished in ~2.5 hours. It could take longer if you lacked a map or decided to explore several of the side trails. I brought my dog and she didn't need my help with any of the elevation gain. Beware: the gypsum rock can be sharp for human hands or doggy paws if you slip while climbing. We went a day or two after a big rain storm so the trail was slightly muddy.

22 days ago

My daughter Amber and I hit the CRT on Christmas Eve and then made some mac&chesee with spam for dinner.
It was a cold evening but full of great memories.
I do wish the trails was better marked as we missed a turn but it wasn’t a big problem.
Looking forward to coming back in early spring.

trail running
23 days ago

so glad to have this little trail in such a small town. well mulched and easy on the knees with light hills and surrounded by deciduous forest.

27 days ago

Enjoyable Trail. I spent half a day on this trail and encountered 3 Longhorn and a deer. Some parts have a sudden “raise” in elevation, but i don’t seen it as a problem to beginners. Trail got a little hard to read near the Lost Dam, but other than that I loved it.

mountain biking
28 days ago

Ran red/blue trail. Lots of fun. I wish they had a bridge to get over Coffee Creek to the new paved trail.

What a great hike! My wife, 7 yr old daughter and our two dogs hiked a good portion but turned back once the accent got too much for the little one. I’m a trail runner and can’t wait till we go back to give this a run! Our dogs absolutely loved it and we only saw one other person on trail! Bathrooms by trail head were clean and even had a shower. There’s a little blue water pump outside of it just a bit that we used to fill bowl up with water for dogs on our way out! Great views on the trail and a lot of geese flying over head! Definitely recommend this trail

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