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Oklahoma Map
1 day ago

Just finished raining the night before. The creek was running pretty good and was really pretty. Trail was really wet at spots, but considering rain, still passable.

Easy hike with kids and dog on leash. First half is along creek.

Perfect distance and skill level for my 3 kiddos, ages 5-7

It’s decent, especially for a trail so near development. The trail is often marked quite well, but not all of the time. There aren’t a lot of big views here, either, but you do get an enjoyable hike through the woods with occasional ponds, creeks, and the potential to see diverse mushroom species. Sadly, traffic noise often detracts from the experience. Still, it is one of the best Tulsa has to offer.

Very good trail very easily distinguishable,
The trail had different smaller trails you could take that were a little more rugged that were optional that was great!

amazing views and don't let the 1.1 miles fool you. go of trail and explore to make it much longer

6 days ago

Good day trail from Okc or Tulsa area. Trail’s well marked. Pink is the one listed on the app. There’s a blue trail that zigzags in and out of the pink. Spent time on both. Equestrian trail primarily...watch your step. Still a good ruck.

6 days ago

My dog and I got covered in seed ticks while on this trail. Which is too bad because it’s a nice paved trail. However I will not be returning to it.

on Elk Mountain Trail

6 days ago

Great hike. We’ve had rain so the trail is pretty wet/muddy in places. 10/14/18. Lots of kiddos on the trail and elk to watch from and on top of the mountain. Get outside and enjoy this Oklahoma hike!

Great outing. Was a misty morning and no one else around. Loved every minute. Will return again. Cold Springs Campgrounds are also lovely.

Took trail 4. It was okay but too much of it is on a gravel road. On the road the trail markers are few and confusing. Will go again in the future and use trail 1.

Easy trail...not sure why it’s a moderate. The waterfall was nice and the trail had some overgrown sections but fun anyway.

We've hiked this many times over the past few years. It's a great trail. The West side of the loop is in bad shape other than that it's great.

Run the yellow/pink trails multiple times each week!

on Bison Trail

8 days ago

Fun hike! First time in the park and went right to this trail. Rocks, rivers, steams, woods and prairie. Plenty of water for the dogs. Made it in 2.5 hours. Toughest obstacle is 50 yards in. If you can cross that creek you can make the hike. Found some mushrooms on a cow-pie...gnarly.

It is a nice easy trail. My wife and I went in the morning while it was raining, most of the trail is covered. We obviously got wet which was fine. Be sure you pay attention for the first blue trail marker, take the first left there when the trail splits. You’ll be good from there. Enjoy!

Drizzly day, very pleasant. Wilson trail is a steep, rocky, hilly one mile loop. It is accessed from another trail which is an easy meander through the woods. I recommend doing Wilson loop in the counter-clockwise direction. At about the 0.8 mile mark there is a really steep spot that would have been very difficult for me on the descent. I ascended those few feet on hands and knees. I never was a mountain goat, and the older I get the more careful I am. Definitely would do it again.

I saw lots of tracks, mostly deer, but also armadillo and raccoon tracks. Lots of armadillo digs. The fire road, which I followed on the way back, is a good place to practice identifying tracks.

12 days ago

Hiked it in the rain and loved it! The markers seemed to be missing in a few places and I think we ended up on another trail because our path looks very different than the map here. We ended up making a loop. I would say the incline is a little more challenging than “easy”, but the views at the top were stunning. We did 1.5 miles in 53 minutes, but again, we didn’t follow it according to this map.

Pretty lame. But close.

13 days ago

Just an easy walk. No spectacular scenery. But as always some interesting things along the way. There was a hair ball (series of connected hair balls) with a claw in it. I am not enough of a naturalist to know the difference between a raptor pellet and coyote scat. But I will go to the books later. I saw migrating Monarchs settling on low oak branches. Nothing like the migration through this area 20-25 years ago. I took a couple of pictures and wished them a safe journey.

Technically a good workout with mountain bike

one good shade spot by the lake about 3 minutes into the hike then uncovered for the rest. pretty good but easy inclines. some slippery rocks. wind felt amazing at the top! wish the tower was open to check out those views but otherwise was still very pretty. great for a short hike. our 2 labs handled it great.

It’s a nice trail in the city. Well maintained. Bring in your water.

15 days ago

Great trail! We saw a lot of deer through the trail. Beautiful views of the lake!

I started later in the day I wanted to...it got hot out there! I started from Sunset and took the trail south all the way to the Post Oaks trailhead. The trail was easy to follow to the boulder field and I saw two deer on the way. I didn’t realize there is supposed to be a trail around the right (west) side of the boulder field so I climbed over the boulders in the way down the trail. If you’re not careful you can slip and fall and get hurt, so make sure you stay within your abilities.

Once I left the boulder field the trail started to become hard to follow at times. There are a few side trails and no markings at all. I had a tool map and limited gps reception on my phone, so once I ended up off course for a way I would backtrack and find the right path. That turned out to be the theme of the day. I saw what I assume to be parts of a buffalo skeleton in a small creek. Once I neared the Post Oak falls the trail(s) kind of went all over the place. I knew if I continued to follow the creek downstream I would end up at the other trailhead.

Overall, this is a rewarding hike and it offers unique opportunities that you won’t get in other parts of Oklahoma. Make sure you’re familiar with the trail before you start and keep an eye out for the landmarks to remember where you’re headed!

17 days ago

We don’t have many trails around here so it’s nice to have but that’s about the only positive thing I can say

17 days ago

Really nice trail with great views and optional rock climbing at the end of the trail. The trail could’ve been better marked, but the all trails map kept me on track.

Nice trail. Gorgeous view.

17 days ago

Great view. Fun climb.

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