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Oklahoma Map

Great workout with scenery but doesn’t have an “ah-ha” look at that view moment!

Great trail but very easy to get off on a different trail. They are marked but a bit confusing.

A bit of overgrown areas made some of the hike more moderate but overall we spent about 15 miles in and out for hunting. Wanted to try a night of camping but opted to pass. Facilities are limited as are the surrounding areas but it’s still a great spot.

1 day ago

Amazing hike and rock climbing. Can get a bit dicey in the winter months. My fiancé proposed here (well on one of the mountains near the lake/tower area). It’s a magical place for me. Love it. Definitely a moderate hike/trail area.

rock climbing
1 day ago

Trails are easy when staying on the path.
Rocks adjacent to them - not so easy lol. I have hiked it twice and getting to the summit is easier in the spring than the fall. It gets dark quick so plan early and bring extra lighting.

Total time spent was a couple of hours each way to the summit of the mountain next to the tower. I’ve seen some folks fishing the lake there but I never got over to it.

Last trip was in January and it was very cold. Ice still on the rocks which can make for a dicey climb. Still very worth it.

My fiancé proposed on top of the mountain next to the tower, it was a perfect hike with an amazing sunset. Cold but beautiful.

Great views. It’s a nice drive up but hiking isn’t to be had here.

Head across the road by the lake for a moderate hike. It gets a bit dicey in the winter and months following ice can still be on the rocks so be cautious. Also bring extra lighting if you go anytime in the fall. It gets dark and fast.

I really enjoyed hiking this trail. It is beautiful :)

Hiked this with my daughter on 6-12-18 and used the West Scenic loop. Several areas where the blackberry’s and brush have overgrown the trail. Also some areas where trees have blocked the path and you have to work your way around. I also think some of the white tree markers were burned off and haven’t been remarked. I hiked this last year around the same time and it was in much better shape. I will do it again next year but definitely take a machete to hack through some of the brush.

Great trail with plenty to see. Nice beginner trail for families who are starting out with hiking.

Beautiful scenery, did it with my 3 year old son and I’m pregnant. Took the wrong trail at times so I had to backtrack, they need to update the signs because 90% of them are broken. But such a fun and beautiful hike with birds singing, my son saw lots of bright lizards as well.

trail running
7 days ago

This is a nice gentle crushed granite trail up and back. I prefer something far more strenuous but I took my dad who has chronic arthritis but still loves the outdoors. Although he was still hurting, he loved this trail! The path is well maintained and is nice for all ages.

I almost stepped on a gorgeous Speckled King Snake (not poisonous) crossing toward the creek about a 1/4th way up. There’s a little switch back once you start to gain elevation toward the overlook. The overlook is a nice treat compared to most spots in Dallas/Fort Worth. Just sit and enjoy the breeze and views.

I have previously walked and hiked this in slightly rainy conditions and it was beautiful.

Good light trail. Due to the vegetation it’s difficult get a good view from the edge of the ridge, good hike for the fall weather.

This trail is beautiful and not too difficult. As you ascend Elk Mountain, the trail is partially shaded by blackjack trees which turn yellow and gold in autumn. The trail up the mountain can be tricky and is very rocky. I suggest good ankle support and extra water.

Mount Scott has a beautiful view. I definitely recommend the drive up (for everyone). Next time, we plan to hike up the Mountain.

Kite trail is very enjoyable with the family, singles, or couples. The view is beautiful. It's a semi-long trail. You can climb or just follow the trail. It took us 3 1\2 hours to complete from beginning to end (including stop for lunch, and enjoying the view).

9 days ago

Good Day hike! I enjoy the views from this trail.

This trail is beautiful. However, you should were pants. There is a lot of high grass at the beginning. It is a lot of climbing if you would like to go up on the rocks. The trail is a challenge but enjoyable. I would recommend for adults and kids 10 or older (for climbing).

10 days ago

Beautiful trail. Fairly easy trail with little elevation gain. Hiked with my grandkids, ages 12, 10 and 8, they had no difficulties. Lots of Beautiful scenery and wildlife.

12 days ago

A satisfying walk in a beautiful part of the state. Lots of ups and downs, but nothing technically challenging. All you need is a water bottle with a filter—you’ll never be more than an hour or so of hiking from a stream or river to fill up. We brought water shoes, but we didn’t need them: the streams have easy places to cross without getting wet.

My one complaint is that the trail is not a full loop. You have to walk on the road for a mile and a half or so to connect the two ends (regardless of whether you do the northern loop or not—we didn’t think it’d be worth it because it seems to put you right next to the highway).

I brought my German Shepherd and she loved every minute. 9 miles took us 5 hours at what felt like a relaxed pace; I was surprised that my calves felt a bit sore that night from all the hills.

This was a great trail, but next time I go to Beaver’s Bend I think I’ll kayak instead!

Easy gravel trail, roughly 1.4 miles one way. Some views of the creek with access to the water in a few spots. You can continue on past Pavilion Springs and connect to either the Bison Pasture Trail or the Bromide Hill Trail for a longer hike.

trail running
13 days ago

Easy paved trail around Veterans Lake. Great for a run with some shade here and there. Very nice views of the lake.

We had a good time here and the trail was beautiful and maintained.

14 days ago

Nice trail! Some steep sections but not difficult—mostly downhill. My husband and I completed it in 1 hour 33 minutes. Happy trails!

mountain biking
14 days ago

Always a good ride. Nice trails. Construction adding good stuff.

Read the whole review! Trail is great. Lots of loops off for mountain bikers. If you do both and start left it’s just over 5 miles. But..... we were out here early on a Sunday and our truck window got broken out and some things were stolen. Broad daylight. Someone must have disturbed the thief bc a wallet and some cash were left and they took our extr ring of keys. If you come out here leave your windows down and nothing in the car, or be ready to tell 911 it’s Tulsa County and wait for a while while they transfer you and then send a deputy. .

Variety of terrain, wear pants (many ticks), neat mushrooms, no lake views, many additional loops, single file pathway, not well traversed, not busy

15 days ago

Super fun trail and very doable for beginners.

Dirt road with no elevation changes. Good shade from the trees though - better than some of the sun exposed paved biking paths.

Note that it combines with other trails, so we had to double check directions a couple of times (trailhead map is faded; overall, when in doubt— stay right). Animal Review= lots of lizards, frogs, 5 deer, and a black snake.

App GPS took us to Cedar Bluff Trail (parked at Dogwood Campground). About 1mile into that trail there are options to extend hike that might connect to Beaver Lodge Nature Trail? Strenuous hike up to beautiful lake overlooks that have guardrails.

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