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5 days ago

This trail is my testbed for new gear or when I’m trying to change my pack up a bit. It’s longer than what the app states here’s. The trail is more like 11miles. There are a lot of water sources along the trail so no need to carry more than a liter at a time unless you are actively looking for a good campsite. It has some pretty steep climbs but it’s not as difficult as people make it out to be. The steep climbs are not long. Anyone in avg condition should have no trouble completing the trail in a day if you start early. Don’t expect to complete it if you get an afternoon start.

There are black bears out there, however they should be the least of your worry. Ticks are more of a threat than the bears. Good food practice will keep rodents away from your campsite. Raccoons will steal your stuff lol. I keep all my food, wrappers, and anything with a scent in a hung bear bag downwind from camp.

I recommend this trail for backpacking weekend overnighters. Most people you see on the trail are day hiking the area near the park that overlooks the river. Once you get passed this part you don’t see a lot of people

This trail is connected to the robbers Cave Trail. After reading the reviews initially I was hesitant to go on it, but was so glad that I did not miss it. We went right after a rain. So lots of the creeks/streams were running. This added to the beauty of the trail. It was a little soggy in some places but not too bad. The trail connects to the Cat Tail Trail. We didn’t get to explore that part of the trail because the water was raging over the low-water bridge that takes you to that part. However I wasn’t to disappointed. Was plenty satisfied staying on the Rough Canyon Trail. You do have to really look for the markers on the trees in some places. But it wasn’t too bad. I’m not sure this area would be a place I’d want to hike in the summer but it is a great hike for the fall/winter. I absolutely loved my time at this park and definitely would like to go back.

14 days ago

Such a fun hike with lots a little challenges and incredible views! Our 9 year old loved it.

14 days ago

BEST TRAIL EVER! Loved this experience. It was pretty easy and holy crap the views were amazing!

we had a ton of fun. loved the natural photo backdrops

Excellent trail, once you get passed the larger rocks it’s great and the top view is excellent, trail took about 2 hours to complete.

Awesome trail

17 days ago

Very pretty, sometimes smells bad, but still worth it!

Easy, beautiful, calming.

Great trail. It was very well marked. My dog and teenage kids had a great time!

21 days ago

Good hike. Was well marked and great views at the top. No way you’re getting lost out here. Different terrain to keep you interested. Water for the dogs in a few spots. Looks like the park has more to explore than just the trail too. Will be back, good ruck.

21 days ago

Veered off the Cedar Bluff trail onto this one and a minute later decided it was a great decision. Beautiful hike and well marked in red. Steep climbs and a few river crossings; definitely enjoyable and worthwhile!

Great trail for a family hike. Nice walk next to the river. Kids loved it.

I did not expect to go bouldering when I started this trail. As someone without experience in rock climbing, I might have been smart to take someone with me. That said, this was a very enjoyable hike. Pack plenty of water. Saw a free range bison near the trail head.

28 days ago

Mostly a good trail with lowland and highland. However, there are a few spots that aren't well maintained and particularly hard to navigate after wet weather. I've also found a lot of distinctive plants and wildlife to photograph compared to what I find on most trails, probably because of the diversity in the hollow and the contrasting habitat above.

Great walk along the river. A number of rapids so nice. Path nice and wide

rock climbing
1 month ago

This was the hike to the first outdoor rock climb I did in 1999. First part of the hike is easy, but eventually turns into crawling over and through car and bus-sized boulders. Very fun

Easy hike, not always maintained. Go In fall so no snakes or bugs. Little ones will have fun searching the woods for “ the ghost coon”

easy hike down a ravine to a 77 foot waterfall. There is an observation deck , and and a lower deck. Be sure and go after a good rain! It’s a multiple time a year trip for us due to its proximity to home. Only about 20 minutes ... we always combine with another trail and some time at the playground ! Watch out for snakes, and bring your binoculars ! Kid friendly!

Surprisingly nice hike. Varying terrain - ups & downs, rocks, creeks etc. Not for one that has not hiked before.

The trail is really more of a goat path but it's great fun climbing boulders and seeing great veiws. We went right after a big rain and the creek was flowing full force.

2 months ago

Nice hike beautiful scenery.

Nice trail, it was a little overgrown on a few places that were a little more out of the way. There are snakes out there, we saw a baby rattlesnake that my husband almost stepped on... Over all, a nice hike, good distance, typical Oklahoma scenery.

scenic driving
2 months ago

This was 15 minutes off the main driving route. Crazy to think Vikings may have been to Eastern Oklahoma. The runes were covered by a covered bridge type structure and difficult to see thru the foggy plexiglass. The woods, leaves and waterfall were pretty but a bit of a detour. There was a nice bathroom, gift shop and friendly staff.

2 months ago

Nice easy trail with good views and access to the 40 Foot Hole. Rated only three stars because compared to the other trails at the Wichita Mountains (Elk Mountain Trail, the Narrows, etc.), it's just wasn't as exciting. Lot's of little side trails that take you closer by the creek.

Hiked with my 5 year old and he had no problem walking this trail. Took us about 2 and a half hours.

My husband and I had so much fun on this trail! There are plenty of large boulders to climb and see amazing views, rock formations, and two waterfalls. We took our time with this trail because we were enjoying going off the trail and doing our own thing.
There are multiple places where the trail is a little difficult to follow, and the trail map doesn't help a whole lot. Also, there are some places that would be very challenging for elderly people or children. Overall, so much fun!

Great trail to take kids on. Our 2 year old and 4 year old loved walking up the rocks.

Very good trail very easily distinguishable,
The trail had different smaller trails you could take that were a little more rugged that were optional that was great!

Easy trail...not sure why it’s a moderate. The waterfall was nice and the trail had some overgrown sections but fun anyway.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Awesome trail on a bike! Super fun! Plenty of terrain changes and the trail was well maintained for the most part. A couple of spots had tall grass and I was worried about ticks but I never found any on me. I definitely recommend it.

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