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4 hours ago

Really enjoyed this trail. The nice lady in the gift shop had lots of great info about the various trails. There are dogwood trees everywhere and they are gorgeous right now.

Beautiful trail, information stands and mostly well maintained. Too many stairs.

mountain biking
1 day ago

Very nice trail with a lot of variations. It is technical if you are on a moutain bike like I was but surely a nice ling hike !
You have to make it to inspiration point !
The only negative point is the lack if map or indication on the trail.
I did not do the Switchback part of the trail.

It is not a long hike but if you are around Gloss Mountains, it is a must do ! Not much other opportunity to clim up in OK.
The way up is the only effort as the top is a flat stroll.
Nice views and landscape.

Beautiful oasis feel.

2 days ago

Early in the season, and some trees are just beginning to put out leaves. I enjoyed the trail, and I think I only went about half way because of time constraints. Pleasant walking, some wildflowers in bloom. Quiet and comfortable. Not too challenging, but fine for beginners or occasional hikers. There were two different benches to rest at if one cares to. I took pictures and walked altogether for about an hour.

This was a nice running trail! Had a little bit of everything

Nice place to run or bike on trail right in the middle of Okc

Nice trail if you want to look at heaps of garbage and have tons of glass on the trail. The bathrooms were FILLED with trash and looked like they hadn't been maintained in years.

11 days ago

This was a pleasantly difficult trail. It was much more difficult than expected and we didn't plan accordingly for time while packing a 2-year-old along. Of note, the water crossings at Bee Creek are super confusing. Do not cross when you first hit Bee Creek! Go to the right as far as you can and you eventually have to cross the creek at that point. It was cold, my 18-year-old didn't listen when I told him there would be water crossings, so he ended up in ankle deep water barefoot on 5 occasions instead of the 3 that we really needed to cross. Overall, a great trip. I do agree with some that the views weren't all I expected, but it you are looking for a challenge, this is a great trip. I didn't see backpacking listed on this trail, but there was a nice little primitive site at Bee Creek. I think next time we may make it a 2 day trip and enjoy the area more instead of trying to hurry through to make it back before dark.

This is a nice trail. The only issue is there are really no markings. The sign at the trailhead says the trail is marked with red and white paint. This is not the case. It’s easy to start following the wrong trail at intersections. Make sure you have gps on.

beautiful at sunset

great trail just beautiful

Journey to the top consists of steep stairs and a bit of a scramble over some rocks. Amazing views along the short hike atop The Mesa.

13 days ago

Great hike. The washed out bridge is almost done being replaced, so the northern loop should be easily accessible again soon. Did the southern ~9 mile section in clockwise direction in ~3.5 hours. Trail markings are not the best in some spots, particularly near the Bee Creek crossings. It had recently rained, so rocks on some of the steep bits were a bit slippery, and two smaller creeks and the larger Bee Creek involved wet crossings. All three of the Bee Creek crossings involved wading through 8-12 inches of clean fast-flowing water. Great views from the tops of the ridge lines, particularly in the more difficult southern half of the trail.

Fantastic trail!!!! Your surroundings are beautiful with several great views of the lakes. We spent 3 hours walking the trails with our dog. There was a little waterfall and rocks and trees and cactus. My only regret is we forgot the fishing poles. Maybe next time. Don’t go when it’s hot. We went on a cool day and ended up taking off our jackets. There are plenty of hills to climb and streams to walk. We had a wonderful time. Will definitely go again.

It wasn’t the greatest, first and last half of trail is pasture, full sun, middle part is going through some trees with a view of the lake. You share the trail with horse riders which is fine. However the trail in some if not most places are deep ruts made by the heavy horses and water run off. I had to pay for a laminated map because rangers station only had laminated ones. Was told to take a picture of the big map in parking area. And it cost $5.00 for a day pass. I probably won’t hike it again.

Best hike of the Wichitas.

Started at Sunset TH. Nice trail, especially for the hike down the Valley of the Boulders (where you'll also find the 'Apple & Pear'). Before the Valley trail is very obvious. Arriving at the boulders search for the trail at the right hillside (don't start to scramble down the boulders). After the Valley the trail sometimes gets less well defined in certain spots. Follow main trail till parking lot at southern end of trail (various spur trails here). Crab Eyes was part of the trail, I made it just below the eye catching rock.

Short, but beautiful hike in the wilderness area of the refuge. There are no markers (unlike the Dog Run Hollow trail system) but the trail is easy to follow. At the top of the mountain various (gradually disappearing) trails lead to different lookout points.

15 days ago

Nice hike but not as interesting as Elk Mountain Trail, the trail through the Valley of the Boulders/Apple & Pear (both start at the same TH) or The Narrows Trail. Views are beautiful because trail crosses the plain before arriving at the two eyed rock formation.

Nice hike, easy to follow trail with abundance of markers and maps at crossroads. It's not the most spectacular hike in the refuge, though the well known, beautiful 40 foot canyon is part of it.

Farm road or never taken care of path. Had to chase away a turkey which was awesome.

But all and all wasn’t that good

We do this trail with our dog and granddaughter weekly!

18 days ago

Nice local walk. Flat and well marked.

19 days ago

Well marked trail with several campsites along the way.

This trail was great. You don't need an actual trail once you get to the big bolders. It's incredibly fun to find your own way to the top. The same applies to to going back down the mountain. It's an amazing time, I've done it thrice and each time is completely different.

Great for biking/walking

Love this trail and close to home!

19 days ago

Nice hike... great view

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