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Great trail. Took our group 3 hours total hike time, but need to factor in rests and such if hiking with group. We started late at Dogwood area (left our car in Fern Campground) and hiked 2.2 miles to primitive camping beside Bee Creek. Hiked out next morning. Don’t park at the Sky Trail trailhead as the bridge is out and you won’t be able to get back to it. Walk back to car is close to a mile. Skyline Trail is only -8 miles but first 4 are the most difficult and along some ledges. Enjoy!

3 days ago

Very good hike. Challenging. Well marked. Trekking poles a must. Great scenery. Several lookout points. Endurance is also a must for older generation.

trail running
6 days ago

Good trail. More challenging than expected.

7 days ago

Great trail--not for the faint of heart! Worth every uphill trek though. Be prepared for some jaw dropping views. Allot plenty of time. Take plenty of water (1 bottle is NOT going to cut it) and snacks for breaks along the way. Great for a long afternoon hike. Did this one with my boyfriend and it was a romantic get away with an adventurous twist!

11 days ago

Really nice. My son and I did it in 3.5 hours. He's 14. We definitely enjoyed it, but I could easily see taking a lot longer with the hike and exploring a bit more. It is a solid hike with plenty of elevation gain and loss. Rarely flat, but really pretty. Bee Creek hung us up just a bit with the crossings. Otherwise, very easy trail to follow. We parked and started at Dogwood, but will park at the washed out bridge next time. Of note, the washed out bridge is being rebuilt.

14 days ago

A fun and somewhat difficult trail. My husband and I enjoyed the hike much more than the others in our group (6 people total) only because they were not prepared for the distance or the difficulty level. Took us about 7-8 hours to finish. Lot of up/down elevation changes, which can be brutal on the legs, but a great hike nonetheless!! Will definitely do it again!

19 days ago

This is a fun trail but the north loop is pretty much not even a trail. It is very well marked though. Be prepared to crawl over a bunch of downed trees or walk around if possible. Overall I had a good time. Very secluded on the north loop.

29 days ago

This is actually several small trails that connect to form one mega trail. The smaller trails are less than a mile each. I did the archaeology and kid-friendly trails which totaled one mile; both were paved. Great views which included native grasslands, river, and lake. As a reminder- it is a felony to remove artifacts from federal and state lands!

Loved it! It seems part of the path is closed though so I went up to inspiration point and back down. I would definitely do this hike again.

Really Enjoyed the views and the hike, however this map cannot be completed. The trail is cut off and a sign says no public access pass a certain point. So we just turned around and continued to explore. The trails are not well marked. Once you get it figured it out it was nice. You go from by the lake to the woods to up on the top in the open. It was really enjoyable.

2 months ago

Good trail. Pretty easy and some of the best scenery in the state!

Great day hike with a surprising variety of terrain for Oklahoma. The trail is well-maintained but the trail signs can be confusing if you didn't bring a map. We downloaded the AllTrails app, which was helpful when we reached forks in the trail that lacked a trail sign. With a couple of breaks for water and pictures, we finished in ~2.5 hours. It could take longer if you lacked a map or decided to explore several of the side trails. I brought my dog and she didn't need my help with any of the elevation gain. Beware: the gypsum rock can be sharp for human hands or doggy paws if you slip while climbing. We went a day or two after a big rain storm so the trail was slightly muddy.

3 months ago

Took us about 4 hours to do the entire skyline trail plus the walk back along the highway. I am 16 years old and in great shape and I had no trouble on this trail. Very fun trail.

3 months ago

Great trail! This is a trail for everybody. The waterfall is picturesque.

3 months ago

Well, tried to hike it today but a late start and no cell service got us sidetracked on north side of the creek off the main trail. Hope to get back soon and make it the natural springs. Still so much fun to be outdoors in cool air.
I would recommend downloading maps so you have an offline route.

Went in summer. Trail is nice and has some moderate elevation (for Oklahoma). The state park itself also has some nice natural springs we waded in to cool off after the hike. Overall will go back, it's worth the drive from OKC.

on Skyline Trail

3 months ago

It’s a great trail but I only recommend it to those that have experience hiking.

4 months ago

Short Trail Recon

4 months ago

Since the bridge is still washed out the best place to park is down off Spillway Road before you cross the Spillway. Then choose whether you want to hike along the road first or last. If you want to start at the Spillway look for the pink ribbons that follow the Spillway creek before turning right and there is a sign that takes you to the right. Most of the trail is well marked, but had a little trouble finding my way past the first power line. Overall pretty tough with lots of ups and downs but more the distance than the climbs. Took about 5 hours.

4 months ago

This is the hardest trail I have hiked but well worth it. It is definitely not a trail for a casual day hiker. There are some steep changes in elevation for about 3 miles of the trail. The views were spectacular in several locations plus hiking in early November was peak viewing for the changing foliage.

1. We parked at the washed out bridge and walked back to the trailhead across from the Dogwood Campgrounds. I was so thankful the vehicle was waiting for us at the end of the trail rather than having to walk an extra mile back to the trailhead.
2. A trekking pole is a must
3. If you like to stop to take photos or breaks, plan on an 8-9 hr hike.
4. Take plenty of water and high energy snacks. I drank 96 ounces of water.
5. The trail was adequately marked EXCEPT at Bee Creek. Many people climbed a steep hill and wandered aimlessly in the woods wasting precious time and energy -we were some of those people. The trail actually continues across the creek. This was confusing because you cross the creek and continue walking along the bank until it becomes impassable. At that point cross the creek back to the side you started on and walk along the bank until it is impassable. Cross back to the side opposite from your arrival where the hardest 3 miles of the trail begins. To reiterate- there are 3 water crossings at Bee Creek - across - back - and across.
6. There were several creek crossing between Bee Creek and the washed out bridge. Several of these creeks would go over the top of your hiking boots but all could be done by stepping on rocks. Beware the rocks are very slick. The rocks may not be above water level during the spring rainy season. Take extra socks in case you slip off a rock and get your feet wet.

We did not cross the creek at the washed out bridge so I am unsure what that 2-3 mile portion of trail is like.

I am a 51 year old woman that walks 20,000 steps a day. The Skyline Trail was pretty much my max in distance and elevation changes.

Wonderful hiking trails. My wife and I just decided to take up hiking and this was a wonderful start. Very easy trail up to inspiration point and we were able to go off on some other trails and do a nice 3 hour hike. This is a great place for the whole family. Will be going back to explore more in the near future.

Love this park and trail. Be aware that most of the trail is frequently closed in fall due to hunting season. I recommend calling ahead to check before planning on hiking the full 18 miles.

Not the greatest trail,but it's pretty rad. There's quite a few places to stop and fish,so that's always a plus.

We walked 6.5 miles and still didn’t finish one trail. Part of the west trail up to Inspiration Point was closed so we had to backtrack and go up from the other side. The trails were clean except for where the water was down and left some trash. Our dogs loved the hike. It’s best to park at the Country Store and start at that trailhead.

5 months ago

1. Check in at the Forest Heritage Center for a map
2. The head of the trail is labeled as David Boren/Cedar Bluff not Skyline, across from the dogwood campground
3. You should park at the washed out bridge construction zone and walk up to the trail head so your car is waiting for you at the end, otherwise you have to walk down the road at the end of a VERY long hike
4. I jog 2-3 miles a day and this trail was still difficult (brutal). Very very steep hills. Took 7 hours with very minimal stopping
5. Take at least 3liters of water per person and snacks
6. The trail is 90% shaded so fair skinned folks don't need to excessively coat themselves in sunscreen
7. Lots of spiders and spiderwebs
8. Take your phone for gps. A couple spots it's easy to get lost. Trail markers are anything from pink ribbon, metal tags on trees to cut up logs.

5 months ago

Be ready to climb several mountains very difficult hike

Hiked the south loop of the main trail system in late September. In spite of using bug spray, I still got bombarded with chiggers. No ticks though. That aside, I thought this was an okay hike. The bridge was the main attraction for me. There wasn't too many great views or points of interest throughout the trail.

Moderate hike. The west side of the trail was definitely an easier hike then the east. We hiked clockwise and I think I would agree with a lot of the other reviews that can be found online that counterclockwise is a better bet.

Overall, I did enjoy this hike. I had plans to do the entire trail system as an overnight backpacking trip but after doing a day hike, I've lost interest.

5 months ago

I only hiked from the trailhead to the swinging bridge. Just a short 3 hour hike. I wasn't expecting the trail would lead me to the highway bridge between the trail. Steep in some spots along the lake. It was definitely different than what I expected but still a pretty sight and a great adventure. Unexpected is good.

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5 months ago

Good trail, some congestion at 7pm.

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