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Norman, Oklahoma Map

Good experience! No ticks but we got chiggers. Dog loved it. Got a bit lost the trail markers are not very helpful, thank goodness for GPS. Will definitely use again.

1 month ago

Personally I felt uncomfortable here. I pulled up and there were people in the trees staring as if I was going to bother them. For the little bit of this trail I did do, we came home with no ticks (so far) which is good. I won't be returning to this trail, just had a bad vibe.

1 month ago

There are seed ticks! You will get hundreds or so on you! Otherwise great trail, well maintained, the dogs had fun.

There were tons of tiny ticks. Bring lots of bug spray and water. This trail took about 2 miles an hour due to all the twists and turns. It's very easy to get going in the wrong direction. Parts of the trail are hard to determine if you are on the right one. There are so many trails to choose from. I will definitely go back in the fall once the tick have gone.

ticks were TERRIBLE even with Deet spray. great trail tho.

Took the kid and our dogs. Had a great walk, mostly shady so that was nice because it was hot. No bug issues at all. Met Friendly people.

This was a great well maintained easy trail.
On the drive home we noticed hundreds of seed ticks on us. Please heed the tick warnings for July 2018!!

Holy ticks!!!! We even sprayed before we started. I’ve never seen that many ticks.

Holy ticks!!!! We would be back if it wasn’t for the ticks. May try again when it’s cooler. That many ticks just wasn’t worth it.

go 0.3 miles east of the parking lot to get to the start of the trail. saw lots of deer, only had 1 tick. great, easy trail for me and my dog.

5 yr. old: my favorite part was all the trees and the lake. The walking trail was super great!

trail running
3 months ago

I love these trails for close to home hiking/running, but tend to stay away during the summer months due to ticks/chiggers. The few times I’ve ventured on these trails between May and September I’ve returned home with a ridiculous amount of ticks. I frequent these trails December thru March with much less of a tick problem.

mountain biking
3 months ago

needs to be cleared out lots ove overhang and a tremendous amount of ticks. if you come bring some high deet spray . I had over 100 tick bites using 40% deet. trails are really fun and the the plaid trail is very fast and flowy.

Loved the scenery, great for dogs.

4 months ago

Great trail with plenty to see. Nice beginner trail for families who are starting out with hiking.

Good, easy trail. Me and my wife each got one tick on us. Other than that, not bad. Fairly pretty.

5 months ago

Nice short walk with the family and dogs.

I love walking the Sutton Trails. it is very pretty and peaceful. I've met several nice people while walking the trails.
I feel very fortunate to have a nice place like this here in Norman.

Easy trail. To many ticks.

5 months ago

Walked the trail with my husband and 18 month old. Got a little lost and ended up on the red trail for a while before we realized what was going on. Still had a great, relaxing time. Came home with a fair amount of ticks on us.

We do this trail with our dog and granddaughter weekly!

An easy, well marked in and out in the Wood. Nothing specific about it. Can be done in mountain bike and trail running too.
FYI, the map shows a service road a bit further west of the trail.

6 months ago

Love this trail! I recommend going early in the spring because the ticks and chiggers are AWFUL out here during the hot summer months. These trails can be mixed and matched for different lengths depending on what you’re wanting. But have a map with you because it’s very easy to turn a 3 mile hike into a MUCH longer hike with one wrong turn. Watch out for mountain bikers! They have the right of way. There are lots of sandy areas along the trails so wear proper shoes or it’ll be like you came back from the beach.

Great for a good morning hike. Trails maintained nicely.

mountain biking
7 months ago

Continue east on alameda and there is a trail head for Indian Point Hiking Trail not shown on app.

Quick and easy trail in the middle of town. It’s clear from the active construction throughout the trail that more improvements are on the way. Gravel/paved the whole way and it’s fairly easy with a baby stroller.

mountain biking
8 months ago

Rode the red loop close to sunset, and got lost for a few extra miles on some easier loops. Trails look to be in good shape, but sunlight is a must for the red trail..

Ok trail for when you need to get in a quick hike without driving far. Glad they are expanding the parking lot. Trail is paved/gravel whole way.

mountain biking
10 months ago

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