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5 yr. old: my favorite part was all the trees and the lake. The walking trail was super great!

Great way to kill a few hours and the view is pretty all the way around.

We only had an hour to hike so we couldn’t do the whole trail but what we saw was beautiful.

I’ve walked the trail to the north and the SW service road and both are neat but otherwise boring. I mostly go walking off road into the refuge itself. Far more to see, some awesome trees to be found and the occasional deer, turkey, or pig can be seen. Overall not a bad spot, needs to be burned to clear out old dead tree litter and leaf build up and get more food for wildlife, but being so nestled in the city that’ll never happen. Waterway is popular with kayakers and paddle boarders.

Across the street from my neighborhood, I use the garden and nearby park for running and walking the dogs. The gardens are very popular with photographers and Pokémon Go players.

It's not well marked. But it even warns you ahead of time. I'm pretty sure I was off the trail within the first five minutes. But was a lot of fun. Looking forward to going back.

A fun, easy trail that is beautiful and relaxing to walk. Walked with kids and they had no trouble. Would definitely do it again.

mountain biking
3 days ago

Nice warm-up circuit. Some technical spots with a few features that are in need of slight repair.

trail running
3 days ago

I love these trails for close to home hiking/running, but tend to stay away during the summer months due to ticks/chiggers. The few times I’ve ventured on these trails between May and September I’ve returned home with a ridiculous amount of ticks. I frequent these trails December thru March with much less of a tick problem.

HOLY TICKS!!!!!!!!!!! This place is festering with ticks; I would not walk this trail by any means again. Found about twenty small ticks and two large ticks after hiking here

Gorgeous, easy trail. There are some rocks to climb and water to play in along the way. Fairly trafficked, and lots of trash honestly. I carried a lot of what I came across out with me.

7 days ago

What a gem tucked away in Oklahoma. I traveled to Lawton for work and found this trail. I was able to hike to the top and back in just under 2.5 hours, although I wanted to keep going. I was racing the sunset since I ventured out after 5p that day. When you get to the top of the trail you can see for miles, and you wouldn’t know at the trail head, but there are some really beautiful rock formations you can explore and climb once you get to the top. Very much wanted to spend more time on this trail.

Beautiful views from the top!

Some climbs. Rocks and path are beautiful. Fully shaded and the views are worth it! Toddler and dog (on leash) both did great.

Loved the trivia signs along the way. Nice areas to rest. Toddler did great. Saw some really interested armadillos, cacti, and red mushrooms.

Great trail. Took the dog and a toddler without issue.

Great trail with a special bonus down by the river. A Native American Trail marker tree is along the trail. It has no special signs to identify it, but it is obvious if you look around.

Calling it a trail is a bit of a stretch, there’s definitely a trail at the very start but it quickly devolves into just finding a way up and then back down, mainly by climbing around on the boulders. Some precarious little areas depending on the route you take, which makes it even more fun. Definitely a workout and some great views along with it

10 days ago

Nice easy trail. Great way to start a day at Lake Murray.

11 days ago

The views while walking along this ravine the trail follows was beautiful, but having no shade made this hike very difficult, especially since it was during summer. Pay close attention to the trail because the markings is a bit off and can get confusing. If you get lost just walk along the creek and you should meet back with the trail in no time.

quite a bit of trash and heavily trafficked

mountain biking
12 days ago

needs to be cleared out lots ove overhang and a tremendous amount of ticks. if you come bring some high deet spray . I had over 100 tick bites using 40% deet. trails are really fun and the the plaid trail is very fast and flowy.

Nice, scenic trail. Perfect for birders. Spotted a painted bunting, a Carolina wren, a Mississippi kite, a brown thrasher, and a meadow lark during my hike. There’s a short adjacent trail that leads west of the tower, but it stops at some boulders and does not appear to go farther. It was a nice add-on, though. This trail is great for beginners, children, and dogs.

Beautiful view but the trail was not well marked.

on Lookout Mountain

15 days ago

Great time with our 13 & 11 yr old and golden retriever. Some parts were a little steep for younger daughter. We saw squirrels and deer. A couple spots make good photo oops.

16 days ago

Good for bird watching.

Well maintained mountain biking trails!

A Tulsa gem and a challenging hike. Bring lots of water or a camelpack when it's hot out.

This is my local workout trail system. Nice for hiking or biking with woods, rocks and water. Such a gem to have in our community!

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