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Lawton, Oklahoma Map
27 days ago

Need to get some hill work completed in Oklahoma? This is your spot. Train like Camille Herron and be great!

one good shade spot by the lake about 3 minutes into the hike then uncovered for the rest. pretty good but easy inclines. some slippery rocks. wind felt amazing at the top! wish the tower was open to check out those views but otherwise was still very pretty. great for a short hike. our 2 labs handled it great.

Great little hike!

They closed off the entrance to the tower

It was a pretty easy hike with beautiful views.

Tower has been closed off entirely now to entering. Such a shame as it held great views.

trail running
4 months ago

I ran it but it’s road running not trail. Beautiful morning run before they let the cars use the road

Nice, scenic trail. Perfect for birders. Spotted a painted bunting, a Carolina wren, a Mississippi kite, a brown thrasher, and a meadow lark during my hike. There’s a short adjacent trail that leads west of the tower, but it stops at some boulders and does not appear to go farther. It was a nice add-on, though. This trail is great for beginners, children, and dogs.

Took a quick hike late in the afternoon when it was cooler. Lots of loose rocks and little to no shade but short and sweet with great views.

6 months ago

Amazing hike and rock climbing. Can get a bit dicey in the winter months. My fiancé proposed here (well on one of the mountains near the lake/tower area). It’s a magical place for me. Love it. Definitely a moderate hike/trail area.

rock climbing
6 months ago

Trails are easy when staying on the path.
Rocks adjacent to them - not so easy lol. I have hiked it twice and getting to the summit is easier in the spring than the fall. It gets dark quick so plan early and bring extra lighting.

Total time spent was a couple of hours each way to the summit of the mountain next to the tower. I’ve seen some folks fishing the lake there but I never got over to it.

Last trip was in January and it was very cold. Ice still on the rocks which can make for a dicey climb. Still very worth it.

My fiancé proposed on top of the mountain next to the tower, it was a perfect hike with an amazing sunset. Cold but beautiful.

on Mount Scott Overlook

6 months ago

Great views. It’s a nice drive up but hiking isn’t to be had here.

Head across the road by the lake for a moderate hike. It gets a bit dicey in the winter and months following ice can still be on the rocks so be cautious. Also bring extra lighting if you go anytime in the fall. It gets dark and fast.

Mount Scott has a beautiful view. I definitely recommend the drive up (for everyone). Next time, we plan to hike up the Mountain.

Great mountain trails. A lot of rock climbing son and German Shepherd had no problem. Two thumbs up from poppy!

Nice short trek with great views. Easy trail for everyone.

7 months ago

Just an FYI…. As of Dec 2017 the Mt. Scott Road is open to foot-traffic only (pedestrians/bicyclists) from 6 AM to 9:30 AM. Group size is restricted to 8 persons or less and users must remain on pavement until sunrise. From 9:30 to sunset, the road is open for motorized travel. Pedestrians and bicyclists will not be permitted to walk/bike road after it is open for motorized travel.

My dad and I took this trail with my dog and we loved it! The view was amazing, the hike in was really easy! We where a little confused at one point it V’s and the right goes away from the tower. So we turned around and went left and had no other problems. We found a rattle snake on the path on the way back down!! So be be careful!

very easy trail to follow

This was a nice trail at first but then at the base of the trail it basically disappeared at the base of the hill. We had to scramble up boulders and basically follow a animal trail to get to the top.

trail running
8 months ago

In high school, we used to run up and down the road that goes up the mountain. It's not easy and the way down hurts more than the way up. But, the view is worth it. You do have to be careful of vehicles, this is a run I recommend doing without earbuds so that you can stay aware of your surroundings. Pro tip: have someone making hamburgers at the bottom of the mountain so when you finish, there's an awesome lunch waiting for you.

beautiful at sunset

Nice hike... great view

scenic driving
8 months ago

There is NO hiking trail at Mount Scott. Again, there is NO hiking trail at Mount Scott. If you’re okay with this, the summit holds lots of easy rock climbing great for 7-15 year olds. I’m 36 and had a wonderful time climbing all over the cluster of rocks.

This trail is super-easy when the road is blocked off. I did it with my kids the day the govt was shut down. It would be more complicated with traffic.

scenic driving
9 months ago

Great short drive up the paved road and even better during a winter/overcast day to get that foggy view!

Easy hike, wish the tower was open and able to get inside for the view.

trail running
10 months ago

It’s not true trail running it road running but if you start early on a clear day the sunrise is amazing.

Love this trail, some seriously boulders at the end toward the peak. Would not recommend bringing a small dog if you plan on finishing lol

scenic driving
10 months ago

I LOVE WICHITA MOUNTAINS. I have been twice now (about a 6 hr drive) and would go again and again and again. Mount Scott is always worth the drive to the top for a chance to get some great shots and admire the park. No trails but you can park and walk around and find your own little spot.

Great hike, short, but fun. Cool seeing the old tower at the top.

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