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amazing views and don't let the 1.1 miles fool you. go of trail and explore to make it much longer

on Elk Mountain Trail

5 days ago

Great hike. We’ve had rain so the trail is pretty wet/muddy in places. 10/14/18. Lots of kiddos on the trail and elk to watch from and on top of the mountain. Get outside and enjoy this Oklahoma hike!

Easy trail...not sure why it’s a moderate. The waterfall was nice and the trail had some overgrown sections but fun anyway.

on Bison Trail

7 days ago

Fun hike! First time in the park and went right to this trail. Rocks, rivers, steams, woods and prairie. Plenty of water for the dogs. Made it in 2.5 hours. Toughest obstacle is 50 yards in. If you can cross that creek you can make the hike. Found some mushrooms on a cow-pie...gnarly.

I started later in the day I wanted to...it got hot out there! I started from Sunset and took the trail south all the way to the Post Oaks trailhead. The trail was easy to follow to the boulder field and I saw two deer on the way. I didn’t realize there is supposed to be a trail around the right (west) side of the boulder field so I climbed over the boulders in the way down the trail. If you’re not careful you can slip and fall and get hurt, so make sure you stay within your abilities.

Once I left the boulder field the trail started to become hard to follow at times. There are a few side trails and no markings at all. I had a tool map and limited gps reception on my phone, so once I ended up off course for a way I would backtrack and find the right path. That turned out to be the theme of the day. I saw what I assume to be parts of a buffalo skeleton in a small creek. Once I neared the Post Oak falls the trail(s) kind of went all over the place. I knew if I continued to follow the creek downstream I would end up at the other trailhead.

Overall, this is a rewarding hike and it offers unique opportunities that you won’t get in other parts of Oklahoma. Make sure you’re familiar with the trail before you start and keep an eye out for the landmarks to remember where you’re headed!

16 days ago

Really nice trail with great views and optional rock climbing at the end of the trail. The trail could’ve been better marked, but the all trails map kept me on track.

Nice trail. Gorgeous view.

16 days ago

Great view. Fun climb.

Gorgeous. Lots of streams, wildlife and climbing.

The Kite Trail travels on top of a neat little gorge, although the numerous offshoots can make it a bit difficult to follow at times. The dam crossing had some water flowing over it, but if you’re careful you can cross it if it is t too high. The water was only an inch or so deep in the middle past if the dam, but any higher than that and I wouldn’t do it. The water covered part was a little slick, and a misstep would have sent me 15’ down the spillway into some rocks or off into the deep side with nothing to grab onto.

Once I hit the loop it was pretty easy going. There are trail markers but at times it isn’t entirely clear which direction you need to go. There isn’t a lot of cell service there (Verizon) so make sure you have a map or a gps app on your phone.

I decided to cut my trip short because I didn’t feel like crossing the dam and taking the Kite Trail back to the trailhead so I went off trail near the 40-foot hole and headed east. An animal trail followed the creek towards the parking lot and I was able to cross the creek across one of the parking lots where bushes and other debris piled up and the creek was able to spread out and get shallower. I’m not sure if that would have been wise following heavy rains though.

20 days ago

The trails closest to the river are the easiest to follow. Some areas you kinda have to guess where to go but they all lead back to the same place. The trail is absolutely beautiful and has amazing views. We saw all ages of people hiking it and it was enjoyable. It took us about 3 hours to make it down the trail to the next trail head and back (that includes frequent breaks to take pictures and eat some snacks). I would definitely recommend this trail to anyone who is looking for a day hike with great scenery.

20 days ago

The pup and I enjoyed the trail! Lots of loose rocks to maneuver over both up and down hill, I would say moderate difficulty, can lose the trail in some of the rock formation area. We enjoyed watching a group of people rock climbing by the water! Few spots of water on the trail, waterproof boots would come in handy. Good views, high grass.

We had our 5 year old with us and she only needed help a few times. The water was a little high so crossing the river was tricky for her but fine for us. The view at the almost top was amazing. Some other people went up higher than us and said they saw a rattlesnake. Like everyone else has said, the trail is not well marked and very rocky to bouldery but we just stayed close to the river.

26 days ago

Heavy rains in Late Sept. had water levels up. The fall has died down in the past two days, but was still nice to see a rush falling. Creek levels are also up so be prepared to get your feet wet or rock hop a little more.

Gabe & Wendy

26 days ago

This is a great little hike with lovely views of the refuge. By far my favorite for elevated views. It’s a relatively short hike but be prepared for a lot of elevation gain quickly — so make sure to bring adequate water.

By this outlined trail, it’s very easy. You can take a more difficult path but should not unless you are experienced.

Not well marked. Old cabin was neat to see and we loved creating our own way up the mountain. Nearly put my hand on a rattlesnake. Coming down was tricky as certain routes ended in big cliffs.

1 month ago

Sam and joe and I hiked to the top and back quickly. Trail disappeared and reappeared many times. The top was fantastic with large boulders to climb and jump around on and a great view in all directions.

This was a great hike up to the top of the Elk Mountain. This area is kind of unique because most of the surrounding area in Oklahoma is relatively flat. The trail was well kept and in good condition. The view at the top is great! Go slow and use caution for the uneven terrain, especially on the way back down. During the summer months be sure to wear a hat and bring plenty of fluids because of the heat and elevation gain going up the mountain.

trail is very overgrown with underbrush. many fallen trees. I'd rate this trail as hard. Made it to 1/4 mile from the end and couldn't continue unless we felt like rock climbing or had brought a machete. Other than that a fun hike. Spanish Cave was cool but riddled with graffiti.

1 month ago

Easy trail ; great reward at the end if the falls are flowing.

Kite Trail has a lot of off-shoots that can be confusing, but Bison Trail is very well marked. We saw buffalo (2), lonhorns (3), a snake, (1) black widow, and 5 other people (that's it!). I was surprised how few people were out there, given that we hiked it on Labor Day. When we arrived a little after 8 AM, we were the only car in the parking lot. It was great!

1 month ago

Have only done a few small sections of this trail...nice views but poorly marked in some places.

Poorly marked and overgrown in most places. No clear path after creek crossing.

Worth the hike, definitely a lot of uneven terrain, took my five year old up and she made it, but she had to scoot down a lot of parts on her backside or me holding her hand. A couple of spots in the trail that cause you to zig when you should of zagged to get to the top of the trail, this app helped a lot when it came to those situations. Not much shade either so plan accordingly.

This a great hike. The view is amazing.

Not much vegetation, great trail regardless. Signs are not well posted and you may find yourself taking the wrong turn.


the path is a little rugged but I guess that is the part of the fun of hiking. when you get to the summit you are rewarded with a great view.

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