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Not well marked. Old cabin was neat to see and we loved creating our own way up the mountain. Nearly put my hand on a rattlesnake. Coming down was tricky as certain routes ended in big cliffs.

1 day ago

Sam and joe and I hiked to the top and back quickly. Trail disappeared and reappeared many times. The top was fantastic with large boulders to climb and jump around on and a great view in all directions.

This was a great hike up to the top of the Elk Mountain. This area is kind of unique because most of the surrounding area in Oklahoma is relatively flat. The trail was well kept and in good condition. The view at the top is great! Go slow and use caution for the uneven terrain, especially on the way back down. During the summer months be sure to wear a hat and bring plenty of fluids because of the heat and elevation gain going up the mountain.

You would think your in Colorado. Great views, rock formations.

trail is very overgrown with underbrush. many fallen trees. I'd rate this trail as hard. Made it to 1/4 mile from the end and couldn't continue unless we felt like rock climbing or had brought a machete. Other than that a fun hike. Spanish Cave was cool but riddled with graffiti.

13 days ago

Easy trail ; great reward at the end if the falls are flowing.

Kite Trail has a lot of off-shoots that can be confusing, but Bison Trail is very well marked. We saw buffalo (2), lonhorns (3), a snake, (1) black widow, and 5 other people (that's it!). I was surprised how few people were out there, given that we hiked it on Labor Day. When we arrived a little after 8 AM, we were the only car in the parking lot. It was great!

18 days ago

Have only done a few small sections of this trail...nice views but poorly marked in some places.

Poorly marked and overgrown in most places. No clear path after creek crossing.

Worth the hike, definitely a lot of uneven terrain, took my five year old up and she made it, but she had to scoot down a lot of parts on her backside or me holding her hand. A couple of spots in the trail that cause you to zig when you should of zagged to get to the top of the trail, this app helped a lot when it came to those situations. Not much shade either so plan accordingly.

This a great hike. The view is amazing.

Not much vegetation, great trail regardless. Signs are not well posted and you may find yourself taking the wrong turn.


the path is a little rugged but I guess that is the part of the fun of hiking. when you get to the summit you are rewarded with a great view.

26 days ago

Terrific non-technical trail. Bring plenty of water, especially in the hot months. Plenty of bison, elk, deer, water and other assorted wildlife but especially rattle snakes. Wear gaiters and watch your step. They cover this area pretty well. Loose boulders/rocks can be a concern as well.

Once you hit summit, this is a real challenge. I’d rate it from difficult to very difficult. It’s more like bouldering than hiking.

Beautiful trail. The hike up was enjoyable. I think it would benefit if it had some trail markers on the main trail. Has a lot of offshoot trails and someone could easily get turned around if they weren't familiar with land nav. I took. couple of them on the way down. One of them led me too a more difficult rocky area. To me made it more enjoyable but could see someone getting hurt. The view from the top was amazing.

1 month ago

Nice trail with lots of trail fingers for exploring! My 9 and 5 year old cruised through this trail. Trail isn’t marked great but is easy to follow due to the traffic. Perfect for younger children!

Started on Kite Trail and made our way to Bison Trail. There are several little side trails off of Kite Trail, which can be a little confusing. For that reason I'd say Kite Trail is not well-marked. However, the Bison and Longhorn Trails are marked very well. To get from the Kite Trail to the Bison Trail, you'll cross over the dam. Then you can follow the Bison loop all the way around or cut it a little short by crossing over the Longhorn Trail. The annoying part about this trail is that (as you see on the map) you have to double-back to the Kite Trail to cross back over at the dam and do the Kite Trail all over again. However, as you make the the turn for the last stretch of the Bison Trail, there's an unmarked trail to your right that will take you to a beach area where you can cross the river very easily. The parking lot is right across from this crossing. Nice little short cut if you don't want to walk up and down the river again!

This was a fun hike although it seems like more of a rock climb. we were up in about 2 hours and down in 1. I should have taken the advice of the other reviewers and worn long pants cause it shredded my legs. Check for tics when you come down, we had quite a few on us. Beautiful scenery and so serene.

1 month ago

Been living here in the Lawton/Fort Sill area for 6 years and while we’d been out the refuge area so many times, I’d never done a hiking trail until today. I took my 3.5 and 1 year old children with me. The 3.5 year old climbed his way up the bouldered areas and even made it down to the 40 foot hole all by himself! I carried my youngest on back and was able to climb up and down easily enough as well. It was a great first hike!

Many of the trails at the wildlife refuge are hard to follow but luckily this one is fairly easy to follow. The view at the top is beautiful and I like that it’s a little workout without being too strenuous! We have done this trail many times, it’s my favorite in the area!

Just a great trail all around. The Kite section the most scenic. Saw buffalo skeleton along the way.

Pretty good trail not very well marked but easy to follow. Went in the middle of the day which was a bad idea because it was so hot but the shade on the way up what nice. Once at the top I pretty much just got off the trail and free roamed which was nice. Great view at the top and real fun to boulder jump. One of the best parts about my hike was seeing a huge collared lizard. Overall it was nice easy trail and would definitely recommend going to if in town.

Lots of bouldering! Was a lot of fun though. Friends and I climbed up the side of the mountain quick enough.

2 months ago

It's not well marked. But it even warns you ahead of time. I'm pretty sure I was off the trail within the first five minutes. But was a lot of fun. Looking forward to going back.

Gorgeous, easy trail. There are some rocks to climb and water to play in along the way. Fairly trafficked, and lots of trash honestly. I carried a lot of what I came across out with me.

2 months ago

What a gem tucked away in Oklahoma. I traveled to Lawton for work and found this trail. I was able to hike to the top and back in just under 2.5 hours, although I wanted to keep going. I was racing the sunset since I ventured out after 5p that day. When you get to the top of the trail you can see for miles, and you wouldn’t know at the trail head, but there are some really beautiful rock formations you can explore and climb once you get to the top. Very much wanted to spend more time on this trail.

Calling it a trail is a bit of a stretch, there’s definitely a trail at the very start but it quickly devolves into just finding a way up and then back down, mainly by climbing around on the boulders. Some precarious little areas depending on the route you take, which makes it even more fun. Definitely a workout and some great views along with it

2 months ago

The views while walking along this ravine the trail follows was beautiful, but having no shade made this hike very difficult, especially since it was during summer. Pay close attention to the trail because the markings is a bit off and can get confusing. If you get lost just walk along the creek and you should meet back with the trail in no time.

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