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This is a great short hike. Lots of shade some rocks and mounds not real difficult. Not marked just worn trail.

Out and back trail.

Very nice trail.

Very nice trail but we did Not cross the bridge on the highway because it's Very dangerous. There's No walkway or room for pedestrians.
I would recommend driving across and parking on other side.

walked this in January, no bugs! besides the short walk across the bridge being pretty dangerous as there is no bicycle lane, especially with a dog, the trail was great! well marked, we had a blast

I really enjoyed my time here. it was my first solo venture, and I felt it couldn't have been a better experience. most of the trail was easily mapped and accessible, and I would rate this trail as a moderate didficulty because it was not very challenging as far as elevation. I will definitely be back.

Did this one this morning with my dog .Great terrains and changing views !!Awesome hike!!

Great day hike! I look forward to getting back and doing the full trail.

22 days ago

Good hike. Was well marked and great views at the top. No way you’re getting lost out here. Different terrain to keep you interested. Water for the dogs in a few spots. Looks like the park has more to explore than just the trail too. Will be back, good ruck.

mountain biking
28 days ago

Trail has potential if it was better maintained and you kept the horses off it. Too much open pasture riding and zero maintenance in the woods section. Also has lots of mud sections that the horses turn into a quagmire, and then when it dries out it’s rough as hell with a thousand hoof tracks.

Overall I liked all the woods sections and even some of the open parts, it just needs maintenance. And the next time someone bitches about mtb’s causing erosion, they should go to this trail and see what the horses have done. Ruts up to a foot and 1/2 deep are everywhere on this trail.

Great trail. Didn’t see a single person. Saw quite a few deer. Lots of water along the route. Could have been marked a little better but overall we really enjoyed it.

Well maintained with a few fun features like log and stream crossings.

1 month ago

As previously mentioned, the west side of the trail is in rough shape and there is no water until you hit the OT. We did enjoy the great weather and the last of the fall colors.

2 months ago

This is a great length of trail for an easy overnighter, but the west side of the loop is quite rough! No one should use my recording to aid them on the west portion because there were many times we completely lost the trail - no blazes in sight and the trail just seemed to dead end into brambles. We took the scenic route option at the sign giving the option between that and the Horse Thief Springs trail around Snake Mountain, and maybe it would have been better if we had kept to the main trail. Much of the trail is fairly overgrown, even once we rejoined the main trail. There was also no water source we could use from Cedar Lake to Horse Thief Springs along the west loop. The spring itself is pretty nasty looking. The first water we found that was running enough to collect was a half mile onto the east loop. There are also great campsites there. The east loop was amazing - beautiful, well marked, plenty of water, and lots of great camping spots.

Nice trail, it was a little overgrown on a few places that were a little more out of the way. There are snakes out there, we saw a baby rattlesnake that my husband almost stepped on... Over all, a nice hike, good distance, typical Oklahoma scenery.

2 months ago

My brother and I walked this trail on a cool Fall day when the leaves were still turning and it was very pretty! The trail was well-marked with white stripes painted on some of the trees and there were at least two places along the trail with flush toilets! We were there on a Monday and although we saw many campers, we only saw one other person on the trail.
It is my opinion, if you go hiking here, bring water, snacks, your camera, and a walking stick.

Nice 5 mile out and back, within an hour’s drive of east Tulsa. Leaves were just starting to turn in late October. This seems like the only hiking trail open right now, so prepare to share the trail with other hikers. Would definitely go back in spring, or when the longer portion of the trail isn’t closed for hunting.

Great trail, well marked for the most part. I don't recommend coming during hunting season as a good chunk of the trail is closed. Overall a great trail to get your hiking legs.

Markers were visible. It would be much better if it was better maintained. Nice little hike.

mountain biking
2 months ago

I enjoyed this ride. I didn’t get to ride the whole trail by any means. I took the #4 trail at first because it is the first trail you come to. I followed it in a good sized circle then when I came back to the main road I decided to follow it wherever it went. To head out I went back to an inlet to part of trail #4. The trail comes to a T right takes you back to the main road (right follows trail #4) left takes you down the rest of the main trail (unknown territory for me).

tried trail 1 again, ended on 4 until it ran into 1, turned the wrong way and ended up back at the trailhead. oh well, enjoyed it anyway and each time we hike it I figure it out even better.

Well maintained, easy hike. Beautiful.

Took Trail 1. Many changes of topography and a slight incline. Went with my kids. Beautiful day. Great trail.

Very good trail very easily distinguishable,
The trail had different smaller trails you could take that were a little more rugged that were optional that was great!

3 months ago

Good day trail from Okc or Tulsa area. Trail’s well marked. Pink is the one listed on the app. There’s a blue trail that zigzags in and out of the pink. Spent time on both. Equestrian trail primarily...watch your step. Still a good ruck.

Took trail 4. It was okay but too much of it is on a gravel road. On the road the trail markers are few and confusing. Will go again in the future and use trail 1.

We've hiked this many times over the past few years. It's a great trail. The West side of the loop is in bad shape other than that it's great.

Run the yellow/pink trails multiple times each week!

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