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A good trail for running. It’s definitely a mountain biking trail but as long as you don’t mind getting your shoes a little dirty it’s great! There’s a few dirt mounds on the trail that just make it a better exercise

3 days ago

This trail is my testbed for new gear or when I’m trying to change my pack up a bit. It’s longer than what the app states here’s. The trail is more like 11miles. There are a lot of water sources along the trail so no need to carry more than a liter at a time unless you are actively looking for a good campsite. It has some pretty steep climbs but it’s not as difficult as people make it out to be. Anyone in avg condition should have no trouble completing the trail in a day if you start early. Don’t expect to complete it if you get an afternoon start.

There are black bears out there, however they should be the least of your worry. Ticks are more of a threat than the bears. Good food practice will keep rodents away from your campsite. Raccoons will steal your stuff lol. I keep all my food, wrappers, and anything with a scent in a hung bear bag downwind from camp.

I recommend this trail for backpacking weekend overnighters. Most people you see on the trail are day hiking the area near the park that overlooks the river. Once you get passed this part you don’t see a lot of people

Out and back trail.

Went out about a mile and a half then came back. Good trail. Not a single person out there on a weekday morning. No noise pollution. Can hear birds chirping. Very well marked. There’s a cool detour that goes down and up a gulley that reconnects with the trail. Some neat water views. Look forward to exploring these trails some more.

5 days ago

Did this trail today, it was a decent trail. It could be better marked. I also found out this is no longer a State Park.

5 days ago

Probably the best hike we did on our trip in terms of challenge and views. It’s definitely not easy though; I would rate it as moderate. Quite a few inclines and steep areas that get your breath short and heart rate up. There are lots of pretty views of the lake, streams and mini waterfalls throughout the hike. Took us about 3 hours to do the whole thing with stops for breaks and pictures.

5 days ago

Did loop 2 for a quick last hike before we headed back home. Even though Loop 2 is listed as “intermediate” on the info board, I would call it an easy hike. No steep inclines or anything that would make you need to take a break. Took us about 40 minutes to do the loop.

Trail was wet after a good bit of rain. But pretty. A few spots were challenging uphill, but overall pretty moderate. Trail is well marked, but must pay close attention or you will be off the trail before you know it.

Very nice trail.

Very nice trail.

Very nice trail but we did Not cross the bridge on the highway because it's Very dangerous. There's No walkway or room for pedestrians.
I would recommend driving across and parking on other side.

Terrible for trail running. Seems like it was just built by mountain bikers for mountain bikers.

walked this in January, no bugs! besides the short walk across the bridge being pretty dangerous as there is no bicycle lane, especially with a dog, the trail was great! well marked, we had a blast

Over all pretty good trail but definitely would label moderate and not easy. There were many fallen trees and logs on the path and there was a very steep incline or decline, depending on which way you were going. Also at the beginning of the trail there is a split and you can go right or left, go left. The markers are for going that way (we went right, which also had us going down instead of up on the steep part, definitely made it more difficult). Also the map isn’t really accurate. There is a whole section that’s missing that connects the end of the left section to the middle of the right to make it a loop instead of an in and out. Besides that, nice trail with diverse views.

trail running
9 days ago

Did a trail run here. It was an easy short trail. Did the green loop, blue loop, then green again (starting and ending on white of course) for a combined 3 mile run. Easiest MTB trail I've ran so far around the OKC metro area.

It’s a short trail but if you find yourself at Bixoma I’d recommend hiking this mini loop.

We hike this trail this past weekend. It was after a few days of rain and our last hike of the day. Since it had been raining, we did have to cross the creek. It was a little challenging since the water was running pretty good but we made it.There wasn’t enough daylight left to do the whole hike. Plus the lady at the camp office told us not to go the whole way because part of it would be flooded. I will say that this hike was one of the most challenging I have ever done. I absolutely loved it, however it does require climbing the trail is a little hard to follow at times. You may discover muscles you never knew you had. Be sure that you look for the waterhole as you’re climbing up the mountain. It was running really good when we were there.I’m thinking that we didn’t go far enough to see the open part of the bluff. The view at the place where we had to stop was still a bit obstructed by the trees. I was a bit disappointed however, I do plan to go back and do the whole trail on another day. After an all day hike at the park, I will say that completing this trail was definitely a feeling of success! I definitely will be back!

This trail is connected to the robbers Cave Trail. After reading the reviews initially I was hesitant to go on it, but was so glad that I did not miss it. We went right after a rain. So lots of the creeks/streams were running. This added to the beauty of the trail. It was a little soggy in some places but not too bad. The trail connects to the Cat Tail Trail. We didn’t get to explore that part of the trail because the water was raging over the low-water bridge that takes you to that part. However I wasn’t to disappointed. Was plenty satisfied staying on the Rough Canyon Trail. You do have to really look for the markers on the trees in some places. But it wasn’t too bad. I’m not sure this area would be a place I’d want to hike in the summer but it is a great hike for the fall/winter. I absolutely loved my time at this park and definitely would like to go back.

This was such a cool trail! We went last weekend, and the weather was beautiful! Taking the CCC part of the trail makes it a bit of a challenge but adds to the excitement. I love the history of this area. It was a good climb. I loved looking at all the rock formations. There were lots of nooks and crannies to explore. Definitely one of the better hikes. I’m not sure that I would want to go there in the summer for fear of snakes just because of all the rocks. That directions given by all trails is a little off. If you get confused stop at the cabin office and they will give you excellent directions.I do agree that the park map is a bit confusing, but the lady at the office did a great job explaining and drew it all out for us. I recommend doing the rough canyon trail when you finish this one. We went right after a rain so there was lots of creek/stream crossings, but so much fun!!

I loved it

I really enjoyed my time here. it was my first solo venture, and I felt it couldn't have been a better experience. most of the trail was easily mapped and accessible, and I would rate this trail as a moderate didficulty because it was not very challenging as far as elevation. I will definitely be back.

12 days ago

Easy to access, well-tended trails smack in the middle of town. Great for a quick jaunt through the trees!

12 days ago

Easy trail for a beginner. Well marked. Does get pretty wet after a rain.

Did this one this morning with my dog .Great terrains and changing views !!Awesome hike!!

States easy. I say moderate.
Enjoyed this trail and it's just down the road.

12 days ago

The trail isn’t marked very well and it’s incredibly easy to get lost. We did 4 miles and could never find the way out and ended up having to turn around and go back another 4 miles to get out. We ran into a group of boys who were lost also and they ended up finding a smaller cliff area that was only about a 10 to 15ft jump to the ground and just jumped off lol. Some better trail markers and this would have been amazing.

Great day hike! I look forward to getting back and doing the full trail.

we had a ton of fun. loved the natural photo backdrops

14 days ago

Very wet and muddy. Good for kids (10, 5, 3).

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