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6 days ago

its worth doing if your in the area

Quick and easy trail in the middle of town. It’s clear from the active construction throughout the trail that more improvements are on the way. Gravel/paved the whole way and it’s fairly easy with a baby stroller.

Ok trail for when you need to get in a quick hike without driving far. Glad they are expanding the parking lot. Trail is paved/gravel whole way.

1 month ago

Right across from the visitor center for the refuge. There is parking and a bathroom at the head of the trail. Halfway through the trail is an overlook for Sally Jones Lake. I saw 3-6 nesting bald eagles, an armadillo, plus lots of other birds. There was also a lot of coyote or bobcat poop on the trail. The trail is paved and you can fish along it.

1 month ago

Paved trail along the Arkansas River and surrounding wetlands. I walked this in January in hopes of seeing nesting bald eagles and common loons. Didn't see any of those but I saw tons of turkey vultures and armadillos. There is a bathroom, parking, and fishing at the head of the trail.

Hiked last week and great views. Very enjoyable !

Trail is a 4.2 mile out and back (totaling 8.4 miles). Property is owned by the Nature Conservancy and managed by OK Tourism. Aside from the ~1.5 mile ascent and descent, the hike is easy. Plan some time at the top to explore off trail. The NM/OK state line is only 1/4 mile west of the marker at the top of the Mesa. Views from there are beautiful.

nature trips
5 months ago

Hubby, kids (14 and 9) and I did this 1.3 mile trail in 30 min. Great, new-ish gravel path takes you all around the park. Tons of mosquitos though. We had to hike super fast to keep them from biting us. Par for the course I guess...it is Oklahoma! We saw lots of birds, spiders and a turtle. Love that we can pop over and get our nature fix without driving too far.

6 months ago

Completed the hike in 3 hours 45 minutes. No shade on the trail which makes this a very hot hike. After completing a short series of switchbacks, the hike to the monument is much like the approach before the switchbacks. Would not recommend this hike. Views are not very good for the length and lack of shade.

The ending is anticlimactic.

I couldn't complete the loop because the trail was washed out. It would be nice if there were a restroom at the entrance as well. Saw some pretty sunflowers and there are some shaded parts of the trail that are nice.

on Sutton Wilderness Trail

7 months ago

The trail is beautiful however it is not marked and so when the gravel ends it can be confusing where the trail is supposed to go next. However, we used this to or advantage and just took every little turn the dogs wanted to investigate and ran with it. Ultimately we head a great time, we went right after some rain so it was muddy but who cares about a little mud?!

Beautiful trail. Watch for the white tail deer as you walk through the field part of the trail.

If you are looking a picturesque hike like you might find in the rockies, this is not it, but it does have its charm. Worth going if it is convenient on your travels even if you don't have any interest in bagging a state highpoint. The end of the hike is a little anti-climactic as you can see taller things in the near distance in other states and is functionally a slightly higher spot in a very flat mesa/field, however the midpoint of the hike up the mesa wall offers a gorgeous vista of the other small mesas in the area. For us, this was a perfect spot to camp to break up a trip to Taos and get a little exercise.

GPS said 8.4 miles, 755 feet elevation gain, and 3 hours 7 minutes. Weather was great. The hike up the mesa left us briefly winded but overall is a pretty easy hike (if you're a hiker this is an easy trail - do keep in mind that this is 3-4.5 hours of moderate exercise - decide for yourself if you are up for that).

Random note - take a picture at the top of the hike and bring it to the 93 year old gentlemen at the museum in Kenton (along the highway, there is a sign) and he will give you a certificate of achievement!

If you're looking at my map, my gps got confused and lost us for a second and then picked back up closer to the trail head. We came back the exact same way as we came in. So no, we did not cut through the prairie on the way back like my map says. Don't do that! Stick to the trail. The hike was absolutely gorgeous and fairly easy except for mile 2 to mile 3. The incline starts at mile 2 and gets pretty strenuous. But the miles before and after that are very flat. To those of you coming from within Oklahoma from the east, make sure you stop in Boise City for gas/food if you need it! There is nothing past that! I would definitely recommend this hike if you are a history buff and hiker like myself. We are 6 hours away but we came on Friday and camped in the park until our hike on Sunday. Definitely worth it!

Nice trail... beautiful lake surprise... needs better signage. Really enjoyed the hike with my daughter.

9 months ago

great for a small snack with kiddos

it was not that fun

Short but charming paved trail that worked nice with my sons stroller. Saw 2 snakes on the trail. I did like this one though.

11 months ago

Good simple park trail. Nothing special.

If you're already here doing the other 2 trails you should do this one as well. All 3 trails are quite different.

Monday, January 30, 2017

A good nature walk in the heart of the OKC metro. Nothing very spectacular but a nice wooded dirt trail to walk, run without concrete around.
The main trail being smooth, you can take your little one in a jogging stroller, (with tires and shocks) for a walk.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Completed this the day after Christmas. The trail is very well marked. Most of the hike was easy except for about a half mile stretch after mile 2 where you start the incline. The views during the incline were my favorite part.

I would definitely recommend this trail if you have never been before. It was a 5 hour drive for me though, I would not make the drive again just for the hike.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Went up on New Years Day with a buddy. My first hike. was flat for the first 2 miles, pretty steep incline up for the next mile, then flat the last mile. amazing view from the top.

I did this almost 15 years ago and for being really young (10) it was quite difficult. Today I don't think it would be very hard. The trail is quite long and the climb to the top of the mesa was somewhat hard. The views were good and the satisfaction of being at the highest point in the state was great too. Watch out for cactus!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Great trail in the middle of Norman. It was a good getaway when I was in college. There are often lots of hikers and bikers on the trail. Not a whole lot to see but is a fun way to escape the city without actually leaving.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

It was really nice! Probably not taking the 3 hour drive again definitely not worth the drive. But if your around the area why not stop and check it out!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Great place to walk, fish and just relax.

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