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We went while it was snowing... so a handful of places were icy. It was beautiful, very quiet and a fun adventure to start our day! It was marked very well. I can only imagine how beautiful it is during the fall!! We only did the big/little Lyon Falls. Then back to the cover bridge and down to hog hollow! Can’t wait to come back.

This was a beautiful trail! We went while it was snowing which made the many steep inclines a little tricky. Totally worth it and so fun. Loved the portion that went through the pine trees. Good trail marking as well! I can’t wait to go back during spring and fall.

Good hike almost 4 miles. Always like seeing the falls. First time taking this trail.

I’d rate this a 3.5. The back half of trail by the river was lovely. Nice opportunity for pics. We also enjoyed a few off trail adventures out on the bluffs. Perfect for dogs. Not too many people. A lot of trash near the river. We made this a 3.6 mile hike by exploring the bluffs and river. I’ll be back.

Good views and hills. Hard to believe your only an hour from Columbus.

on East & West Rim Trail

3 days ago

This was a great trail. We did it in mid-March. The trail is clearly marked and easily accessible. There are some steep edges and drop-offs so no kids. It is an easy hike but with it for the beauty.

My favorite trail in all of Hocking Hills. The views are amazing on the east rim trail. It's a bit of work to get up it, but more than work it. My recommendation is to start on the east and follow the trail counter clockwise. The west side of the rim is okay, but nowhere near as amazing as the east.

I can't understand why this isn't visited more. This is one of my favorite hike of all the trails in Hocking Hills (the rim is even better). The gorge is amazing with the massive cliff faces surrounding it. There are multiple caves along the trail as nice as Whispering Cave and even close to Old Man's Cave. For some reason, they paved the trail for most of the way. As soon as the pavement ends, the trail gets really good.

Well maintained and fantastic hiking with plenty of variety in terrain. Will definitely do again.

Decent overall, but trail could use some maintenance. Also, I went today (March 12, 2018) and two significant portions of the trail were completely underwater.
Two stretches are along roads, one of which is quite busy.
Some nice secluded stretches and a pleasant stroll through Pioneer Village.

Great for a quick loop or two! Beautiful pond off of one of trails!!

The outer loop is very neat with scenic spots along the way. Take your time and enjoy the easy trail.

Trail is beautiful and easy, stair cases and a beautiful view of the waterfall make this a treat to see. Easy for kids, so good as a family outing. Would see this again.

7 days ago

Very scenic! Was pretty greasy because of all the moisture so was fairly difficult throughout most of the hike! Will definitely revisit when it dries out!

Decent trail, however it's unfortunately not marked at all. Can be pretty rocky + steep at parts so I'd be careful bringing kids along.

7 days ago

Excellent winter hike! Little muddy, but trail is well maintained so not a huge deal.

This is a beautiful place.

7 days ago

This is a beautiful trail. My son (8) and I always choose the Gorge because it is definitely one of the prettiest hiking areas near us. We started going when my son was only 5, and he could keep up and handle it then. It definitely is a little tricky in some spots tho. The rock formations are amazing. You have to walk through two rocks that are split apart and that’s really cool for a kid (and me) to do. There is a huge rock that sticks out over the walking path and you are able to go underneath it and there are teeny tiny waterfalls that you can see coming off that rock in the warmer weather. It definitely worth taking a look at it!!! A lot of great pictures and memories were made there

coulda done with less mud but "spring", ealry march, is mud season so not much you can do... but was a great trail with great views

9 days ago

Nice trail with plenty of postcard shots along the way.

Hard, but well worth it!

Great trail to run. Very difficult to run, lots of rocks and roots. Got lost a few times. This app was very useful to fin my way. Watch out for the stone steps.

11 days ago

fun short hike with the kids

There were many trees down on the trail but that was ok with me as this adds to the challenge and is nature at its finest! Would like to do the long loop one day! With that i may give it 5 stars.

Great hike and the twin sisters were great. The smaller stream in front of the mudcatcher was pretty high so I had to cross it closer to the 82 bridge just off the unpaved section of the towpath trail that veers off of the paved trail. The crossing was right before the iron walking bridge before the un paved trail connects with the paved trail again.

A nice little hike for the area! Not strenuous in any way, flat terrain with the creek for viewing. My dog loved playing in the water so that’s always a plus!

13 days ago

The first thing I will say is that the Wayne National Forest’s website stating this trail is 9.5 mile, as well as AllTrail’s description stating it’s 13.7 miles are both wrong. We backpacked this trail in 2 days (camped 1 night on the trail). Our total distance on my recording shows 14.6 miles with 8 hours 37 minutes moving time. This distance and time was following the trail blazes exactly and only leaving trail enough to explore the Great Cave and Natural Bridge. We also went the wrong way (in and out) about 100 ft. Otherwise, It’s all the trail. I’d estimate it at about 14.3 miles following it to a T. So if you’re going to go here, just be sure you’re ready for that distance. I’ll also note that there are a few spots where the trail has been rerouted and they all add distance, which would explain the discrepancies. We didn’t think it was quite that long and definitely got more than we expected but it was also out first time back out in over a year. Other than that, the trail is beautiful. It’s a LOT of hills but great scenery.

The trail was blazed very well and mostly easy to follow with a few spots that got a little confusing with the leave on the ground.

There are only 4 campsites setup along the trail so be sure to familiarize yourself with their locations if you plan to overnight this for the first time. My recording is uploaded with all 4 campsites marked, along with creek crossings and other waypoints. We did this trail counter clockwise. Going that way. There are 2 campsites just a few miles into the trail I wouldn’t suggest stopping at these and leaving everything for the next day. The next campsite is right after a steep decline. I would say this is about halfway and by far the nicest campsite. It’s right by a creek and setup nicely. It’s also very very secluded in the middle of the trail. We chose to keep going to the 4th campsite to leave less hiking for the next day. We found it was quite a hike to the 4th one but we made it before dark. It’s located where the trail intersects with another trail and also a short walk to a road where that trail’s trailhead is located. If you plan to hike here it would be a great spot to stash water or other supplies you don’t want to carry. I think it was called Jackson Road Trail.

I also would highly suggest not filtering or treating any water here. Carry everything in or stash it near the road crossings. There are many old oil wells along the trail, one that is definitely leaking into the creek.

Overall it was a tough, but great trip. Doing the loop counterclockwise and staying at the 4th site, we did about 9.5 miles the first day and the other 5 the next. If you stay at the halfway campsite I’d estimate it about 7 miles the first day and 7.5 the next. Looking back that would have been the best choice, but I’m glad we didn’t stop there because there was one other group hiking it clockwise and we passed them between these two sites. If we had taken this site they would have had a very far hike to the next one and wouldn’t have made it there by dark, so take that into consideration when hiking when it’s busier.

NOTE IF YOU HIKE CLOCKWISE: Going counter-clockwise we came down a very steep downgrade right before the 3rd campsite. Looking back up the hill, it looked impossible to climb up it and hard to even see where you would go. Obviously it’s possible due to the loop going both ways but it looks nearly impossible, maybe because the leave covering.

Make sure you stop to check out the Great Cave and Natural Bridge! Both very cool and to the left of the trail going counterclockwise.

Mostly hardwoods forest lots of small streams with some lake views.

Really nice trail. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do all of it due to all the flooding. I would recommend waiting if it’s been raining a lot during the week or checking the water level before you go. Because, a lot of the trail is right next to the lake.

Great for day hike!

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