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Very enjoyable trail that goes through many different environments.

4 days ago

Had a blast in the snow!

Nice easy hike...not strenuous at all except for walking in a bit of snow. Won't be going back till the temps are sub freezing and more snow.....EXTREMELY muddy.

We hiked this trail on Christmas Eve. it was beautiful. The two mile main section is easy. Then there are two loops off the main section. The first loop is hard. it goes straight up the hill and is the steepest trail I've climbed (including grand canyon trails and rocky mountain trails). The second loop is moderate difficulty. Overall, it was a beautiful hike with just the right amount of challenge for us.

The trail was very well marked, which was a life saver in half a foot of snow!

Nice and easy, little ice, lightly packed snow today. pretty much as exciting as you'll find in the area. Did it as an out back in under 5 hours.

5 days ago

Great trail to hike!!!

Great Hike. Lots of ups and downs.

Nice relaxing stroll with neat river access points.

5 days ago

If you’re into history then maybe this place is for you but in terms of “hiking” this place doesn’t have much to offer.

trail running
6 days ago

Hidden gem for workouts. Very hilly. Workout stations. One decent view of the river.

trail running
6 days ago

This trail isn't great but it's our best option in the area for preparing for future hiking trips.

The trail is overall smooth, run it many times and I have run a race on it. No hills. But you do see the whole park, and this is the best park in the area.

You may see deer and wild turkey. Most of the parks in Toledo you can hand feed the deer, out here the deer actually run away from you.

One of the cooler spot in Toledo area....the fort is interesting, views of the maumee river, options to see animals, and even a hill (which is very odd in Toledo).

For the area a good option. A few spots that have really nice views. Very flat and well maintained trail - great for running and some bike on the trail.

A good metropark for in the city. Cool bridge, paved, and dirt trails options.

But you are in the city and there been crime here also, even somebody stabbed. I tell my wife and mom only to go here mid day.

Really nice trail! Great views of the reservoir right next to it and was empty. Took the eagle trail to get a little closer to the lake and the Maple Highlands trail back. Very nice hike.

Absolutely amazing trail system if you run just this trail or connecting trail at airport.

trail running
9 days ago

the trails weren't the most exciting or the best marked, but it was a fun place to explore and get about 3 miles in.

9 days ago

very nice short easy hike! Beautiful Creek and slight elevation make it a fun hike. Great trees for hammocks! Very muddy so be sure not to bring your favorite shoes! very very peaceful on a nice winter's day :).

trail running
10 days ago

Better than running downtown...

This trail can get muddy

10 days ago


I hiked 5 mi in this area in January. Where one could see the river and the cliffs on the other side, the views were nice. However, there was too much noise for my taste. I found out (I should have checked a map in advance!) that one of the runways of Hopkins Airport is less than a mile away at one point, and I-480 and Brookpark Rd cross the trail overhead. Between the airplanes landing and taking off and the roar of high-speed car traffic, there was nothing approaching silence to be found. When the trees are green again, the leaves may muffle the noise to some extent - but then, the river may not be as visible from the trail. The northern section of Rocky River Park is much nicer.

Orange trail can be really muddy and slippery. Come with water resistant boots, spare pair of shoes, and prepared to fall.

Real nice trail, even in January. Great views and a good mix of inclines and creek cutbacks to make for a nice little hike. Road noise is definitely there, but it doesn't make or break it for me.

Very pleasant and easy trail

Lovely paved/gravel walk next to the creek. Lots of runners and other walkers. Dogs welcome. I look forward to going back when it snows, in spring, fall, and summer!

The buckeye trail near the start was great, and brandywine falls was very impressive, but this route itself was only mediocre.

If you look on a satellite view, you'll realize it routes you directly through the Boston mills ski resort. During the winter this was seemingly impossible, and during the other seasons, it seems to me that it would be trespassing. Perhaps I'm missing something? We ended up doing the buckeye trail side of this first loop both ways, and it was the best hiking of the trip.

The next leg is on the canal path trail, a nice easy walking path. Or the other side of the loop was the bridle trail; this went through some flooded low land, and we ended up turning back and walking along the road.

The final loop was at brandywine falls. The falls were quite impressive, but the trail was very crowded, and we were here in the off season.

We got a good 8.5 miles in, but much of it was on walking paths or along side roads.

Map isn’t quite right. Actually ended up being between 6.7 and 7.1 miles (my fiancée logged the former using ResQwalk and I logged the latter using Charity Miles).

GPS was off from the AllTrails map. The Yosemite Falls and Yosemite Trails don’t really intersect until the top most point of the map. And, sadly, we never saw falls at the top of the map (although some cool small falls in the first mile and a nice walk through the valley after that).

The trail posts are far and few between with no blazes, but if you follow to the Yosemite Falls trail marker, there is a decent hilly loop back via Yosemite Trail. Mostly used by Mountain Bikers, it’s probably a great ride but a somewhat arduous and monotonous hike with no waterfall payoff.

That said, the first 1-2 miles along the lake and into the hollow are beautiful, the trail was scarcely populated (which meant we could let the dogs run free for a bit) and it was a decent workout.

If you are mountain biking, this could be fun and challenging. If you are looking to increase endurance, give this a try. But for views? We’d be more inclined to try the Iron Furnace out and back trail, which starts at the same spot, is 3 miles each way, and promises better views (but less isolation).

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