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I’ve done the trail a handful of times, but it’s getting too popular and disrespectful litter bugs are trashing this gorgeous Preserve! It angers me greatly how slothful people are. Last time I went was last week and there were dozens of folks there, it was a beautiful day to see the colors of the trees.,

enjoyable, good scenery

nice easy hike

great hike with beautiful view.

Just went today. Great hike. Wasn't too challenging for me but still got my heart rate up and definitely got me sweating. It was a high of 91. My wife and i showed up around 9am and there was only one other car there. When we started back we passed quite a few people and the parking was getting pretty full. There was a little mud in the low spots but nothing crazy. Didn't have to bushwhack thru the grass. The trail was very visible. Overall great day hike and will probably be back when the leaves change

One of the best trails in southern Ohio. excellent view.

3 months ago

Beautiful area

Loved this trail beautiful view from the top a little work but well worth it. Cannot wait to go back.

One of my favorites. Can be extremely muddy. I wish it connected to other trails.

Nice, clean trail, but no where to sit and rest until the end.

Fantastic trail. The view at the top is unbeatable for Ohio. Trail is clearly marked the whole way up. I had my kids (as young as 4) with me and they did great. Not a really hard hike at all. Steeper parts are spread out.

4 months ago

Had an Hour long driver to get to the trail, and it was worth it. It was slightly muddy but manageable. The hike was not very hard, and the views were great. We look forward to going back in the fall when the leaves are changing color.

A beautiful and occasionally challenging trail. Some sections are quite easy, while others are a bit tricky to navigate but nonetheless enjoyable. If you take time to look around as you walk you’ll see some beautiful, very deep gorges framed by some impressive cliffs/rock formations. It can be muddy so I’d plan accordingly especially if it has recently rained.
The trail is fairly remote, but once you find it, it’s pretty well marked. The path is well defined, but also someone took the time to put orange marks on the trees along the trail which is quite helpful. The view at the trail end is spectacular. I would also advise that if you do bring young children, keep them close as there are several areas where there are very significant drop offs, especially at the trail end overlook. This trail would be especially beautiful in the fall.

4 months ago

I'd say this is more properly categorized as easy. Would be great for families with kids. Nothing much to look at until you reach the top, which is a beautiful view. We drove quite a ways to get to this place, so I was a little underwhelmed with it.

Very pretty trail, can get muddy. Lots of pretty streams and the lookout is relaxing. Pretty easy hike.

lots of up and down hills! wonderful hike with a beautiful view ! Even found a buzzard roosting at the look out point!

Very easy trail. Nice place

It has some very pretty views.

We hike this every year, typically in the beginning of summer and the early fall. My kids love this hike. The view at the end of the trail is amazing! Bring your water bottle and a lunch and enjoy the view!

Our family loves this trail!! Interesting sights to see on the way to the breathtaking view at the top of Buzzard’s Roost!

This is a great hiking trail in Adams County! The valley is so beautiful in the summer! and the fall is gorgeous at the top look out! I took 3 kids and was 5m pregnant when we hiked it. It's not impossible but a great work out. We took snacks and just relaxed while we rested at the top! Coming down is much faster! Took us about 4 hours. But we took out time. Lot's of wildlife. And just a great time to be with nature and away from society.

Loved hiking here as a little girl with my dad!

Wonderful in spring and fall. Hiking it in 90 degree weather is a bit much for me. The fall trees are beautiful.

10 months ago

Great hike and wonderful view

10 months ago

Challenging AND Beautiful!

One of my favorite trails in this area. Spectacular views all the way through with an unbelievable ending.

This trail has a few steep places, but can be managed by children and seniors who are in moderate physical shape. The view from Buzzard's Roost Rock is amazing and after a leisurely hike, it is a great spot to relax, enjoy the view and picnic. Be sure to take your trash with you! I highly recommend this trail.

Now living in the west, I have fond memories of the magnificent Buzzard Roost overlook. Hiking to it with Cub Scouts, kids, and now grandkids, it is always a thrill. Highly recommended!

A great scenic hike with an incredible view!

on Buzzardroost Rock Trail

10 months ago

One of my favorite hikes in Ohio. The view at the end of the hike is breathtaking!

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