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Beautiful park.

Snow trek in the brilliant, healing Sun!

trail running
2 days ago

I’ve run these trails many times. The first few times I felt it was boring as I was used to more technical, twisting, rugged trails which take you through more interesting terrains. However, technical trails are very difficult on which to really get stretched out and run at a nice pace without killing yourself. So, if you just want to go for a nice full run on a natural surface (as opposed to a sidewalk or bike path) then this is a perfect place to run.
It is a nice gentle rolling landscape with a few decent hills. The trails are well groomed- although certain routes may take you through some rather wet, muddy areas. Also, in the summer there is actually a lot of shade and yet it’s rather open so that you can access some breezes. -Just don’t run in the middle of the day.
I would estimate that if you ran on every path with minimal “doubling back” that there is a total of 6 to 6.5 miles there. There’s also some considerable wildlife and it’s a quiet, not too crowded place. Make sure your dog’s on a leash as they have a zero tolerance for loose doggies. Also, sometimes the horseback riders don’t have as much control of their beasts as one would suppose. So, give them a wide berth and no one gets hurt!
Have a great walk or run!

3 days ago

Beautiful hike! Well marked. Enjoy if you go!

3 days ago

Great place to go sledding w/ the family. Lots of hills. Put skiing for activity cuz np choice for sledding.

3 days ago

Awesome trail. This is an all season trail for hiking and running

Beautiful rugid trail during the winter hike. The south Ridge trail is a bit rough and has some slips. they need to reopen the west bridge which is only missing 3 planks.

trail running
3 days ago

This trail offers a 0.5 loop that's good for running on a flat surface and not having to worry about foot placement or distractions by vehicle traffic. To make things even sweeter, you get a great view of the valley if you'd like to take a rest at the overlook.

This loop is a nice walk or jog. There are easy connections to lengthen or shorten your journey. It’s well maintained year round. One end has playground equipment for the kids and there is fishing all along the river. That’s actually my favorite part, the southern leg traces the river.

I hiked this trail with about 3 to 5 in of snow on the ground with snow falling. the paved trails were clear and you could still find some of the walking trails. It was fun to get off the path and put my Sorel boots to good use. It was a very peaceful day and there was little Auto or pedestrian traffic. Dawes is beautiful any time of year.

Beautiful hike defanitly go after some rain for the waterfalls

Very enjoyable trail that goes through many different environments.

Nice easy hike...not strenuous at all except for walking in a bit of snow. Won't be going back till the temps are sub freezing and more snow.....EXTREMELY muddy.

We hiked this trail on Christmas Eve. it was beautiful. The two mile main section is easy. Then there are two loops off the main section. The first loop is hard. it goes straight up the hill and is the steepest trail I've climbed (including grand canyon trails and rocky mountain trails). The second loop is moderate difficulty. Overall, it was a beautiful hike with just the right amount of challenge for us.

9 days ago

Great trail. Very short and is a boardwalk style path. The initial entrance are stairs that are a little steep.

The trail was very well marked, which was a life saver in half a foot of snow!

Good walk to get the kids out and burn some energy. Cold day today and snowing (26 degrees). Trail was icy and slippery in some spots. Beautiful trail.

Nice and easy, little ice, lightly packed snow today. pretty much as exciting as you'll find in the area. Did it as an out back in under 5 hours.

10 days ago

Great trail to hike!!!

Great Hike. Lots of ups and downs.

Nice relaxing stroll with neat river access points.

nature trips
10 days ago

Neat little trail.

If you are into history then you may find some value in this place as it has little boards to read through out the trail about the battles. It’s a neat little trail but it takes about 30 minutes to complete and isn’t a great place to “hike” (if that’s what you’re looking for.) Other than that, this a nice place to walk the dog and not much else.

Overall it is a very average trail. Takes less than an hour to complete the whole thing and the scenery is pretty subpar. It has a decent pond that has ducks to look at if you’re into animal watching. The best part of it is the Maumee river. Walking next to that and being able to check that out is the one major positive of this place, other than that it is basically a nice trail to check out if you’re looking to get out of the house and get a little bit of exercise

trail running
10 days ago

Hidden gem for workouts. Very hilly. Workout stations. One decent view of the river.

trail running
10 days ago

This trail isn't great but it's our best option in the area for preparing for future hiking trips.

The trail is overall smooth, run it many times and I have run a race on it. No hills. But you do see the whole park, and this is the best park in the area.

You may see deer and wild turkey. Most of the parks in Toledo you can hand feed the deer, out here the deer actually run away from you.

For the area a good option. A few spots that have really nice views. Very flat and well maintained trail - great for running and some bike on the trail.

A good metropark for in the city. Cool bridge, paved, and dirt trails options.

But you are in the city and there been crime here also, even somebody stabbed. I tell my wife and mom only to go here mid day.

trail running
10 days ago

If you are history buff then you will like it, otherwise nothing too special and the trail is near the highway (hear and see cars).

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