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Would have been nice to know about the cost to get in. I don't bring my wallet to go for a walk... just frustrated.

love trail running here!!!

it's our favorite local trail. having to have a paid membership keeps all of the riff raff out. they have lots of fun events too for members

I completed the perimeter a couple weeks ago my GPS read 11.1 miles. These are the best trails in the Cincinnati area. I frequent the perimeter trails here where there is a little less traffic. If you live in the area the yearly membership is well worth it. There are some decent hills, stone and wood steps, as well as prairies and creek crossings. Love these trails and take my dogs as well. They do have very strict leash requirements but I appreciate that as it can be quite annoying having random unleashed dogs run up to you or your dogs on leashes.

Probably the best hike you're going to find in the Cincinnati area--certainly the best I've yet to experience. The trails are well maintained but this still makes for a moderately challenging ten-ish mile hike. Enough diversity in the scenery and terrain to keep it interesting on subsequent go-arounds. I take my dog here several times per summer.

The $9 price tag makes a yearly membership worth considering.

Superb trail quality, back side of perimeter trail tends to get muddy when raining though. They’re introducing gravel to these problem areas though. Great for trail running. Nice facilities to go along with it.

Pretty diverse terrain and wildlife, the trails are in good shape, and some of the ridge top views are awesome!

Well maintained and fantastic hiking with plenty of variety in terrain. Will definitely do again.

One of the best trails at the Cincinnati Nature Center- takes you high up and down low. You’ll cross a creek three times during the trail, they have stepping rocks but plan on the possibility of your feet getting wet.

Great variety of terrain. Beautiful views and landscape. Well maintained trails.

Beautiful trail.

Hiked the full perimeter. Map states this is 10.12 miles, but it's 11 with mileage to/from visitors center to start the trail. This is more challenging with the addition of Far Ridge trail as part of the perimeter hike. Great hike to be so close to the city.

Nice trails

Great long local trail. The yellow loop is the most difficult, with a lot of steep steps. I enjoyed the views on the green the best.

Well maintained trail. Have hiked year round. Very dog friendly. Check Cincinnati Nature Center website for activities. Lots of programs.

I've hiked this trail numerous times, in all seasons and weather. The trails are not difficult and are well maintained. I have seen numerous deer, wild turkeys, fox and several different species of hawk and owl. This is a very dog friendly environment. Well worth the price of admission.

Nice weather & a dry trail. Not too many people the further you get out on the trails. Moderate is a fair rating - some short portions are very uphill.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Great trails, well maintained and very helpful staff.and I was happy to pay the entrance fee. Main difference between here and many other parks with no fee is there was no litter anywhere. Will definitely go back.

Monday, September 04, 2017

One of my favorite trails in Cincy, with lots of creeks, valleys, and changing elevation. Tons of benches around for relaxing near cool views. It is well marked, though a trail map is recommended due to the number of different loops. Biggest con is the $9 price tag for adults, but I don't mind supporting a preserve

Nice loop that takes you down to a creek with several small waterfalls. Water level in creek varies greatly with recent rainfall. More rainfall equals better waterfalls, but unbridged creek crossings can then be a problem. Only real downside is the high entrance fee. Overall, best hike at Cincinnati Nature Center.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

A good choice for a family hike, but not as much for a nature enthusiast. The trails are scenic and well marked but much of it is covered in gravel. I guess this helps with drainage and erosion control, but I'd rather a little mud than the constant noise of rocks grinding under my feet. Add in the $11 admission fee for my dog and I, and the overall experience was just average.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Very well kept trails, there are multiple looped trails to take that include parts of this loop trail

trail running
Monday, May 15, 2017

Red Bird and Fern trails offer decent hill climbs with changing terrain. The perimeter is the way to go. Bought membership and made this a fixture of training.

only managed the redwing half of the perimeter. wonderful couple of hours.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The perimeter trail is 8.4 miles, plus mileage to get to trail. Cincy Nature Center is very busy, but not as many people on the perimeter trail. Trails are well marked and easy to follow. Some up and downs make this trail moderate. There is a staircase (194 steps) at about the mid point of the loop. Going counter clockwise will have you going up the stairs.

Love it!

My wife and I have been members of Cincinnati Nature center for many years. It is without a doubt the best place for day hiking in the greater Cincinnati area. The scenery is great and varied, from meadows to streams to rugged hillsides and great forest. The trails are well maintained and marked clearly. The upside to a fee being charged or having a membership is you RARELY see a piece of trash or garbage ANYWHERE. I never get tired of hiking here. If you go very early in the morning on a weekend you will not see many people. As it gets closer to noon things really start to pick-up especially in the summer. If you live in the greater Cincinnati area and love to hike, bird or just be outdoors, I would highly encourage a membership. They have great education programs for children as well as adults. It's a great place to get your kids outside and teach them the beauty of the natural world. Can't say enough good things about CNC!!!

The Cincinnati Nature Center is one of my favorite places on earth. My Mom felt the same way, which is why the first bench on the lake boardwalk is dedicated to her...Ellen Kobman. She volunteered there for years and instilled in me and my twin sister her love for its beauty, serenity, awe-inspiring scenery, and abundance of wildlife. On a sunny day, you'll see more turtles and frogs in their many ponds than you'll seen anywhere else in the Tri-state area. Don't be surprised if you also see raccoons, fox, deer....more critters and variety of birds than you can count. I see something different every time I go, and I never leave without a smile on my face, a filled soul, and a happy heart. Go....you won't be disappointed. My Mom will make sure if that. :)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Completed the perimeter hike, minus the Lookout Trail loop. The trip is upload and little over 7.5 miles. The full loop would be 8.8 mils. With exception of couple of portions, this trail is more easy than moderate. Well marked and great trail system so close to the city. Many different ways to vary mileage and difficulty. As noted in other reviews, $9 admission per person, $2 per dog.

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