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6 months ago

when I first started this Trail I was skeptical about it. Where I parked, the trail started in a field so I didn't have High Hopes. But after winding around slightly too a different parking spot, I found where the woods began. This was a more enjoyable hike than I expected! It is a one-person wide unpaved Trail, which is exactly what I like. I wouldn't call it overgrown like some other reviews have, but there are some Fallen trees on the trail that make you go over and under and in between. The entire Trail was heavily wooded, which was great and it was a little bit longer than I anticipated. Alton back was about a total of 3.25 miles as opposed to the 2.6 listed on here. Towards the end there was a trail that branched off to the left side that I assumed led to a parking area, but instead I continued straight and ended up at the lake. overall this path was one that exceeded my expectations and I wouldn't hesitate to go back to it again.