Photos of Sharonville Trails


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This is inaccurately labeled classified as moderate. The correct label should be "Easy". Also, it is described as moderately trafficked. That too is incorrect as for it is "heavily" trafficked.

the loop around the lake is paved and very wide. unfortunately the path is shared among walkers and bikers. along the path are benches, trash cans, and water fountains. in spite of the many trash cans, it is common to see plastic bags of dog waste littered on and next to the path. What is wrong with people!?!?! That path has many curves and gentle slopes. Also, there is a fishing platform, which, also can be found littered with empty bait and food packages. This, even though there is a trash receptacle on the platform. What is wrong with people?!?!? I walk the path a lot, and fortunately not all people are direct full with there garbage. I sometimes see an older woman there picking up other people's garbage. She told me that she lives nearby and picks it up placing it in the rightful place frequently. Also, while it doesn't affect the well maintained walking path, the duckweed on the small lake is widespread. Go and enjoy this nice smooth walkway but keep your head on a swivel to avoid the fast bikers. Oh, one more thing...why do they gabby women insist on walking 3 abreast and not converge to single file when they approach walkers moving toward them? My observation is the older slim women are very respectful. It's the middle aged fat gals that insist on you yielding to them.