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Local here...it's a paved path. This is a hiking website right? Why such the high ranking? No good views, have to cross roads all the time, again it's paved, and if it's windy it not a good option. I don't even know of local runner who use the path. I guess a good option for biking but also dangerous if all the road crossings.

i just moved by the trail and have frequented it as a Jogger, a bicyclist, and just walking. it is decent asphalt. not crowded, ohio swampy scenary and with the amish using it horse manure quite frequent.

Ride my bike here all the time. It has a bit of a problem with tree roots creating speed bumps but is very beautiful and fun over all.

11 days ago

This was a very well maintained and easy hike. Many boardwalks and spectacular viewing areas. My only complaint is one part where you walk along the main road. I like walks/hikes in the park to be more secluded. Overall a beautiful trail.

Wide, flat rural trail great for running.

2 months ago

Easy trail. Nice surface. Straight as an arrow. Might of been an old railroad bed.

Awesome trail

Flat and straight. Over half shaded. blacktop paved and newly sealed. Great for road bikes. Some parts open so may get windy. Crossroads clearly marked and plenty of benches. Stops in 2 town parks with clean flush toilets.

a special waterfall and river access makes this one of my favorite .

This is our favorite trail, some horse buggy traffic, gotta watch a little for road apples & a turtle could be in your path, mostly flat & straight, Wal-mart just off the path in MBG, All paved, scenic. Enjoy the ride, we always do

Beautiful paved trail with numerous bridge crossings. In our (wife & I) short journey of biking, it's one of the best.

Pretty views of the lake and beautiful late summer flowers.

4 months ago

Easy trail

It's a nice exercise trail, not much to see other than the backs of houses. In the late fall you will see tons of squirrels getting ready for winter.

George and really enjoyed the trail, loved the canopy of trees keeping it shady. Just wish google hadn't taken me to the parking lot at the start of the trail instead of the shady looking isolated park (but that's Googles fault).

The trail runs along a creek and is flat, mostly shaded, well maintained, not too much traffic, with good parking, portapotties and a picnic shelter on the Frankfort side.

I love the Holmes county trail. my sister and I ride it quite a bit.

Doing the "figure 8" path is roughly a mile. Many unleashed dogs; leash law not enforced. Well maintained paved path. Good for quick runs. Nice gazebos.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Decent trail that is well maintained with a gravel surface. About a quarter of the trail had overhead canopy but otherwise you will be in the direct sunlight. Pretty straight forward path with no turns or major inclines. A few scenic older bridges and trusses scattered throughout the trail but otherwise mostly farmland. Good trail for a hybrid bike. Saw a fox and a few miscellaneous birds but otherwise no other wildlife. Nothing spectacular but definitely a pretty decent outting.

I love this place, spent many days biking and running this trail.

Nice paved trail not too much traffic on the trail but you do pop out to cross a busy street. Lot’s of boardwalks and a few bridges. Good information signs throughout. I thought the trail was clearly marked and easy to follow. Abram’s Lake was a heavily grassed and reeded over depression rather than a lake. Pretty nonetheless.

I road this trail around 2004, it is very nice ,a great trail mostly,
wide open country riding. one of my favorite.

road biking
6 months ago

Love it! Flat and easy to ride. I encountered a moderate amount of people who were all very friendly. Great scenery. I biked to Fallen Timbers and was able to enjoy a lunch outside before riding back. Definitely recommend!

Nice canopy rail trail. Low grade for similar experience in both directions. Plenty of points to park and get on the trail. Nice picnic spot and rest rooms at Kenyon University crossing.

6 months ago

Great place to walk, skate or ride your bike

road biking
6 months ago

The County Line Trail is an easy path for bikers, runners, and walkers. Most of the trail is paved, only a short section in Sterling overlaps with the road. There are parking lots at the trailheads in Creston and Rittman, as well as two lots in Sterling, which is about the middle of the trail. I usually start in Sterling and alternate between going towards Creston or Rittman.

Cool tunnel thats about it.

We rode this trail from Millersburg to Fredericksburg and it was just beautiful! Paved, wide, and mostly shaded. We got caught in a pouring rainstorm and it added to the experience!! We found shelter at a little pizza/sub shop in Fredericksburg and the Italian sub was delicious! Next time we plan to start again in Millersburg and ride south. We heard the trail now goes past the southernmost point identified on your map! Can’t wait to explore.

on Berlin Lake Trail

7 months ago

Easy trail but pretty views of the lake.

road biking
7 months ago

Beautiful paved trail! Bike from the northern Geauga line all the way to South of Middlefield’ Fairly flat. Peaceful. Parks along the way in case a rest is needed!

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