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3 days ago

A very easy and nice trail to hike on. It was nice and flat with no major hills. Great for running on. It was also quiet and desolate. Did not see any people on the trail and had a lot of options to go onto other trails. Highly recommend for an easy 2 mile hike that is peaceful and isolated.

Great hike! Connected Ledges, Lake, and Salt Run Trails for 9.5 miles. The Ledges trail had a lot of interesting geology!

7 days ago

Great Lake loop, there are connected offshoot trails which allows you to cut and wind and loop back around to keep it interesting if you go often. I take the pooch and he loves it. The lake is very pretty and you can see ducks and geese and I even seen a huge beautiful fox on a connecting trail. Do be careful as there seem to be a lot more ticks at this park than others.

Nice trail. One hilly part but the rest is not too tough. Interesting mix of young forest types and habitats. Passes through some genuinely beautiful areas, but also some heavily impacted/recovering ones. The freeway and the railroad are rarely out of earshot.

trail running
14 days ago

This is a great trail for running and hiking. It is mostly flat and doesn't have many roots or big rocks. It's best to go to the left down the big hill first so you don't have to hike a big hill at the end. The trail is near a road for a little bit but you quickly lose it. Not very crowded and it is very shady and cool. Highly recommend for running.

We loved this trail. Plenty of parking and a number of options for a short walk on the Oak Hill trail or at a number of places move onto the longer Plateau trail. Mostly under the trees and passing two lakes we passed a number of joggers and people walking their dogs.

16 days ago

First time and loved it. Took a couple of hundred pictures and finished in 2-1/2 hours. Well maintained trail.

20 days ago

This is one of my favorites in the CVNP. It’s never busy, is fairly remote, and takes you through several different ecosystems. It’s great for dogs too.

Wow right off the bat,straight up. Gives your legs and lungs a work out. Beautiful scenery. Well worth the hike. Can’t wait til fall do it again.

22 days ago

Nice hike. I met a group of volunteers who maintain and cleared the trail :) which was very nice. Signs are a bit confusing at times - no biggy. Love the trail and will come back.

We enjoyed this trail August 28th and apart from the section that ran alongside the Ohio Turnpike, really enjoyed the walk. Most of it under the trees on winding paths. Not as popular as the towpath where there are a number of bikers, we only met a few fellow hikers. Returned to the Boston Store Visitor Center for the restrooms and then over the road for an iced coffee in the small store.

23 days ago

Great trial with a furry friend!

love this trail...

A decent trail to run. Caution for roots and rocks but pretty flat and very pretty scenery. Lots of bugs!

Nice trail not to long just enough.shaded

1 month ago

Easy trail, but those bringing pets beware - even though we stayed on trail, we had to remove multiple ticks after our walk.

1 month ago

This trail is pretty easy 80% of the time, but the dip in the middle can sneak up on you. I’d like to stop by the lake in the middle next time, but other than that there isn’t much to this trail.

Nice trail. Not busy. There is a lack of any specific "views ". A good hike but not photo worthy

1 month ago

Perfect trail for a 94 degree day. This trail is 80% flat and in the shade of some of the oldest forest in the valley. The trail is well marked with a lot of cut backs to shorten the trail if needed. Lots of birds in the area, scarlet tanagers and pileated woodpeckers can be heard and seen if patient. I will be back to run this trail since it is more like tow path with it's condition, maintenance and few things to trip over.

Great hike with friends today. FYI - the landslide deadfall is easily passable. Through the creek to the left, up the bank and over one tree and back on the trail. Not dangerous.

Unbelievably beautiful trail. The rock formations and lookout points are breath taking . The trail is definitely one of the most popular in the area so expect to be held up by some of the amateur photographers and sightseers. Not a very challenging trail although there are definitely spots where you'll have to watch your footing to avoid rolling an ankle or tripping over a root or rock. Hands down one of my favorite trails to date.

Stunning rock formations! We absolutely loved the mix of slightly steep inclines with plenty of level path for soaking in the views. The ice cold pockets by the caves were so refreshing on a humid day! Would love to do again!

1 month ago

wooded trail, with history and benches through out. query interesting. easy, but some inclines

1 month ago

Very nice, relaxing hike.

What an adventure this trail was! Well marked, saw six or seven hikers with their dogs. The map was a lot of help because of the various forks in the trail. A little loud from the turnpike traffic, but the trail leads you right up close to it which was pretty cool!

The last mile or so is currently closed off from a landslide. When you hit the abandoned road the second time, go back to where the trail spit you out the first and take it all the way back.

I stupidly wanted the challenge of climbing up the landslide, which was incredible to do, but so so dangerous!! The soil was incredibly loose, so please dont attempt it!!

Awesome trail. Would hike again!

This was a very fun trail, especially in the mud. There are a couple of good climbs that will give a nice workout. Compared to some of the other trails around here it could be considered hard but I didn't think it was too difficult. Beautiful hiking and will repeat.

This hike I found to be easy at parts and difficult in others. We attempted to go down the hill where the mud slide was but the trees were so bad and the trail was destroyed on the other side of the creek. So listen to signs unless you want to fight through some trees or make the walk back up the hill. Other than that everything was awesome. The trail gets super muddy at parts even when it hasn't rained. There's a part where you end up by the highway and it gets loud. It was very beautiful overall and a challenging hike.

combining ledges and Pine Trail make for a wonderful 5 mile hike. Ledges Trail is the centerpiece of Cuyahoga National Forest. although only 2 miles long be prepared to wander off-trail through the stunning rock formations along this Trail. Pine Trail is a 3-mile loop that showcases the deciduous trees and Lush plant life of Cuyahoga

A beautiful trail! Part of it is “closed” due to a mud slide but when you get to the caution tape if you go to the left of it over the creek you can find a new path and way to the main trail. A good workout and only saw three people.

I expect the distance is the reason for the moderate rating...but this is a pretty flat, easy hike with only one steeper hill midway. Well marked and maintained.

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