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Wide clear path gravel. Great scenery. Can get buggy in summer.

A nice little hike for the area! Not strenuous in any way, flat terrain with the creek for viewing. My dog loved playing in the water so that’s always a plus!

15 days ago

The first thing I will say is that the Wayne National Forest’s website stating this trail is 9.5 mile, as well as AllTrail’s description stating it’s 13.7 miles are both wrong. We backpacked this trail in 2 days (camped 1 night on the trail). Our total distance on my recording shows 14.6 miles with 8 hours 37 minutes moving time. This distance and time was following the trail blazes exactly and only leaving trail enough to explore the Great Cave and Natural Bridge. We also went the wrong way (in and out) about 100 ft. Otherwise, It’s all the trail. I’d estimate it at about 14.3 miles following it to a T. So if you’re going to go here, just be sure you’re ready for that distance. I’ll also note that there are a few spots where the trail has been rerouted and they all add distance, which would explain the discrepancies. We didn’t think it was quite that long and definitely got more than we expected but it was also out first time back out in over a year. Other than that, the trail is beautiful. It’s a LOT of hills but great scenery.

The trail was blazed very well and mostly easy to follow with a few spots that got a little confusing with the leave on the ground.

There are only 4 campsites setup along the trail so be sure to familiarize yourself with their locations if you plan to overnight this for the first time. My recording is uploaded with all 4 campsites marked, along with creek crossings and other waypoints. We did this trail counter clockwise. Going that way. There are 2 campsites just a few miles into the trail I wouldn’t suggest stopping at these and leaving everything for the next day. The next campsite is right after a steep decline. I would say this is about halfway and by far the nicest campsite. It’s right by a creek and setup nicely. It’s also very very secluded in the middle of the trail. We chose to keep going to the 4th campsite to leave less hiking for the next day. We found it was quite a hike to the 4th one but we made it before dark. It’s located where the trail intersects with another trail and also a short walk to a road where that trail’s trailhead is located. If you plan to hike here it would be a great spot to stash water or other supplies you don’t want to carry. I think it was called Jackson Road Trail.

I also would highly suggest not filtering or treating any water here. Carry everything in or stash it near the road crossings. There are many old oil wells along the trail, one that is definitely leaking into the creek.

Overall it was a tough, but great trip. Doing the loop counterclockwise and staying at the 4th site, we did about 9.5 miles the first day and the other 5 the next. If you stay at the halfway campsite I’d estimate it about 7 miles the first day and 7.5 the next. Looking back that would have been the best choice, but I’m glad we didn’t stop there because there was one other group hiking it clockwise and we passed them between these two sites. If we had taken this site they would have had a very far hike to the next one and wouldn’t have made it there by dark, so take that into consideration when hiking when it’s busier.

NOTE IF YOU HIKE CLOCKWISE: Going counter-clockwise we came down a very steep downgrade right before the 3rd campsite. Looking back up the hill, it looked impossible to climb up it and hard to even see where you would go. Obviously it’s possible due to the loop going both ways but it looks nearly impossible, maybe because the leave covering.

Make sure you stop to check out the Great Cave and Natural Bridge! Both very cool and to the left of the trail going counterclockwise.

mountain biking
15 days ago

Trail was closed even though the ranger said it was open yesterday. What’s changed? Very disappointed.

It’s been years since I’ve been there but the geography of the park is really interesting. The trails run though rocky cracks in the earth. I can’t wait to visit again soon.

mountain biking
20 days ago

Good trail, seems well maintained and mostly paved. Some scenic sections. A lot of road crossings. Multiple sections with large debris on the sides (usually a bordering house's backyard dumping ground it seems). Pretty flat, some moderate elevations but nothing excessive.

Nothing in the way of a destination trail, but a great spot to ride a bike if you're in the area. I'd suggest starting in Dalton at mile marker 10, and turning around at mile marker 1. The last mile into Massillon is lined with trash and dilapidated city areas. Nothing worth exploring if you don't plan on connecting to the Towpath Trail.

No water, restrooms only at a few trailheads. Many small street intersection trailheads with a few parking spots.

20 days ago

One of my favorites in the area and beautiful sight seeing!

21 days ago

Beautiful rock formations! Lots of parts to explore and a lot of variety in what you see.

22 days ago

really cool neat place to hike. crazy neat rocks.

A nice mid morning hike. Not too long and has some hills. I did not see anyone else on the trail.

Very fun hike! My wife, 10-year old daughter and I really enjoyed the varied elevations and beautiful views of the river. I would say the hike was really more of a moderate level, but a great time nonetheless.

trail running
29 days ago

Short loop, grass trail, very wet

Awesome trail even during winter months, with friendly hikers and mountain bikers. A couple of well placed picnic tables to grab a snack. Probably moderate in difficulty.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Not exactly mountain biking because it's mostly paved and fairly flat, but definitely not road biking.

1 month ago

Walked the red and yellow trails north of the lake (not the trail as shown here). Snow still on the ground and in some instances ours were first tracks in snow not counting the dozens of trails made by creatures. Deer, rabbit, raccoon, coyote and a couple that were definitely none of the above. The trails were well marked which made navigating through the snow easy. We enjoyed it and look forward to returning in the Spring or Summer months.

Nice walking paths for Winter/wet days. The mountain bike trails are consistently ruined for foot traffic. It’s easy to get 2-3 miles with the paved paths that are connected.

Came in January and the trails were closed.

Beautiful in snow and a great workout!

Slippery and slow but very technical for running.

1 month ago

A good and easy hike with lots of places to explore. Huge rock formations covered in moss are everywhere and there’s a decent overlook during the hike.

1 month ago

Enjoyed Nice winter Hike
Cures Cabin Fever....

I been a many many trails in Ohio, born in Lorain Ohio,
lived in Iowa 7 years, nice long trails there, new jeresy for 5 years, bad state to bike or walk,
the younger kids have gang's that pester any body that crosses there trails, getting back to Ohio. I love my home state, and riding or walking hundreds of miles, there's no place like home,

good in the winter but avoid after rain because of mud from horses. Not moderate trail. It's easy.

trails need blazed

Enjoyed winter hike
Cures Cabin Frever

Really liked this hike. Went on Thanksgiving Day, so light crowds. Lots to see with the rock formations - the pictures I shared afterwards got lots of attention. Crazy that I used to live three miles up the road, and never hiked it until now!!

Excellent trail! A lot of love has gone into this one. Rollers, some flats, some great switchbacks and technical sections, as well as some fantastic rhythm sections. Any level runner can tackle this one. No need to worry about markings as it’s a fairly closed loop (not from the area and did it solo with zero difficulty.). Male sure to make a donation to the crew that keeps this trail up. There are a lot of little man made bridges to keep you from getting wet down in the creek beds so help out financially in any way you can.

3 months ago

Octagon shelter with Zach and Parker. Overlook hike Dec4. 50 degrees

Too treacherous for dogs and kids and beginners.

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