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on Lookout Trail

17 hours ago

Beautiful trail and fun hike for a little Forrest bathing! Very well marked and easy to follow trail markers. Very heavily shaded with mature trees. Beware of walking into spider webs especially in the early morning. Waving a branch in front of you is a good way to avoid this unpleasant encounter. Wish it was longer! Hope they expand it to a longer section to make it at least a 3 mile loop. Also spotty cell phone reception.

Variable in elevation and sweat a little! Great trail!

We have been on this trail countless amounts of times. Our kids love it as much as we do!

Nice combination of hills and level ground, meadows and forests.

lots of bugs but beautiful boardwalk trail and cliffside to explore!

Came out to North Chagrin Reserve to train for a backpacking trip in Maine. The nature center was a great starting point for me. There were a lot of educational resources available for all and the trails were easy to follow. The most enjoyable portion for me was coming across Squire's Castle and learning about the history behind it. I sat here to enjoy a lunch that I packed. Towards the end of my hike I was lucky enough to see a medium sized fox lounging in the sun heading south on the Hemlock Trail.

1 day ago

I can’t say enough about this trail! I LOVE IT!!

2 days ago

The hilly part of the trail provides a good workout and beautiful scenery. I saw only four other people on this trail during the entire time I was hiking. There are places where one can easily extend the hike by going into the F.A. Seiberling Nature Realm or other extensions.

The whole trail is almost 5 miles, lots of hills! Great workout, and once you get past the nature center and construction it becomes peaceful and not too many people. You cross a few roads on the trail and walk along the path nearing the road for a few minutes, but mostly hiking in the woods. Lots of markers to keep you on track, and not end up lost or onto another path, like I do sometimes, lol. Some steep cliffs so be careful. Oh and I saw a coyote!

trail running
2 days ago

A decent trail to run. Caution for roots and rocks but pretty flat and very pretty scenery. Lots of bugs!

the trails aren't marked that well but we are familiar with the park. They are nice clear trails. It was a great hike for us and our dogs

This was a nice hike. more traffic than I expected. the trails were clear. it was about a 2 hour hike with our dogs

Beautiful waterfalls, very scenic. Wasnt a difficult path at all, the trails are very well marked. Will be back!

2 days ago

There are some steep hills that keep going but with the way they take you, you are going down most of them. Reverse it for a killer leg workout! That said, it’s mostly flat and in the shade. I tracked it to be 2.08 miles. We combined it with the Blue Jacket Trail for a nice little hike.

2 days ago

This trail is definitely an easy trail, not moderate, as it’s mostly flat. The trail crosses a meadow several times so if it’s a hot day, the sun will get you a few times. My dog and I loved it. Since it’s so short, we combined it with the Little Turtle Trail for a nice hike.

busy and paved w crushed rock

Nice trails, Great for walking your dogs. Evan in the muddy season. For it is gravel paths and wooden boardwalks mostly! Not to mention the beautiful nature it has to offer!

3 days ago

Short somewhat challenging loop

The trail itself was a nice wooded trail. Enough ups and downs to give you a workout. I gave it 3 stars vs 5 because once you get on the trail they are VERY poorly marked. We started on the Cedar trail, note there were NO G markings. The only markings we saw were L, E and F. We talked to several folks once we got back to the car and they all said the same thing. Once they got back to the road they followed it to their car since they could trust the trail markings. This is a shame since this place has so much to offer hikers.

Today I went to Fort Hills Earthworks Trail which is made up of numerous separate trails that create a unorthodox loop. I added one extra lap on the far west end of the trail, using the short cut, for training. Quick hike that has a lot to offer.

3 days ago

This is a very nice trail with some great scenery!

3 days ago

This was my first time backpacking and was in fact the longest hike (did the long loop) I’ve ever taken in my life and I must say big mistake! It seems to me that I was a little too ambitious for my first time out and my leg gave up in the last two miles. Oh did I mention that I did this solo? Oopsie! I was able to limp my way out but lesson learned. I hope you like mud because there was a plenty of that and more. The trail was also pretty overgrown in mid July so expect plenty of brush and check for ticks often. I did encounter one but I caught it before I got bitten. Don’t get me started on the spider webs yuck! Even when swinging a trecking pole in front of me they’d still end up in my face.

I’d recommend getting some trail legs before attempting. I also managed to lose my Thermarest self inflating sleeping pad, I could have sworn I had it strapped down tightly but is still fell out without me noticing. Tried driving back to the campsite since it was about 1,000 feet from the road but nope, my cramping legs just weren’t having it. I didn’t find out till I got there but the board said not to drink the water due too activity (I assume agriculture byproducts?) in the area and you must pack in all water. Turned out 3 liters is not enough. To the people who left behind their extra water jugs, you are life savers! I’d say plan on 5-6 liters minimum.

Over all I had a good time and I learned some harsh lessons the hard way but if you’re up for the challenge I’d say go for it! Would I do it again? Yes but only after I get in better shape.

Well maintained with plenty of wildlife. Not much of an actual hike, but very stimulating and unique.

Close to get to easy walk.Be careful on Hibbs road side,trees that were cut just up enough to make trip hazard.Nice and get to see parts of river not normally get to see except by canoe.

Love hiking here with my pup!

I road this trail around 2004, it is very nice ,a great trail mostly,
wide open country riding. one of my favorite.

3 days ago

Nice trail through woods with some inclines.

me and my son did it at night. whole new experience.

4 days ago

Very well maintained and marked!! Beautiful trail!

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