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Good clean trail.

It’s actually a 6 mile loop.

Very nice hike. Super scenic and well cared for. I’m sure the mountain bikers have a blast given the fun ramps that are placed throughout the trail. We only had four bikers pass us during the hike- so it was pretty quiet. Only negative is having to walk along the highway a bit. That was a little nerve wracking because cars are zooming past. The other thing to watch for is the narrow muddy paths. I wouldn’t recommend hiking the path if it’s rained recently. You’ll want it to dry out a bit. Another thing to note: this trail is 6 miles. Not the 5 it claims to be. But I definitely recommend it!

Nice 5-6 mi hike that runs along the water. Narrow trail as it is primarily mtn biking. Go to the left at the trail head so you can see oncoming traffic as there are a lot of hairpin and blind turns. Light trail traffic on the day I went. Very well maintained.

Excellent trail! A lot of love has gone into this one. Rollers, some flats, some great switchbacks and technical sections, as well as some fantastic rhythm sections. Any level runner can tackle this one. No need to worry about markings as it’s a fairly closed loop (not from the area and did it solo with zero difficulty.). Male sure to make a donation to the crew that keeps this trail up. There are a lot of little man made bridges to keep you from getting wet down in the creek beds so help out financially in any way you can.

challenging, fun, quiet, well maintained and marked. if you do anything other than mtn bike I suggest going against traffic (southbound along Africa) so that others can see you easier, a lot of blind curves

trail running
Sunday, September 17, 2017

Nice trail for running. A bit technical but absolutely doable even if you aren't an expert trail runner. Bikers were friendly and warned as they came up behind me; plenty or room to get out of the way.

If I am in the area again, I will definitely come back.

nothing marked....gross...dirty

mountain biking
Wednesday, July 05, 2017

a great trail to start the day with!

I didn't do this exactly but I found alum creek flat repetitive and kind of boring. I went just over 7 miles over the dam in the woods. Highbanks and Blendon Woods are better

Good cover and scenic views. It would benefit from better trail markings/markers and some trail maintenance

Actually 6 miles. Pros: limited elevation changes, lots of scenic areas, minimal traffic, sufficient markers every 1/2 mile.
Cons: highway noise, very muddy, brief walk right next to busy road

not bad warm up trail on the mountain bike. a few things to watch out for. but nothing fancy. tend to go when it's warmer in the summer. and when it's dry.

NOT SAFE TO HIKE! I went to hike this trail in the middle of October this year. It was a Sunday afternoon and there were SOOO many bikers - the trail was filled with people riding WAY too fast!! Maybe this is ok for biking, but my husband and i turned around less than a minute into this trail! I read the reviews and some say it's good for hiking but you wouldnt be able to carry on a conversation because you have to listen for bikers so as to not get ran over!

trail running
Monday, October 24, 2016

Trail was challenging but very nice on this fall day! Marked well for the most part. Got confusing at times when red emergency signs came up. Follow orange signs & you are good... Recommended to intermediate to advanced trail runners, not for beginners.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

not very scenic due to vegetation but very well maintained trail

mountain biking
Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Nice trail.

I would hike the trail backwards so you you can see bikes sooner. This is a bike trail but also good for hiking

Trail was okay. Needs better markers. Not great for hiking, but looked great for mountain biking.

Fun trail to hike. Best way to go is clockwise around trail, bikes go counterclockwise you can see them coming up towards you.

trail running
Saturday, February 27, 2016

Great trails, only saw 1 biker the whole time. Nice views of water and good ups and downs. Sound of traffic is always in the background though.

Excellent trails

Look up Alum Creek Mountain bike trail Phase 1, or Phase 2, or Beginner loop. The trail linked here has invalid information.

This trail hike was amazing. We literally didn't run into any one. More of a terrain and definitely beautiful. Not a place to go with strollers or wheel chairs. More of a mountain biking trail but worth the fun to hike.

mountain biking
Thursday, September 04, 2014

From the pics/map and dozens of times I've been there this looks like its the Alum Creek Phase 2 mountain bike trail. If so: this trail is amazing. COMBO does a great job with upkeep and it's both more smooth and more challenging than phase 1 (slightly less rooty/slightly more challenging obstacles and hills). I think it's actually about 6 miles total. Great place to ride!

While this is a Mountain Bike trail, it is also a great hiking trail. It has been well prepared for bikes for the ground is hard in most places and bridges for every gully. It has built to follow the water line of Alum Creek Lake and does so by often backtracking itself. The Nature is beautiful and on the whole six mile trip, I only had to move off trail to let 4 bikes pass. All in all a great hiking trail. Go counter clockwise to have the bikes coming at you or Clockwise to have them coming from behind. Hiking Time BTW is about 1.75 hours.

mountain biking
Saturday, November 09, 2013

I have only ridden Phase 1 a few times. I don't think its a good trail, mainly because some of the roots can stop you and your bike dead. I had to abandon one run because of a fall and large cut on my knee. Phase 2 seems easier to me. It is called a technical run, but I think of it as more of a fun free-style. Prob one of the better runs in Ohio I've been on.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Awesome trail, has everything you could want. Hills, wood bridges, lots of them, roots, log jumps. First time on this trail, I'll be here for 3 days, gonna ride it everyday I'm here.

It's a challenging and fun trail. Lots of roots that make for a bit of a technical ride. I have enjoyed my self every time I have rode it.

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