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Poorly maintained trail. We turned back because the trees were so overgrown they would have been slapping my baby who was in our Osprey carrier in the face. Road on the way in was very muddy, we could have easily gotten stuck. Pretty location, but we won’t be back due to the poor maintenance. There are much better local trails.

I love this trail. If it was closer, I would go there more often. Pretty easy, shaded, River view, but it can become pretty crowded at peak times.

Very rocky and is more like 4.5 miles long. Trail markers are confusing.

Great spot for exercise. Can be a little sketchy towards the far end of the park where it tends to be less populated.

Pretty good loop, especially considering its location. Lots of intersecting trails though and it can be tricky to know if you're actually following the route. Load the route into your recorder and follow that, double check yourself at the intersections. Also, the route that is currently posted (as of 8/12/17) actually does the loop twice. It's really closer to 4 miles with an elevation gain of about 500 feet.

18 days ago

Nice trail to hike when it’s got since much of the trail is shaded. A few elevation changes added interest but not too challenging.

20 days ago

I love this park and know it pretty well. Some of the trails aren't marked very well but it's not an easy park to get lost in.

I love this trail! I love the soft walking path, wild flowers, different kinds of birds and bugs, tiny lizards, occasional views of the river, you might see a train...I only wish more people walked it. I don't like walking it alone. SO MANY PEOPLE walk the regular park of Fernbank. This wooded trail is such a nice break from the concrete, sun and heat. It can be muddy after it rains. Wait a day or two after.

on French Park

24 days ago

Trails are poorly marked once you’re on them. Lots of side trails and you don’t know which one to take. Evidently there are trails A-E. I started on E and somehow finished on A without one sign in between the start and finish! I also hiked D which was very enjoyable...saw 3 deer. It was actually marked pretty well. Depending on which trail you take, you could do some pretty serious hills that seem to never end!!

29 days ago

Lovely little trail but it is short. I tracked it as 1.3 miles so nowhere near the 2.2 miles listed. I drove quite a distance to get there so I was very disappointed it was so short. Nice trail if you live close.

The trail itself was a nice wooded trail. Enough ups and downs to give you a workout. I gave it 3 stars vs 5 because once you get on the trail they are VERY poorly marked. We started on the Cedar trail, note there were NO G markings. The only markings we saw were L, E and F. We talked to several folks once we got back to the car and they all said the same thing. Once they got back to the road they followed it to their car since they could trust the trail markings. This is a shame since this place has so much to offer hikers.

1 month ago

1 month ago

My dog and I hiked this for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. I recorded 2.5 miles though, per Map My Walk app. I’d definitely say this is an easy trail and a great for a beginning hiker. Very little elevation changes. It’s a perfect trail for a hot summer day because it’s all in the shade, unless you complete the loop that goes through the meadow, then you’ll be in the full sun. Trails are gravel and a very nice width.

The K section closed and looked very overgrown on July 4, 2018, It was nice and shady on a very hot summer day. A good workout with lots of ups and downs. Very few people on the trails. Some families with small kids playing in the stream.

Great urban trail, feels larger than it is. Trails can be very confusing but makes for a nice adventure.

Lots of huge trees, and lots of hills! As others have mentioned, the trail markings are a little confusing, but there is a map available at the nature center which helps.

1 month ago

Great forest in the middle of the suburbs. The trails are well traveled to a fault with even the unmarked trails being easy to confuse with the marked trails. Overall a nice hike and even with some confusion, you aren't going to get lost.

1 month ago

This is a great hike for what it is; the biggest problem is that there simply isn't enough of it. As others have pointed out, it's relatively rugged for an urban park trail, there's ample elevation change (you pass through the bottom of a relatively deep ravine and then scale a steep hillside on the back end), and the scenery is well enough. The trail markings aren't necessarily terrific, but it's kind of hard to get lost when civilization is a quarter mile in every direction.

Since it's a relatively short hike and only a five minute drive from my house, it's perfectly fine if I'm a little crunched for time but want to get a quick hike in. I'm probably going to the Rowe Woods otherwise.

I’m new-ish to this side of town and just went here for the first time a few months ago. I like to bring my dog right after work for a good run through the woods. The trail is mostly shady and easy to walk. I skip the prairie loop when it’s too hot. I mainly go for exercise, but there are a lot of birds, flowers, foxes, snakes, and turtles. It’s a nice place.

trail running
2 months ago

Nice, quiet trail. Wide and well maintained, mulched or gravel in some areas. Not too much elevation change and an okay river view. Makes for a nice shady trail run without seeing many other people. Bonus: repeat the meadow loop a couple times to increase the distance, otherwise it is very short.

trail running
2 months ago

Excellent for a challenging trail run or hike. One of the best trails in the area, in my opinion. Narrow dirt trails, towering old growth trees and steep ridges make for a more remote vibe than typical of southern Ohio parks. It isn't too heavily trafficked either, so that adds more to the removed feeling. Unfortunately you can hear the road traffic from most of the park, though I didn't find that that decreased my enjoyment of the trail. There are lots of side trails that are not well marked, but they all connect back to a main trail somehow. If you aren't concerned with following a strict route, it's fun to "explore" the side trails to create your own loop. I ran random trails here for about an hour and never repeated a trail.

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2 months ago

The trail system consists of a central shared use paved loop with several gravel trails branching off, each a little under a mile in length. The trails are well maintained gravel and have varying elevation. It is pretty heavily trafficked and does not have a remote feel. It wouldn't be the best for a scenic hike, but is great for an easy to reach walk in the woods. I use the loop as a trail running route and it is perfect for a run through the woods without worrying about breaking your ankle on a tree root. The side trails or the main loop can be repeated to selectively add distance.

Nature Preserve
Experience the Feel of natural Eastern Woodlands before the Industrial Revolution

The trail that’s recorded here is only 4 miles not 7.

Super easy. Great for all ages and you can’t beat the views. Right alongside the river. People with stroller, runners and bikers all share the extra wide and winding concrete path.

great for a run, boring for scenery.

Enjoyed this rustic, charming hike. Good hills and much to see. Good for kids and pets.

Hard to follow trail as mapped but enjoyable

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