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Absolutely amazing trail system if you run just this trail or connecting trail at airport.

trail running
9 days ago

the trails weren't the most exciting or the best marked, but it was a fun place to explore and get about 3 miles in.

I attempted this route but the markings are terrible. The blazes are white with (I would assume) the letter of the trail. But regardless the trail your on, it seems E is the only blaze you get. Why not use colored blazes.
Markings and blazes aside, I loved this location and now that I've somewhat figured it out, I will return again and again.

trail running
15 days ago

Hills, active stream, beautiful setting, well marked, drinking fountain & facilities.

Mostly paved

28 days ago

This is a little hidden gem in the middle of Cincinnati.

tree house

Beautiful setting, well kept trails, and the creek is picturesque. Can't wait for warm weather to let my kids take a dip!

The park could really use some work to get rid of invasive species. I have identified 5 different invasive species that are taking over the park. I love this park and grew up creek walking there so its very sad to see how over grown with invasives it is.

We did this hike with our four year old. The beginning of the hike the trial was very overgrown and had to climb over fallen trees every ten to twenty yards. After we had hiked to the first trail junction we saw a sign that said the trial we were on was closed due to hazardous trail conditions. Would have been nice to have that sign at the beginning of the trail as well. The rest of the trail was in decent shape. Saw plenty of beech and Sycamore trees. Numerous benches along the trail which was nice for the little one.

trail running
1 month ago

Was a great place to take my dog to walk/jog on weekdays. Not crowded at all. Seen maybe two other people!

Nothing is more empowering than knowing you can up and leave society at any time and not only survive....but thrive!!!!
RIP Adam

Nice view in the forest. But need better maintenance.

The paved part of the trail is nice. But when you get to the part where it goes down to the river it is not marked. We had to spend a bit looking for where it enters the wooded area. The trail also does not follow the trail as marked here on All Trails. It is an estimate of the trail.

2 months ago

pretty chill when your just looking to get away.

The area where the trails were is lovely. Lots of ivy along the paths. The trail the boys scouts had created was very nice , clearly marked, wide with stumps painted to avoid falling.
But... I got confused back in the other trails and they weren’t clearly marked at all coming to intersections with no clue which way to go. Then after traveling along a trail for some time I suddenly came upon a trail closed sign with no previous warning. There was a high bridge with guardrails missing which was dangerous and I felt a few soft spots in some of the other bridges. I found this unfortunate since it is a pretty area for hiking. I will return to see if things have changed but won’t go back if no updates have happened.

Great trails close to the city. Markings aren’t great and they are not very well maintained but a lot of mileage possible.

Beautiful trail that takes you along the banks of the Ohio River.

3 months ago

Love the view, the hike and being able to relax. Good walking trail.

Enjoyed the hike, a very pretty trail. Moderate use, saw several runners. Some hills.

Love this place

The trail was not very well-traveled. In some areas, I didn’t even know if we were following a trail. A lot of it is right next to a well-traveled road; so not very “naturey”

9/29 - we wanted to do this trail and saw signs that most loops are closed for hunting. Big disappointment

good little trail for a family hike or a quick run. its a short trail so we ran it twice. the trail offers a very nice wooded scene and the potential to see wildlife. would recommend this trail. the trail level i feel should be rated as easy. if you are in even ok shape it may leave you wanting more. not a difficult trail but still very nice and enjoyable

trail running
3 months ago

Beautiful trail to hike or jog- I’d rate this more easy to moderate, in comparison to other trails- would be easy with kids, where as California nature park is rated as moderate and is much more difficult

The trail is a bit overgrown in some areas and you definitely need a map or gps application to stay on the loop. It's pretty rough with roots in some areas but overall it's a great trail considering it's in the middle of a city.

Good trail for how close it is to the city. Extremely overgrown in a lot of areas, but overall a good hike.

The somewhat rugged trails make for a nice weekend hike.

I just moved to the area and assumed the trails at this park would be paved but they’re not. I was happy to find something so close but so natural. It’s beautiful here. Lots of wildflowers, fungi and a small little water fall! I’m a pretty avid hiking and got a little lost since the trails aren’t clearly marked (on trail D) . There were two different times I came to an intersection and had to just guess which trail to take. It not that rural so it’s fine but they should be marked. The two separate people I came across had dogs, not on a leash. Which isn’t a huge deal if they stay on the trail but 1) it’s the law and 2) I’m trying to train my rescue pup to ignore other dogs and be obedient on a leash and it’s hard to do when dogs come up to her. I also wore Tevas since I assumed it would be a very easy, paved hike. Definitely wear boats if it’s wet like it was today!

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