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Beautiful hike defanitly go after some rain for the waterfalls

Really nice trail! Great views of the reservoir right next to it and was empty. Took the eagle trail to get a little closer to the lake and the Maple Highlands trail back. Very nice hike.

An incredibly beautiful walk through the gorge and on the rim. It is busy from the park office to the old mans cave then all the non-hikers turn back. Once you are past the old man’s cave the number of hikers decreases immensely. It’s a beautiful, peaceful walk that has only a few moderate areas of hiking. I will definitely be back.

Hiked for 3 miles south from the Lake then hiked the road back due to time constraints. Trail drains water nicely and the steeper climbs were still possible even with the heavier rains a couple days earlier. Nice trail. But, Could have been better. The trail portion of the hike was spent looking down at the trail so as to avoid the way too numerous piles of animal waste. Only a couple occasions could be excused as wild animals due to their high fur content. Watch your step!

Orange trail can be really muddy and slippery. Come with water resistant boots, spare pair of shoes, and prepared to fall.

(Short Loop) Pretty solid trail! Nothing too crazy in elevation changes. Trail was extremely muddy from a lot of rain the night before, and the streams were higher than I would except them to usually be. Water-proof boots are a must!

Rockbridge was a short run down trail but the Rock formation was beautiful. Not as big as those at Old Mans Cave. Trash near the River put a damper on the nature.

Very good trail, you can run, hike, backpack, and fish. Friendly people go here, have never had a bad experience here.
Also I take my dogs with me all the time.

Awesome trails with scenic views of a river. Make sure you don't take the oak leaf connector or you will miss all of the best parts.

More than likely won't see a sole on it and is a very relaxing walk.

Great hike beautiful area with great views of the lake.

on Logan Hollow Trail

25 days ago

Could have been 4 stars but the dodgy trail marking (in some places its great, others is severely lacking) and virtually no trail maintenance (massive downed trees across the trail everywhere) forces me to downgrade the trail. It's a tough one with plenty of elevation change and steep grades. It zig zags across a creek so if the water is high, you'll have to look for places to cross without getting wet. The scenery is nice but nothing memorable.

29 days ago

I did this trail a few months ago (August) as a first solo overnighter.

First off, holy hell the spiders! I saw another reviewer mention them and scoffed - you're in the woods, of course there will be spiders. This was not a normal amount of spiders. This was every few steps, right at face height, huge webs stretched across the trail spiders. I spent most of the 13 miles waving my trekking poles in front of me like an idiot, but every time I let down my guard, I got another face full of spiders. I had webs in my hair, webs in my eyelashes, I was brushing spiders off my pack every time I stopped. At first it was just really annoying, but by the end it was completely demoralizing.

Unless you're using some kind of averaging logarithm, this trail should be classified as difficult. The easy parts are really easy - there are sections that are actually on dirt roads - but the hard parts are really hard. I didn't expect it to be as strenuous as it was, but my strength might have been sapped fighting the spiders. I had been warned by a ranger not to drink the water due to heavy metal toxicity, and there were few places to collect it in any case, so you'll need to carry more.

All of that said, it's a good trail. The campsites were really nice, except for one where previous campers had left a lot of trash, too much for me to carry out. There is a lot of different scenery to see, and the rock formations are especially awesome. This trail is very remote and not well travelled. I saw no one at all on the first day, and only two guys on mountain bikes passed me the second day, taking on the burden of web-breaking. I enjoyed a glorious, spider-free mile or two before they turned off onto another trail (I know exactly where they turned off because I continued not 5 feet past the turnoff before I got another face full of spiderweb).

In conclusion, bring lots of water, expect challenging terrain, and go in the winter when all of those eight-legged bastards are cold and dead.

Another day exploring the “this is not a trail” (s) with my person.Great hike and great captures☺️ 

It’s as good of a long trail as you can find within an hour of Cincinnati. The shared use with horses makes the trail conditions difficult, and I managed to get misdirected onto the bridal trails for an hour, so I finished in the dark, which wasn’t pleasant. I think if I try it again as a day hike, I’ll make it a point to get on the trail earlier. Otherwise, I think a pleasant place to stop and camp, based on what is comfortable mileage for my fitness level, would be the state park campground.

We did the entire perimeter loop for 12.8 miles. There were really good stretches of this hike but the two sections where you have to walk on the road to get around the lake were kind of a bummer. Not at all strenuous, beyond just a longer distance. I enjoyed it but there are much better day hikes elsewhere and prob wouldn’t come back. Trail was well marked and maintained.

1 month ago

I love this trail. Very well marked with a lot of hills and great views. It was very beautiful to go and sit at the high point and eat my lunch before I finished my hike.

1 month ago

I just got my new tent hammock and wanted to try it out knowing there was a 100% chance of rain. It didn't rain on me on the hike into campsite #2, but the wind and rain started after dark and never really quit. The trail going in was muddy in places, but all the heavy leaf cover mostly took care of that. There were a few downed trees over the trail but easy to go around (that's part of the fun). It looks like they just installed a new water system at the camp site but I don't know if it had any water in it. Because in was raining on the way out I cheated and walked back to my car on King Hollow Rd. This is a very nice area to backpack, hike, or do anything in. Mega amount of trails in Zaleski.

Sooo I loved this hike! I’m in my thirties.. very do-able. However, my two hiking buds were in their 60s annnd this was a bit strenuous for them. 100% recommend trekking poles for someone who isn’t as able- bodied or wants that extra support. I would describe it as light rock crawling lol ... muddy, sometimes slick. I’d say it was about 6 miles round trip. The trail was beautiful though! I just probably wouldn’t have chosen this trail if I knew it was going to be as challenging for those I was with. I’d also leave the pups at home... ours pull way too much for this one. I’ll be back better prepared :) and wear better footwear than tennis shoes.. I doubt this area is ever dry.

1 month ago

Harrison Lake is a scenic outdoor gem amidst the flat farmlands of this region. Consider it as a "choose your own adventure" walking, hiking and trail running destination instead of following the exact trail shown on this app. I make frequent visits here to enjoy the outdoors in all types of weather and seasons. Today, I laced up my hiking boots for a 4.5 mile hike around the lake during a November snow and only saw one person. Along the way, I stayed in the grass close to the water as well as meandered through the additional wooded trails. Like usual, I saw a Great Blue Heron that I watched fly across the lake three times during my journey.
Most of my visits here include a 2-5 mile run on the trails, grass and/or pavement. On these days, I join a variety of friendly campers, people enjoying the park for the day and sometimes a local school's cross country team.
I easily give this trail 5 stars for this region and am grateful for the views it offers in a well maintained atmosphere.

Went during leafs weren’t on trails and now much to look at but definitely a tough trip and fun!

Great views and I enjoyed the fire tower. The negative side was how bad the jigers and mosquitoes got me despite spray! I went back in August and got eaten alive, weeks went back and my skin was still healing! It was the worst in my life!

on Shawnee Trail

2 months ago

Surprisingly hard. I wasn’t expecting that from OH.

2 months ago

Only my 2nd time our backpacking after doing 20 miles of AT in the Grayson highlands/mt Rogers. Some cool rock formations. Only saw 2 people in 2 days. Very enjoyable. Didn’t find it that difficult.

2 months ago

This place is very secluded with no cell service and no water along the trail. This whole area was strip mined and the water is polluted with heavy metals. The trail is rugged and not recommended for beginners, especially carrying all that water!
Lots of wildlife: owls, coyotes, tons of woodpeckers and birds. Saw a large black snake on the trail too.
Campsite was fine. Didn’t see much trash but there were many loud ATV riders in the morning which was a buzz kill.

It was quite muddy, but that is to be expected given the current weather.

Had one of my best hiking experiences here. Yesterday was my first time there and I cannot wait to go back. So serene and the trails were definitely moderate which I enjoy. I only did 6 miles but it was great! I highly recommend this place for some great spiritual hiking.

2 months ago

A pleasant surprise.
Very well maintained and I can’t wait to go back

2 months ago

Great hike lots to see and lots of camp sites.

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