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Easy hike; well marked course. Both falls are worth the trip; definitely take a dip in the water.

Rustic trail so fun to adventure on. Would be awesome to see when river is running higher. I’ll be back to see it then

Great trail! Love the waterfalls! Def will be getting your feet wet!

Clearly marked for Blue Hen falls. go past the end of trail sign, be prepared to cross water and if it has been raining you will get wet feet. Trail is not marked but it's relatively clear where to go. Fun trail, especially with a dog!

Pretty enough hike. Definitely keep going past the “end of trail” sign for the second fall. Not much in the way of trail markings but easy enough to see how to go. Both falls were not much to see on the day we went. Fun for the walk in the creek bed.

Quick and accessible trail leading to a beautiful water fall.

1 month ago

Very muddy and narrow at points, but there were some very nice views from the My Mountain Overlook. Not too challenging, but some nice hills throughout the trail.

This hike really is two parts, the really pretty waterfall right at the beginning and then a trek through the woods following the stream. Both are interesting but plan for a short hike if you are only interested in the waterfall.

trail running
1 month ago

Pretty good trail run. A few stairs and a half mile hill to challenge you. Some parts were very muddy but it’s rain season

2 months ago

Pretty boring trail. Not worth the drive.

2 months ago

Ok. Did this trail last week. Why? I won’t be doing it again. There’s nothing to see here folks.

2 months ago

I just rucked here the other day. I had 55lbs in my bag. It’s an easy trail and it’s pretty but leaves you wanting lots more. Lots lots more. Brecksville Reservation is pretty amazing but this trail isn’t. There.

So I would like this trail more if there wasn’t so many people out there all crowding around the falls. It’s hard to take pics when everyone else is taking photos and videos and live tweeting and Instagram and tumblr and whatever else they use to show their friends what they are doing. I just walk through the river to get to the Buttermilk Falls. Just make sure you wear non slip shoes and don’t mind getting wet. It’s very beautiful here. Here’s a tip. Climb to the top of where Buttermilk Falls are and you will get to the ski lodge. There’s no one there so it’s interesting to see when it’s empty. Great photo opportunities too.

Nice walk. Not on most popular trails which have you a chance to enjoy beautiful nature by yourself

Make sure you go past the "End of Blue Hen Trail" and out another mile to the even better falls. Even today with all of the rain and snow lately the path was fine, but the water level was a bit higher than normal so we had to find alternate path.

A bit difficult (in comparison to other paths around) and muddy but an awesome trail!

A great lightly traveled trail with a major payoff at the end and plenty of challenge along the way. Wear waterproof boots!

Very pretty and easy hike

3 months ago

Unbelievably muddy hike in early spring. This trail runs through an study area in which trees were cut in 1996 to promote growth of oaks and wildflowers. Kind of a sad site in the winter. Decent elevation gain with access to Buckeye Trail and My Mountain overlook.

Quick 1/6mi hike to blue hen falls

Can be slippery around either falls in winter. Getting down below either falls to take pictures should be done with care due to steep areas. It’s better to go a bit down stream and work your way back than to risk a fall. Can be muddy or wet. Crossing stream is required to get to the lower falls.

Once again it was a beautiful trail, however some of the inclines might make it to difficult for small children. The water fall it self can be accessed from the road so taking the whole trail isn’t necessary in that case. Waterfall is smaller but is just as beautiful as the larger ones.

I did it two weeks in a row. The first week everything was frozen and ice covered. It was very difficult to get down some of the hills, but, the creek was very easy to cross because it was frozen. The next week, it was in the 70's so everything was melted and it was very muddy. The creek was running high because of recent rain so, of course, the boots got wet. Misjudged where to step one time and ended up with water in the boots. It's a nice somewhat challenging trail.


It can be very secluded if you go at the right times. Really beautiful waterfalls and streams running through this area. One of my favorites.

Great trail!

Took my kids on this hike 10,9, and 5). We had a great time!

This is our favorite little waterfall hike! Short hike to Blue Hen Falls (perfect for our 5 and 2.5 year old), and so much to explore and do!

This is a quick, easy hike and it is nice to be able to get up close to the waterfall. I arrived a little after 1100 on a weekday and was able to have the view to myself for the most part.

9 months ago

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